Performance Update of Stocks Under Radar !!!

Performance update of current stocks under radar. If the stock is in the radar, it is because I am positive on it and therefore, no point in asking questions if i should i buy xyz stock or not.

Srno Stock Recommended Date Recommended Price Highest Price Current Price
1 SKS Dec-12 130 589.5 574
2 Orient Beverages Aug-14 51 226.35 101
3 Wanbury Oct-14 43.5 83.1 67
4 Aimco Sep-14 36.95 89.45 48
5 Freshtrop Sep-04 51.5 207 90
6 Waterbase May-14 18.5 114.8 110
7 V2 Retail Aug-14 15 81.25 81
8 Cupid Sep-14 22 197.5 176
9 Liberty Shoes Jan-14 140 334.95 252
10 Singer India Aug-14 110 255 247
11 Sharp India Jun-14 32.85 92.5 71
12 Tirupati Sarjan Mar-15 15.2 28.21 21.85
13 DHP India Feb-15 141 168 143
14 Sahyadri Industries 15-Jan 88 134 128
15 Vidhi Dyes 14-Dec 15 46.8 44
16 Ambika Cotton 14-Nov 485 1134 1080
17 Cybertech 14-Nov 57.7 76 49
18 Garware Wall 15-Feb 218 324.8 300
19 Rajoo Engg 15-Jan 13.7 18.45 18
20 Pressman 14-Dec 29.5 53 44
21 Simmonds Marshall 14-Nov 64 106.4 97
22 Prima Plastics 14-Nov 39.2 86 78
23 Gujarat Themis 15-Apr 44.25 61 60
24 Mangalam Drugs May-15 40 86.5 73
25 Associated Stone 15-Jun 71.9 123 120
26 Shri Keshav Cements (Katwa Udyog) 15-Jul 50 98.15 98.15
27 Deccan Gold Mines 15-Aug 65 78.05 78.05

God Bless !!!

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89 Responses to Performance Update of Stocks Under Radar !!!

  1. rajni64 says:

    Hats off!!Excellent recommendations!!!!

  2. anujpress24 says:

    Congrats Ace…you are the King..Salute..Keep Rocking : )

  3. shreeux says:

    I will to your list will reach 100…!!!

  4. sparsh says:

    Dear sir,

    Please start a mutual fund! 🙂

    A small request, would it be possible fr you to give a broader market view, mayb monthly or quarterly.

    Its coz of the underlying fear of mkts being overbought, etc. and hearing your wise words calm down the nerves.


  5. vivek says:

    Hi Ace,

    I was looking into one of your old recommendation Aimco pesti. What is your current view on this stock? has anything changed drastically in last few quaters after your recommendation? I know that self conviction matters but just would like to hear your opinion. Thanks and god bless.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Sir, for all your pick i believe only sky is the limit.
    Could you please share your opnion on Force Motor and SML Isuzu ?
    can we buy these share after the recent run up ?

  7. Awesome.. this improves the credibility 🙂

  8. Ankush Panwar says:

    Sir, I have not found your post or views about these companies, I request you pl share ur views about these two companies:
    1. Black Rose Industries Ltd.
    2. Ashok alca-chem ltd.
    about their promotors reliability, future growth aspects, their business profile and margin etc.
    Pl give your valuable suggestions about the company. Thanks in advance.

  9. Pankaj Sharma says:

    Respected Sir,
    With reference to the earlier letter dated July 29, 2015 in connection with the scheduled Board Meeting to be held on the August 10, 2015 to take on record the Unaudited Financial Results for the Quarter ended June 30, 2015 amongst the other business.

    Thought above news useful

  10. Senthil says:

    Dear Ace,
    What’s your view on Bhageria Dye-Chem?


  11. Bhushan Naik says:

    great show sir hope to see more

  12. sangram says:

    Ace bro bravo & congrats on the report card. And whats interesting some of the names after appreciating also looking cheap. You just don’t have the name ace in name only you are truly ace of stock market and as a person you are quiet a genuine and humble, which is a rare combination. I am following your blog since a year now. You just dont post the ideas but also You reply to each once questions in such quick time that’s incredible. Journey with you and your blog has changed my financial situation and changed the way to look at the markets, hope the journey continues with you in more good way. Thanks for the work you have been doing and hope you keep up the work going. Hats off for you bro. 🙂
    Between Vidhi to consider interim dividend. What could be the reason of primas underperformance as a stock against its peer. Though it has given awesome returns after your suggestion

  13. Rajendra says:

    I discovered your blog a few months back and already I am sitting on substantial profits on all your recommendation I purchased. Your strike rate is awesome. May god bless you and all blog readers.

  14. Hi Ace,

    I am new reader of your blog and nice to see the handsome returns of your portfolio. For me can you suggest some stock which i can enter right now or after some correction.. Please suggest

  15. Tushar Aggarwal says:

    dear sir…. kindly give your opinion on butterfly appliances…. the company has posted stellar results …. revenue increased by 150 % ..from 108 crore to 224 crore . profit multiplied many times… the company has bagged an order worth 540 crores which should improve upcoming quarter results too… your feedback on ‘butterfly appliances ‘ will be highly appreciated…. thanks

  16. Ajit says:

    Dear Ace

    Has your opinion on Tata Coffee changed since Jan 2015?

    Would it be a better pick than Tata Global Beverage?


  17. Teja says:

    Hi ace, this is the most stellar performance possible. Have gained money and knowledge from this blog and your comments.
    Thanks a lottttt.

    Gained good profits from your trading calls also in FB. When can we expect your next trading call. 🙂

  18. Vinod says:

    Keep Rocking Ace!

  19. Santhosh says:

    Hi sir, do we get dividend if we buy pressman advt today. What is ur view on that stock. Thank u

  20. Value Investor says:

    Hi Ace SIr,
    Good Morning Just a small questions to understand. In your list of stock under radar, Aro Granite (recommended on sep 25 2014) and Kopran (Jan 6 2014) are missing. Is there any specific reason for those stocks to be out of rador?
    Just curious to know.


    • yes, and it was announced on the blog. kopran was advised at around 27-28 i think and it touched a high of 72 and dropped from my radar after more than 120% appreciation. Aro was recommended at around 63-64 i think and made a high of 90 or so and was dropped at around 10% less than recommended price. This is well documented and discussed here and therefore, i will not be repeating.

      • Value Investor says:

        Thank you ace for your quick reply. Could you kindly please enlighten us the reason for dropping those from your radar.
        By dropping those can we assume the stock doesnt have much value in future and we should book profits or exit the stock.
        This information will really help us.

        • sir, pls atleast take the effort of googling the blog. This is well documented and discussed so I will not be repeating again. I do not try to spoon feed on this blog. An investor/trader should try to learn and educate themselves. Ofcourse we can discuss but having repetitive discussions is a waste of time.

  21. Akshay says:

    thanks for the update

  22. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi ACE…Is there a possibility of dividend from V2 atleast from next year?

  23. yum says:

    sir MANGALAM DRUGS has posted stellar numbers

  24. SAY says:

    Mangalam results rock. Conviction paid off Ace. Was damn thriller waiting on results. My biggest holding. Thanks to U Ace
    Gross sales increased by approx 80.40%
    pbit.. 115.82%
    Pledged shares have gone down south.

  25. It would be great if you add your comments.
    Thanks in advance.

  26. sonu says:

    Sir wts ur view on Salzar electronics.. I am stuck at higher level of rs 330…what to do… Please reply… Thank you

  27. Harsh says:

    Rajoo looks very good now
    Looks like breaking out
    Holding with patience from 14,time to reap rewards now…:))

  28. your recomendations are very fine sir

  29. sparsh says:

    I sold my loss making HCL info, Linc Pen, & Kiri and bought equal amounts of Prima and Assoc. Stones. Guess what, Prima already gained 11% today!

    Studying the other stocks too from your radar to flip my loosers!!

  30. Subramani says:

    Can you let me know if i can enter rajoo at current levels or should wait for the correction.


    • tell me what do you think about the company and its prospects. I am sure you have gone through the stock story and its ARs…

      • Subramani says:

        I did some research and was waiting to see today’s results before buying. But after seeing results I think this is a high risk stock and may come down . AR’s and the company growth i have gone through. These are my views and I might be wrong in my judgement. I like to have your thoughts on the results and if you still believe this is a value stock. Kindly bear with me if i have said anything wrong.


        • your money sir… take your own decision… and no since i am “NOT” a value investor i do not care about stock being a value stock or not… there are tons of it lying around and would continue to lie around for many years… Again, i am “NOT” a value investor… i guess you are new to the blog 🙂

  31. Amit Kumar says:

    Dear Sir, Please tell me how to get your updated list. Currently you are showing all the stocks with old dates.

  32. Anil says:

    Dear Ace bro,really very great efforts done by you.Hats off to ur valueable suggestion.Always keen to know that how u r finding multibaggers.U must understand business very well and I like ur stock picking skill at right time.One more question in my mind u and Josese bro are the same person?
    Please keep it up your good work…

  33. Ncp says:

    Stock reco list may be arranged as per their date of reco..some stocks arrangements are not properly…it would b better to follow by us..

  34. aashav23 says:

    sir,which company you find well placed, dhfl, gruh,indiabull housing,repco or can finance ? i am utterly baffled despite of reading several research notes

  35. Your calls are excellent and becomes good buying stocks. Is there any contact number of mail Id of yours??

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