Results Update !!!

Mangalam Drugs

Spectacular results, both on topline and bottomline. Historically this is the weakest quarter but despite this they have given 75% growth on topline YoY and bottomline turned around from a loss of 0.2cr to profit of 3.05cr giving this quarter EPS of superb 2.32rs. There is something special happening in the counter.

What is of significant importance is this.

V2 Retail

Very Good Results. There was growth all around, especially on bottomline that caused a hold-your-breadth 200% increase in the quarterly EPS to 1.92 (basic). Mr. Aggarwal, this time is doing the right thing, going after โ€œprofitableโ€ growth. Great Going.

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52 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. Akshay says:

    Great News

  2. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji—–as u know its(Mangalam Drugs) one of my pillar in portfolio and very much convinced on its business improvements——–Thank u for finding this company—–seeing the valuations of peer Pharma companies , if the promoters to Mangalam frees up the pledged shares , it should trade at PE of 20-25 which is huge upside from here on with EPS also set to increase further—-Cheers!!!!!!!!

  3. prem says:

    I want to ask regarding subex…..i know your view will not change but want to know that unchanged view for subex bcz sir as per past results and share warrant conversion which will increase the promoter holding seems good for subex and it seems like a turnaround story….your view sir…thank u…god bless

  4. kannu says:

    L&L has given the disclosure that they have reduced there stake in Salzer Electronics by 6.16%. Your view Ace on it.

  5. amitanam says:

    Hello Ace Sir, Whats your view on IMP Powers Ltd, same promoters as Mangalam Drugs?

  6. hafizul09 says:

    Ace ji—–is the turn around story of MIC Electronics confirmed and should we think of investing here for long term? thx in advance!!!!!!

  7. Rajendra says:

    Please guide on the prospects of MIC electronics after recent developments.

  8. shreeux says:

    Hi Ace,

    What about Century Enka in your view?

  9. rahul says:

    Hello aceji

    Please share your views about mmtc and country club for long term..

  10. hardyboy says:

    how is byke hospitality

  11. himanshu says:

    Sir ur valuable view after the resluts of bgr. It has a good set of no.s qtrly and yearly. As u mentioned earlier that you track it. Pls share your valuable view. Thnx.

  12. Akshay says:

    Vidhi at UC with huge amount of buyers

  13. afzal says:

    sir what is your view on Lycos internet

  14. Akshay says:

    Do you have any info or status update on Vidhi’s application for getting listed in NSE?

  15. Shobhit says:

    Hello sir

    i want to know your view on AKSH OPTIFIBRE .
    promotors increased stake by around 4 %.


  16. sunil says:

    sir your view on gabriel india

  17. Puru says:

    Thank you for your update.

  18. vasu says:


    Ace Great Work. Can you please tell me your openion On Archidply Industies For long term.

  19. Sachin Jain says:

    Dear Ace, please share your views on the preferential allotment in Mangalam Drugs. thanks!

  20. Shiny says:

    mangalam lower circuit, the warrant issue was not very well accepted by market, whats your take, is all well.

    • why are you asking me if all is well? Do you think promoters increasing stake is a bad news?

      • Vineeth Nair says:

        Good evening sir, I’m just 2 days old to this blog and I feel having missed out on some of your wonderful multi-bagger recommendations that I read a while ago. I would be glad to know your views on Lincoln Pharmaceuticals, Skm Egg Products, DCB bank, Orchid Chemicals, Motherson Sumi and Jain Irrigation at current levels. Please guide me.

  21. Nidhi Mohan says:

    Sir, I visited this blog via google search. Found quite interesting. Am sure it will help a small investor like me with long term perspective. I am not very familiar with blogs and hence request you to know how do I find your stock investing ideas..Is it that I should visit the link STOCKS on regular basis..? And the posts like Deccan Gold Minings are the investment ideas right?…If I click the follow button, do I get updates on my mail on regular basis?..Thanx and regards..Nidhi

  22. Nidhi Mohan says:

    Thank you so much…I am a small investor.Invest 10-12 thsnd per scrip as long term. Hope your views on Deccan Gold mines,Gujarat Themis & Rajoo Enginers still remains same.Found these from the chart in your all, I missed badly since I am just one day old for your blog..

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