Shri Keshav Cements & Infra (Katwa Udyog Ltd.) – Double In Less Than A Month !!!

Congratulations to all the investors of Shir Keshav Cements & Infra (a.k.a Katwa Udyog), who have more than doubled their money in less than a month.

God Bless !!!

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206 Responses to Shri Keshav Cements & Infra (Katwa Udyog Ltd.) – Double In Less Than A Month !!!

  1. Jp says:


  2. Rafi says:

    Hello Ace,
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful stock with us. I have been trying to access the website of shri Keshav cement with no luck. I keep getting page cannot be displayed. Do you also see the same problem ?


  3. Roshan says:

    Congrats to all and ace 🙂

  4. Akshay says:

    congrats to all the investors

  5. Umesh says:

    Ace what is yr view on Mercator


    Ace invested. You are grear

    Mahalingam Sent from my LUMIA WINDOWS PHONE 720 ________________________________

  7. umang soni says:

    u r gr8 ace how many experiance in stock maket what r u doing in spare time

  8. Kapil says:

    Dear ACE,
    Your views on LGB Forge. Do you potential it this stock.

  9. Value Investor says:

    Hi Ace Sir,
    Thank You for katwa. Congrats to all and ace.

  10. Vipul says:

    Thank you for the wonderful script, wanted to know your view on Tirpuati sarjan

  11. sangram says:

    Now big investors realizing the potential of Vidhi food color. Renowned investor Nikhil vora founder and CEO of sixt sense ventures and ex m.d and head of research investor at idfc securities has bought 497114 shares.
    Thank you very much ace for finding such a company at young stage

  12. hardyboy says:

    how is tv today for long term at curent mcap of 1300 cr

  13. sangram says:

    What’s your views on ncl industries ace bro

  14. Manthan says:

    Sir, KREBS BIOCHEMICALS- No Revenue but as per shareholding, promoters include IPCA Labs. and Sun Pharma also holding 8.46% stake.

    Your views on this company ?

  15. shreeux says:

    Good to heard…Not hold this..Unfortunately..!!!

  16. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi ACE….Tried google search with different combinations for Tamil Nadu petroleum products..your view after this robust result please…?

  17. SAY says:

    Mangalam drugs has repackaged it’s website, in line with trend. Provides a good look and feel.

  18. Vimal says:

    Hi, ur view on Oricon enterprises?

  19. Ace Sir,

    I was little late to board the ‘Katwa’ train but finally did, and happy to be part of it, I’ve two question can you please help?

    1) Like Cupid an year back, Katwa is moved to ‘T’ group by market regulator, can it cause panic selling panic in traders? If so we shall buy on lower levels?

    2) Recently I see good movement in ‘Pentamedia Graphics’ once a good stock, I see their order book too nicely filled. Can you please share your view if possible on it?


    • does it looks like that’s the case in katwa… you are talking about panic selling its panic buying that’s happening there… it already up by 20% inspite of being in 2% filter….that’s speaking something.
      2. not interested in pentamedia

  20. Suneetha says:

    Plz Share your view on SRS Ltd. Thanks in advance

  21. sunil says:

    sir your view on pricol. thanks

  22. hariharan says:

    Sir any ideas to investment.sir I am new to u r blog found 2 days back only.found dgml article, I then invested little bit for a to follow u in the world of investing.Happy to read n learn from u r blog not just t articles but your reply to investment community. Expecting more articles.thanks for ur work n keep going

  23. Rakesh Sankhala says:

    Sir What’s your view on Lakshmi machine works(LMW) with long term prospective? There’s lot of buzz in the textile sector and will LMW be benefiting from it? Can LMW help me buy BMW in the long run?

  24. Jp says:

    Dear Ace, pls give your views about KRBL Ltd.. Tnx..!!

  25. hardyboy says:

    between repco and gruh which one better

  26. Niraj Bhagtani says:

    V2 Retail Ltd has informed BSE that Mr. Yatish Bhardwaj has resigned from the post of Company Secretary and Compliance Officer of the Company with effect from August 03, 2015.

    Do you think this would have any significant Impact ?

  27. Mayur says:

    Hi Ace, one request – at any point of time if you see any alarm in V2 please do raise it in teh blog so we could be alert..and examine the cause..thanks again for your kind help.

  28. SAY says:

    Mangalam will issue 26,50,000 Warrants at Rs.65/- each, on preferential basis to J B Pharma LLP
    They were so eager to corner this chunk before the cmp surpassed 3 digits.
    Extremely positive development.

  29. KK says:

    namaste sir.. i want to invest a part of my salary in equity.. managalam drugs got me interested. however, mangalam drugs has already appreciated by 100% since ur posting.. do u feel there is a scope for further appreciation or shall i wait for ur next recommendation?

  30. Harsh says:

    Sir dont find much value in midcaps and small cap shares…its got much heated up…Some correction is necessary now to bring back value..your views on it

  31. Harsh says:

    Sir dont find much value in midcaps and small cap shares…its got much heated up…Some correction is necessary now to bring back value..your views on it….shld we do sip?

  32. healingtouch says:

    Hi ACe

    do you think it is right on part of management to issue warrants at price which is less than market price and if they have money they should have increased their stake from market a lot of companies have done it in recent past, this thing has been done by Excel industry before their cycle turnaround to issue warrant at that time for Rs 65 when they know things are going to do better so that is reason their stock is not getting due recognition as compared to their peers in agrochemical industry when they are doing well. Do not think it raises serious concern about good corporate governance on part of promoters, although I am holding stock from when you have recommended it but for clarity sake I want to clear my doubts regarding these issues

    please give your views

  33. Puru says:

    Good pick…..

  34. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, seems, as per news report that the hospitality business is likely to get short in the arm with the ‘visa on arrival’ scheme for 72 countries. Any script you are tracking in this sector which may benefit?

  35. SKY says:

    Ace sir,
    Sahyadri Industries result : 10th Aug
    Cybertech : 13th Aug
    Deccan gold locked in UC.

  36. Mayur says:

    Hi Ace, any recent views on Mazda ltd and Royal Orchid – trying to comback..

  37. Vishal says:

    HI Ace,

    Whats your view on Talwarkars?

  38. pavans13 says:

    Looks like Mangalam is giving an opportunity to buy more and sit tight……

  39. Raghu says:

    Ace sir,

    What are your views on HSIL? The company is expanding/diverging into other businesses? Do you think this will harm the company in the long run?

  40. Niranjan says:

    Hi Ace,

    Wanted your views on Unjha Formulations. Is this something in your radar?

    The numbers seem to be improving and company has 0 debt.




    Have I to sell now since it is in lc today Regards Mahalingam Sent from my LUMIA WINDOWS PHONE 720 ________________________________

  42. pavans13 says:

    Dear Ace,
    Why do Promoters issue Warrants ?? They can just buy from open market isn`t ??

    • if they go by buying from open markets then 1. they cannot increase their stake by more than 5% in a year. 2. the company does not get any money. now with warrants the company gets money which can be used for debt reduction, expansion etc etc and in one shot the promoters were able to raise their stake by around 10% (approx calculations)

  43. Pankaj Sharma says:

    Respected Sir,
    Your view is required on CAPRIHANS INDIA LTD

  44. hardyboy says:

    prima to start roto moulding at daman plant.roto moulding is making hollow is this development ace

  45. hardyboy says:

    no this is latest.they r going to decide this next week along with quarterly results

    • i know you are talking about the latest bse announcement but the readers of this blog knew about this plan in jan/feb itself when they had closed their ACP unit. you can look into jan/feb/mar comments.

  46. Harsh says:

    How is sakuma export sir?

  47. VT says:

    Hi Ace.. u know what im so restless.. I either end up making a small profit or enter a stock at a wrong time… I end up purchasing shares when they are already high.. for example, i bought mangalam drugs and pressman yest.. today both fell.. had i bought vidhi.. would have experienced upper circuit today.. also, i exited when katwa was just 77! sir.. how do i control my emotions so that I enter and exit at right time?

    • you can control your emotions by understand what you are buying..and most importantly “why” you are making a certain investment… if you do not research then you do not get conviction…and conviction is important in the times of volatility. also if you research you’ll understand the true value of your stock ….

    • Rainmaker says:

      Though this is not for me but just sharing 2 cents – unless we do deeper work and evolve a frame work companies seems similarly good – its when we go deeper we learn to classify better – develop a basic excel based frame work where u list the important parametes – fill those boxes with whatever information u feel fits it — then after a while when u re-read those boxes for your different investment options you feel more confident .. in my very limited knowledge – i think if one can calculate the EPS for next 2 -3 quaters then the work can been v good .. if you feel do not have the theoritical base , inparallel work on those basic from next or from the coursera – these are one time investements , if you do – perspective will change as u would have climbed 1 peak and can see a new view now

  48. amit jindal says:

    Helo ace sir.
    Sugar stocks are trading at almost 5 to 10 years low. Plz share ur views .is turnaround is possible from here?

  49. sachin Shetty says:

    Dear Acr, How much target do u set for Katwa in next one year.

    • i dont believe in so called targets. the regular readers of this blog know this

      • SAY says:

        Keep riding the price rise. Is the mantra.

        • also, price targets assume a specific PE and who is to say that market would not give less or more PE to a specific stocks…how many time we have seen our so called analyst give a price targets and when those targets are met, they increase it…then what is the point of targets …

          • leaner says:

            Haha.. its actually hilarious.. main point I realised is in a dcf framework to arrive at a target, we can debate target since there are assumptions.

            Whereas when analysts arrive at a price by arriving at “target pe” then it’s usually assumed to be written in stone.

          • SAY says:

            Also certain decisions are specific to an investors philosophy, which they have nurtured.
            I would re-visit my investment thesis, if :
            * stock is overvalued
            * story has changed
            * management has done something that makes me uncomfortable.
            Again that’s just me, others have their own specifics.

  50. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi ACE…Is this an opportunity to enter HSIL as it seems highly discounted from its rich valuation due to reality slowdown reflecting in quarterly reslut…Thanks.

  51. Deepak says:

    Hi Ace,
    I am new to this forum. Such a great quotes on different picks. and on your suggestions. thanks!
    Do you have any recent findings or recommendation? thanks!

  52. Sampat says:

    ACE Bhai, your valuable views on Tanla Solutions.

  53. sunil says:

    sir your views on bharat forge. thanks

  54. himanshu j dalal says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like your comment on company called mould tek packaging.Recently they have declared good set of quarterly numbers. Further they are pioneer and leader in IML techniques with in house developed robots. They are setting up new overseas manufacturing unit and few month back completed QIP. I tried to search for this company here but could not find your comment.

    One more thing , many time you tell to search on google for your comment for particular stock.Would you like to explain it further.

    • as mentioned earlier, not too keen on it….also have told quite a few times of using google to search stuff on any specific website. its actually a google trick, not anything to do with wordpress

  55. prem says:

    hiii ace..what is your view for Olympia Industries Ltd?? god bless

  56. Sandeep says:

    Dear Aceji,
    All ur recommended scrips are firing from all cylinders now,
    Patiently waiting in rajoo & that too started firing.
    Congrats to u & all boarders, we got the Guru like u!!!

  57. hardyboy says:

    ambika results are topline growth.even net profit.think will settle at 900

  58. Kapil says:

    Ace, your views on Morepan Labs. Could not find it in your blog.

  59. hitesh says:

    sir after ur expert view i made a profit in MEDI-CAPS LTD. Kindly share your view point on ECE industries. As it is Debt Free Company , Sale of 180cr annually , Trading at 0.76 of its books value , reserves of 133cr , investment of more than 100 cr.

    Kindly share a detail view point on it.

  60. sparsh says:

    Dear Sir,
    Many companies seem to be turning around in the bull market. Its coincidence, cycle or my pessimism. your comment on this.

  61. amit jindal says:

    Helo ace sir.
    Plz share ur views on thomas cook.

  62. anujpress24 says:


    Kindly give ur views on Ambika result…


  63. ravi says:

    Sir, ur valuable advice needed on Motherson Sumi after the results and Vinati Organics

  64. Whats your view on ITL industries?

  65. Ankit says:

    Dear ace sir
    Want your views on GHCL

  66. Suneetha says:

    Plz share your view on HBL Power [56]. Thanks in advance !

  67. Techie says:

    Hi Ace
    Do you find the recent power mech ipo worth subscribing?

  68. hardyboy says:

    between cera and hsil which one is better sir

  69. sunny says:

    Sir , i started following you few weeks back, benifittet from KATWA, good work. Pls share your views on RAUNAQ AUTO.

  70. Santhosh NM says:

    Sir, your comments on PI industries

  71. Ankit says:

    Dear sir want ur views on CEBBCO

  72. Shadab says:

    I am starting to like RJ Biotech but stock is illiquid always between 27-31 range.recently co reported EPS of 1.57 in Q1FY16.
    Want your views,is it worth holding /buying for long term.

  73. Rahul says:

    Sir .. any views on TN petro and Microsec Financial? TN petro jus posted excellent results due to low crude prices.. looks like a turnaround.. do u agree?

  74. krpardeshi says:

    Shiva Cement with 1/3 capacity of Katwa is trading at a market cap of 75 cr. Seems like Katwa is still way undervalued. The only edge that Shiva has is that it has entered into a partnership with ACC for its future expansions. What do you think should be a fair mcap for Katwa Udyog?

    • i think there’s enough idea in the stock story about potential market cap that shri keshav should command .. let’s not forget that its one of the most profitable companies in the sector so should ideally command a premium valuations

  75. Hi ,
    What is the reason for it to go down daily on LC now?

      • I would like to know the reason for constant LC and even very low volumes.

        • the constant LC is probably because of 2% limit and that’s why you feel its down everyday, although its hardly 20% down from its “all time highs”. one needs conviction because at these kind of times, it help in staying afloat. i hope you had researched the company well before investing.

          • sachin shetty says:

            Hi ACE Katwa is going down daily .What is your view. It will come up ? Investors r daily in quaue to sell their share.

            • as i said earlier, the stock appears to come down daily because of its 2% circuit… right now its around 22% down from its “all time highs”… it went up in one direction and such stocks sometimes gives such moves as we have seen with waterbase, cupid etc… the company has great fundamentals and i do not see why an investor who invested with conviction should at all be worried.

              • sachin says:

                Hi Ace , Today some momemtum we have seen in Katwa Udyog. As per u r above conservation it seems that Katwa Udyog will be the next cupid and water base. Yesterday Govt has made announcement of smart city plan which is in karnataka Belgaum, Hubbali Dharwad , Shinmogga, Panaji Goa and Mahasarshta Pune, Nashik, Navi Mumbai and Aurangabad which is market place of Keshav cement. What isu r view on this ? Do u feel on AGM katwa will mske some announcment related to Equity rairing thru private placement , QIP,Preferentia or any other ways to raise funds.

              • i never said katwa could be next cupid or waterbase or anything…. i think its very clear what i wanted to convey but again…. i just said that the “price action” of katwa is not like something that is never seen earlier..even cupid went through steep decline when it went under 2% circuit..

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