Results Update !!!

Katwa Udyog

Needless to say great set of numbers.

Vidhi Dyes

As expected very good set of numbers. Interim dividend is a great plus and with now increased capacity coming online, the trend should continue.


Steady and good set of numbers.

Click to access 5FB134DB_3A8C_441A_9FFF_52970C9FDEC6_084101.pdf


Excellent set of numbers. Strong operational performance is a big plus. This is one of the best test cases for “Test of Conviction”.

Orient Beverages

Decent set of numbers.


An ok set of numbers as we await kicker from higher employee costs.

Prima Plastics

Very good set numbers despite some losses from leftover inventory of ACP. Very encouraging.

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130 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. Akshay says:

    thanks for the update

  2. Akshay says:

    Vidhi Hit UC after hitting LC

  3. J Gopal says:

    thanks Ace for your great service to investors

  4. Pankaj Sharma says:

    Rescpected Ace
    DHP a very disappointing results

  5. chinmoy ghosh says:

    Sir I want to know your view on vaibhab global .can it be bought? Will take decision after your reply .please reply

  6. Gopal says:

    What are your views on Tyche Industries Ltd & Sunil Healthcare?

  7. shreeux says:

    Hi Ace,

    Your view on IVP.,

  8. umesh says:

    hi ace how to you rate mic electronics results

  9. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Ace,
    Prima results are not as per expectations.Infact I would rate them very bad in light of 1)drastic fall in crude prices which is not yet reflected in its cost of raw material and 2)saving on account of ACP division.I fail to understand this. QoQ sales is flat. Infact sales compared to previous qtr is down.
    This time I think investors were expecting very good numbers.This turns out to be dud.

    • the results are very good. 1. dont link international crude prices with prima’s raw material cost as its raw material is sourced from reliance much like other companies so compare it with that price. talk to CS. 2. savings on account of closing of ACP in absolute numbers is there but once the inventory is finished then it should vanish. also, as a seasoned prima investor one should know that prima has the best sales in march quarter( and this is highlighted by myself quite a few times a few months back), so comparing this quarter with march quarter is not logical. i dont know what you were expecting but if someone had understood the standalone business and estimated, then i am sure the expectations would have surely matched and probably surpassed a bit.

  10. kishore says:

    Hi Ace,simmond marshall results are out can you share your views on the results

  11. sanjeev jain says:

    Dear sir ,
    can i buy syngene international @Rs 320 for 3 year perspective.Can it double from here in the said time .Your valued comments will be highly appreciated

  12. Ashok Gupta says:

    Sir update on the result of Rajoo Eng

  13. Suneetha says:

    Vidhi Dyestuffs’ press release talks of an ambitious “Vision for 2020”. These are:

    1. To be a global player of repute on the lines of Sensient, US.

    2. To focus on 3Cs – Capacities, Capabilities and Customers. To be 20% of global capacities.

    3. To broad base categories and deepen presence in Colors.

    4. To increase margins by moving into value add segments; target EBITDA margins of 20%.

    5. To be cognizant of all stakeholders and be counted as amongst the most transparent, shareholder friendly company.

    It is also stated: “We believe that the building blocks are now in place for us to leapfrog our current base. Our business is modeled on the lines of Global leader Sensient of US. We are at the cusp of explosive growth, with continued and significant increase in capacities, capabilities and customers. Our endeavor is to ensure shareholder reward, remain paramount, and towards that we are pleased to announce the first interim dividend of 20%. We will strive to sustain and improve on the same in coming periods“.

  14. sanjeev jain says:

    sir Aimco pesticides have given its results today and are on BSE website .please update the same with your valued opinion


  15. Rohit Gulati says:

    Yes I know they source it from Reliance.Reliance has also slashed it prices from Dec.onwards by 30%,which is not being reflected in its PL a/c. Imagine What would had happened if crude would have not fallen….thats scares me.Thanks to macro economic factor that Prima is in black.Otherwise the Company on its own is not sustaining good EBIDTA margin.

    • they were making profits even when crude was 120 USD, so that’s not a concern. secondly after slashing by 30%, it was increased by 20% and i guess a couple of months back, it was again decreased. secondly, the company’s operations are among the best in the business, and one would do good by comparing this with its larger peers over extended time frames. Not sure what macro economic factor you are talking about though…

  16. hardyboy says:

    freshtrop excellent result.despite 33 percent drop in topline,net profit almost same as last jun qtr.these guys know how to weather the storms.after these result great increase in conviction for the stock and promoters.sir i remember you had identified this trait in the management in your stock story and it is on display right now

  17. prem says:

    Hello Ace…..any view for IL&FS eng. result.

  18. Niranjan says:

    Hi Ace,

    Frestrop results are out. Although on the face of it, it looks bad but I think they have done very well considering the unseasonal rains they have had during the prime time of grape harvest. I guess its the nature of the business that external factors play such a big role hence these businesses never quote very high P/E.

    But what is heartening is that they have managed almost the same levels of profitability inspite of taking a hit of 40% on sales in the fresh fruit division.

    Stock might not react very well but still this business is something to be watched out for imho…

    Only fly in the ointment was selling of shares by the promoters just before the results of last quarter.

    Your views?


    • I think the results are “Stellar” given the context. This is what this management is all about – ability to withstand any business risks…. this is the point that brought the stock to my attention and today what they have delivered is nothing less than spectacular because let’s not forget the scale of these rains were huge this time around. And i think if a business (any business), has ability to protect its bottomline in turn of business risks, then it deserves a high PE.

  19. Pavan says:

    Hello Ace sir,pl suggest me 5 stocks for 1 year holding period at cmp

    • you could choose any stock mentioned in the blog that you are comfortable with.

    • and take your own risk for time bound investments. i dont think this is the right way to approach money making. noone has seen what will happen in 1 year… you should have targets or a long term view. for such time bound investments its all your risk.

      • Pavan says:

        OK thank u ace sir for the reply,yes I can hold for long term or I will be more happy if a stock gives me 50% returns in one year on conservative basis,but I will be checking its quarterly results….Happy independence day to u sir

        • 50% returns in a year is excellent returs… and it cannot be termed as conservative, but its good returns and therefore, one should research the idea welll to see if that idea can generate such returns

      • Pavan says:

        Btw,ace sir….long term means how many years and how to set targets of a stock,is it return wise like 100%,200%? don’t feel bad,teach me sir…wud be very glad

        • no, setting targets means setting targets for your returns and not stocks… meaning investing with target returns in mind rather than riding it. Normally this step is taken to get confidence in markets and your own research. long term every one has their own meaning but for me its atleast 3+ yrs…even my trading bets are few quarters long

  20. Ram says:

    Happy Independence Day

  21. vimal says:

    Hi, ur view on Jasch industries results?

  22. Santhosh NM says:

    Sir, your comments on Garware. Is it wise to invest now considering the future prospects of the company.

  23. Sachin says:

    Happy Independence Day.Dear Ace ….sacbee

  24. Jp says:

    Please give simple ideas to investors to have them in mind, so they can sleep without so much worrying of invested money on this great day..!! Happy I’dence day..!!!

  25. hardyboy says:

    liberty results are dissapointing.hardly any growth.restructuring understood,but topline should grow atleast 20 percent to command a p/e of 25.i think the numbers in your stock story may not work out.dont understand why indians not buying shoes.relaxo is doing so well.

  26. Ankit says:

    ace sir want your views on Trident ltd & Nitin fire..

  27. Ajit says:

    Dear Ace what is your opinion on NALCO?

  28. sumesh says:

    hi whats ur view of karuturi global

  29. uma says:

    hello ace,

    whats your take on Nandan denim,indo count,welspun india.,shreya shipping
    nandam denim and indo count both having expansions..those will start kick in coming quarters..

  30. Zaheer says:

    Dear Aceji. what do u think of godavari drug after looking @ FY16 1st Quarter result.

    Thanks !

  31. Hanock says:

    Hi ace ur view on pincon ltd results… u had recommended it at 100.. now its trading at 170.. given a good q 1 results… any opinion on this

  32. cj says:

    Ace Sir ,
    Any view on Bluestar info & Nucleus software .

  33. Raj Gupta says:

    Ace sir, which real state stock you like most..plz reply..

  34. Ra Da says:

    Regarding Vidhi,.. is the existing debt situation anything to bother about? Debt seems to have increased..What do you feel about this?

  35. cp says:

    Sir plz share about sharp India results

  36. Ajit says:

    Hello Ace..any news on Sharp India? There seems to be a lot panic selling today.

  37. mayur says:

    GM Ace, can you please update on Liberty shoes and Sahyadri Ind results with your recent views?

  38. amit jindal says:

    Helo ace sir.
    Plz share ur views on Olympic oil. Company sales is 1800 crores and net profit is 9crores .market capital is 3.4 crores only.

  39. Suneetha says:

    Any negetive news reg SHARP India [LC 20%] Plz share !

  40. sunil says:

    sir your views on bal pharma and nectar life science. thanks

  41. Hi ace sir, so at last market gave thumps up to the freshtrop management for delivering very good results in spite of adverse conditions. patience and conviction always pays.

  42. sachin says:


    V2 retail website v2kart is operational now. Your views on the same.

    Also don’t you think management should submit press release for the same.

    Thank you.

  43. hardyboy says:

    tirupati sarjan results out.topline down.dont know with so much of cash with them why finiance cost so high.otherwise at ebidt level 30 percent increase.request comment on their inventory details also.

  44. anujpress24 says:

    Hello Ace,

    Kindly give ur views on Tirupati Sarjan…seems flat result although the Construction revenue are up ..Govt Tender revenue are down …


  45. Senthil says:

    Dear Ace,

    Do you prefer any other stock in IT space apart from cybertech?


  46. chetan Biluve says:

    Dear ACe,
    Please leave your views on Kaveri seed company..
    Positives about the company..
    1. Kaveri is operating in the area where huge opportunity is there. Technonogy is the only way forward for falling agriculture output. Being the leading seed producer, available attractively @ 12 P/E.
    2. Well established company, good brand name, good distribution network, debt free company.
    3. Mangaement – I do not know much about the management integrity.

    Since regulatory overhang is there always on seed companies, it may never quote @ very high P/E (more than 30; but i have a doubt regarding advanta. Even it has lot of debt on its books, it is quoting @ 50 P/E).

    Do you think current price play well in the long term.

    chetan Biluve

  47. Pavan says:

    Hello Ace sir,Sahyadri industries,vidhi I liked a lot,nice one….others r good too,don’t know how I missed this blog,feeling low

  48. umesh says:

    what is yr view on orchid chem for long term

  49. SP says:

    Sir, can we expect a new investment idea soon?

  50. Govind Toshniwal says:

    hi ace, whats ur view on sharon boi science at cmp and ur view on cybertech results

  51. Govind Toshniwal says:

    hi ace, pls share ur view on kopran at cmp

  52. amit says:

    Sir, Please update tirupati sarjan results & your view

  53. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    Nikhil Vora bought around 5 lack shares of Vidhi .
    FYI . Lets hope more big bulls make entry in to it .

  54. Sachin says:


    Kindly share your view on LT Foods Lts.

    The company has reported EPS of 10 in the current quarter however still trading at just 180.

    Isn’t it value pick at the current price.

    Thanks for your time.


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