Results Update !!!

Simmonds Marshall

Decent Set of numbers. The company is expected to perform similarly in the next few quarters too.


Disappointing set of numbers, though the valuations are very attractive. We need to keep a close eye on topline growth for the next few quarters.

Click to access EB5D9C95_0D21_45F0_B236_3026C3A2F5C3_125125.pdf

Liberty shoes

Decent set of numbers though early implementation of scheme of arrangement is very important. This is a good brand but needs to have levers in place for re-rating.

Click to access D970D2A0_04F6_4D0F_A67F_6AF5AF92C38D_162206.pdf

Rajoo Engineers

Good set of numbers as bottom-line growth gets a fillip.

Click to access 02B86DD2_ADC9_4AF8_98DD_FCE260DA156E_170649.pdf

Aimco Pesticides

Good set of numbers. Very good operational performance though the topline de-growth was a setback. One needs to monitor operational performance of the turnaround companies closely.

Freshtrop Fruits

Given the context, Excellent set of numbers. This is why a good and capable management is important. Great work.

Sharp India

No doubt poor set of numbers. Though we are in for a bigger game, but the stock needs careful scrutiny. The investors should get clarification on lack of sales.

Tirupati Sarjan

Average set of numbers, though dividend announcement is a bit of silver lining. We need to understand what they plan t

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181 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. amit says:

    sir request your views on tirupati sarjan hold or exit

  2. RAVI says:

    Sir i want to know the effect of Negative inventory on forward earning and profits?

  3. shreeux says:

    Thanks for Updates…!!!

  4. Saurabh says:

    Hi Ace, what is your view on Indag Rubber?

  5. hardyboy says:

    bse tirupati div announcement not available.can u tell how much dividend they have declared

  6. Dear Ace
    The results for sharp are indeed shocking. Do let us know if you hear anything.

  7. Abir says:

    Hi Ace,

    Whats your view on the Deccan Rights Issue? Are the fellow investors being cheated?

  8. sonu says:

    Sir give update on deccan gold… I got stuck at 78…hold or exit

    • if you cannot take volatility then you should invest only in FDs…….. even sun pharma is down 30-40% from its highs, then why cant a small cap have such volatility. I had very clearly mentioned in the stock story that one needs to have a very long term view on this. if you cannot take such small 10% kind of slide, pls do not invest in small caps…rather do not invest in shares…just go to the safety of FDs. clearly you have not bothered to research the stock before investing and that’s why you dont have any conviction. there have been instances on this blog when the recommended shares have gone down 40-50% and smart investors had gone ahead and averaged it, thanks to their conviction and are now sitting at 100-150% profits. Either research and then invest in stocks or dont invest at all.

  9. pradeep says:

    Your view on NCL industries?

  10. sangram says:

    What could be the reason for deccan gold mines to revise there rights issue price. Can it be governance issue .
    There have been gradual selling of shares by rama mines ( promoters).

    • the promoters have been selling a bit of shares for last many yrs, nothing new. Rights issue price change should not be surprising as the CMP is way higher than the rights issue and therefore, such a deep discount is not really warranted. also with better pricing more about can be mopped up with lesser equity dilution. Even IL&FS had done that… and so many other companies

  11. raj says:

    Ace sir, thanks a lot for ur update, GBU (god bless u) kind regds raj

  12. Ashutosh Sharnjay says:

    Hi, Ace
    GOOD DAY. Today i went back into the history of browsing and found the link which you had posted in the month of early may with title Introduction to Financial Accounting ā€“ By WHARTON. Thanks for the same and am bothered you for once and do excuse me for that. RGDS

  13. kannu says:

    Ace, Holding Aimco Pesticides at the levels of 70, is it the time to average the holding ? Please advice, i am a long term investor

  14. Raj Gupta says:

    Ace sir,
    How can we know the reason of major declining sales figure of Sharp?

  15. prashet says:

    Hi Ace,

    Can you please give ur Views on Goldiam International and Also Syngene International.. Thanks for your Wonderful Support

  16. umesh says:

    Hi ace yr view on aegis logistics u

  17. Raj Gupta says:

    I read the reason behind Sharp low sales figure “there was no production of Led Tv n ACS from april to jun due to absence of demand”,what it means, there is no demand of products of this co in mkt.So confused,wt should i do hold or exit..plz guide..

  18. Shvtrix says:

    ACE any views on Dhanalaxmi Roto,all numbers are in upward trajectory

  19. Ankit says:

    Sir ur views on Triveni glass & Sitashree foods.
    Can i enter at this level

  20. Teja says:

    Dear Ace, thanks for your relentless help and support, can you please let me know views on technocraft industries.

  21. Jp says:

    Dear Ace,
    Please give your views about Impex Ferro Tech Ltd, which has book value of 16, but CMP is just 3… Tnx.. have a nice day..!!

  22. healingtouch says:

    HI ace,

    One month back I was able to get the phone number of Sharp india, but now on the same phone number they say phone number code is not correct. I talked to CS last month, he has told me that company has stopped production and sales are very low and he was not hopeful about future of the company, he told me that same story is happening which happened with their TV venture with Kalyani in which they were not able to face competition and sharp Japan condition is also precarious, they are not able to give any helping hand for now.

    • not sure if you are dialing the right number or not, but the number is working i am told by fellow readers … also their strategy this time is very different from last time so to say they are facing the same issue is slightly exaggerated i would say…. also if possible please visit the company at their AGM.

  23. Jp says:

    Hi.. Amtek Auto had 30% dip and nearly 80 Rs decline in past five days from 140s to CMP at 60s…!! Previously felt it was fit for long term, but due to its results, it is collapsing now…!

  24. Ravi says:

    sir, need ur opinion about fresh entry in mic electronics

  25. healingtouch says:

    Hi ace
    I have dialed the numbers which are given on corp address of bse site of bse, which I early on have been able to dialed but not now on the same number, please give me any other number if you have it will do quite needful to me


  26. neetu says:

    Hi ace your all stock picks are rocking and compounding money faster but one problem that a common investor doesn’t able to decide when to exit rather they start adding on very highs and selling at lower bottoms the same happened with me several times now I need your some help in my two picks which are falling I.e. stampede capital my avg buy is 525/ but was unable to sold at 740/ due to people giving very high targets at mmb board. Now it is 50% down from all time high without any reason results were very good. Other stock is microsec finance there are some news of demerger. company informed bse that they are finding possibility of demerger or sale. Stock has corrected from all time high 137 to 90. I can keep them for long term if you can pl analyze and give some inputs.

    • This is because you are trying to “time” the exit. there’s no concept of timing…who is to say whether the stock price would go up or down from a particular level… prices are dictated by fundamentals, so if the fundamentals do not change and the prices go down…its may not be the top… ultimately fundamentals catch up with prices.

  27. umesh says:

    Hi ace
    Can ibuy stampede at further decline

  28. prem says:

    Ace sir your views regarding “IL&FS Engineering & Const.”….for long term.

  29. Ncp says:

    U said dat Mangalam Drug co. has got moratorium of 2 yrs on its debt…plz inform when this two year is ending I.e. March,2016 or March,2017?..also, as per u what shd b its fair P/E based its current condition?

  30. neetu says:

    Thank you ace for your so beautiful and quick reply. I would like to share a story here so people can learn from my mistakes , I bought cupid at 30 sold some at 60- 70 again bought at 91-95-110 and then it fall without any reason with two beautiful 20%lc however I was not afraid but asked my broker he told promoters are not ok so in spur of moment I sold at last bottom 73 my 2000 shares, within a week it was flying like never before. Freshtrop I kept adding from 60 to 190 and sold half in panic at 58 last bottom and the same day it was on continuous ucs. Bought v2 retail from 32 to 45 and then it came back to 32 but I was not concerned about it as I was not watching it daily and then one day it was 50. Now I sold around 80 so the moral of story is pl don’t act in panic .

  31. sarath says:

    Dear Ace,

    Can you please share your view on The Byke Hospitality Ltd.

  32. prem says:

    ACE sir…i am seeing lot of opportunists in this blood bath šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  33. vimal says:

    ur current view on Jain irrigation?

  34. SP says:

    Hi sir.. does the correction in ashiana housing and kitex garments make it attractive at cmp.. it would be helpful if u could answer the question..
    PS. I know u are positive about ashiana and poddar from real estate; but wanted to know if it is attractive at cmp.. or if they still are overvalued..
    Thanks and regards,

    • dont know if its over valued or not because everyone has their own definition of value and value is something that does not make anything attractive to me.

      • SP says:

        fair enough ace sir.. but would u be kind enough to explain y value does not make things attractive to you.. i mean you can completely choose not to answer but it would be helpful for us to understand whether we should not look at price when investing in a company that is fundamentally good.. pls ignore the question if it does not make sense to u šŸ™‚

  35. Ravi says:

    sir, ur view on shailey engineering plastics

  36. yum says:

    sir, IKEA will start sourcing from india for its indian operations…so i think suppliers to IkEA should benefit from it…right sir? any few companies that you know of…

  37. Abir says:

    I have two silly questions to ask…sorry to bother but couldnt find any better place to ask this…

    1. Do you think we should subscribe for Deccan gold RI? if yes how to do so?
    2. What do you think about Cheviot and Shree Ajit Pulp as investment opportunities?

  38. Suneetha says:

    Plz share your view on Jagsonpal pharma[35]. Thanks in advance !

  39. aashav23 says:

    sir your view on real estate stocks in future for long term? how is prospect of ashiana housing and godrej property?

  40. vipulvalueinvestor says:

    Sir what is your view on Patels Airtemp. The company is posting stellar results since many quarters. But the price is stagnant..

  41. sukant says:

    whats your view on CHEMFAB ALKALIS

  42. uma says:


    This is regading deccan gold RI,

    if i have 1000 shares as on record date…will i get 500 shares at the price of 17 with out applying / what we used to get bonus or split shares..
    tell me any alternative because i can not subscribe it due to non availability of myself in india.
    or can i buy those in open market with ex RI price..


  44. sparsh says:

    Dear sir,

    Your views where the current correction could take us.

    • we had a good support at 8160-8220 and if its broken on the downside then in quick time we should see re-test of 7950…. and after that its possible 7500 can come in due course. As i had said the stock did fail to go above 8700 unfortunately and that was bad which paved way for re-test of 7950, although i did not expect such an early re-test…now if 7920 breaks then we are probably going to re-test 7500…though it should be a slower move.

  45. hardyboy says:

    world had a economic crisis when oil was at 120 $.world having economic crises when oil at 40 $.

  46. Niraj Bhagtani says:

    Hi Ace,

    Your Views on Axis Bank at CMP ?

    • axis is one of the best but if the markets are to go down, then i dont think axis will withstand it because axis is a nifty stock and its quite possible that nifty goes down further. wait for things to stabilize before buying “NIFTY” stocks.

  47. Raj Gupta says:

    Ace sir,
    Today we saw major fall in mkt worldwide but wn we see the economy of India we find all cues are positive for this mkt whether this may be crude,inflation,weather,cad,reserve etc and more,our country has a strong dynamic visionary PM who is committed to take India on growth..So i think we have the opportunity of being a great destination for FII n for FDI.So what you think…

    • i agree…its just that the short term pain could be tremendous but if one were to shut off for a few days, we could preserve our sensibility.

      • sparsh says:

        shutting fr few days! is that a hint that we could go much lower than 7500? and in that case wouldnt it be a nice opportunity to add on to some of the shares, your views sir.

        • ofcourse…these kind of falls are great opportunity to add on to your fav. stocks if you have conviction. conviction is important, because if you buy its possible that it falls more and your conviction would help you tide over this volatility.

  48. Roshan says:

    Ace ur views on skm egg is still the same as before? i mean few things have changed for this company which may have positive rupee depreciating, newer markets opening up,company keeps on giving better results with each passing quarter and also looks like it has been able to better price its products

    • well, as i have said its a decent company, not sure what view you have seen. but on a livestock, waterbase and now freshtrop should also be seriously evaluated for reasons given earlier.

      • Roshan says:

        well ur reply to me last time was that skm egg was a trading bet to u for a few quarters…and yes i already am holding waterbase :)…btw one thing i wanted to ask you…i was tracking associated stones way before u had recommended here (when it was trading at 40rs) but i didnt buy it.. actually i was scared bcuz i used to think y is this company trading so cheaply even when fundamentals are good..maybe there is something wrong with for small investors like myself, how do we evaluate the management pedigree of a company?

  49. sangram says:

    Any new idea which you are coming up with ace bro? Will be nice bargain in this market

  50. Value Investor says:

    Hi Ace,
    Now is the test for real conviction of the investors.
    Eagerly waiting for your next investment idea.

      • RightStock says:

        I entered markets in 2007 and just bought on recommendations from the broker without understanding (not even what P/E is). I played with leveraged money. Had a great pain in 2008 and had lot of sleepless nights.

        I am active again in the markets in 2014 when I first saw ACE blog and started understand some key things and googled a lot. Went through all the comments. I was surprised when someone with great knowledge in markets and financial terms answered my question. Now I take my decision and I am responsible for them. With 10% single day crash of my portfolio, I am still having a good sleep and not panic. Thanks ACE for teaching how to fish.

        • Glad this blog helped you. Your timing actually was very good as from 2007-2009 you saw height of bull and bear markets and then recovery. Its an education that normally takes around a decade for others. Great. God Bless !!!

  51. Jp says:

    Textile industries in Tamil Nadu (TN) are severely affected by more problems. Number one is high labour wages (comparing to north, it is very high). Second is electrical energy per unit charge is more comparing to other states (for industries). Third is Gujarat state has established more and more spindlage mills (so transportation charges are more from TN to other states comparing to Gujarat to other states). All the above increase the output price of yarn in TN, so TN mills are under pressure. I hope this fits for Ambika also…!!

  52. prabu says:

    Ace, Please share your views on Lakshmi Energy.. Whether one can buy at current levels.. Thanks for all your help..

  53. SP says:

    one important lesson that I have learnt in these 2 days (which u kept repeating throughout) is that u have to be guided by ur own instincts.. the biggest mistake that one can make is by trusting the instincts of others.. yest when market fell, analysts said that the market will fall further.. today when market recovered they are like “if u have missed out the opportunity of buying in 2014, this is ur last chance to be a part of the ‘mother of all bull runs'”.. really funny how sentiments over ride facts… šŸ™‚

  54. pradeep says:

    bought hind tin works 1200@83. now at current levels 49rs can I add more or book loss? please suggest about this stock for 2 yrs term

  55. Jitendra a says:

    ACE sir,

    What is ur view on Uflex for long term perspective?

  56. umesh says:

    hi ace please share your view on recently listed scrip majesco demerged from mastek , is it worth investing at current levels.

  57. himanshu. says:

    sir can i average cybertech at these level. previously bought at 51.30. thnx.

  58. aashav23 says:

    sir what is your view on sintex.. i seem its very scalable business as of now and textile business seems prosperous please give your words!

  59. umesh says:

    Hi ace what is your view on kaya ltd the scrip is down after relisting

  60. prabu says:

    Ace, Please share your view on DPSC… Thanks for your help…

  61. Umesh says:

    Hi ace what is your view on Max before demerger

  62. Shankar says:

    Dear Ace Sir

    Would appreciate your views on Makers Lab? There are negative talks about how the AGM was conducted…but numbers tell a different story…A rational approach is that performance numbers take precedence over subjective qualitative factors like one particular shareholder experience from AGM etc…Nevertheless I believe your views are more balanced and logical…Thanks

  63. sangram says:

    Sir sent you a mail regarding general query please check

  64. umesh says:

    thanks ace

  65. umesh says:

    hi ace can i buy associated stone at current levels the scrip has come down from 120 levels to around 80 levels, the company has already announced stock split from 10 to 1 is it worth buying before split or should i wait to buy after split

  66. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Ace,
    In Deccan Gold ‘s Rights Issue Offer prospectus,they have mentioned that its promoter Rama Mines may not subscribe to the RI entitlement,In such a case the issue may devolve if its not subscribed by atleast 90%. Does this needs to be taken seriously ,as this will dent there expansion and fund raising plans ?

    • no and given the steep discount, dont see a reason why it would not go through. also, its nice that they disclosed upfront. there are also other risks associated and these things companies should disclose in their offer prospectus.

  67. Mayur says:

    hi Ace, any views on Swiss Glascoat Equipments and West Coast Paper?

  68. himanshu. says:

    sir any views on aksh optifibre. thnx.

  69. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Ace,
    Deccan Gold Mine is falling inspite of the deep discount offered for the RI and markets improving in the last 2 days.People are selling in my opinion instead of buying more in light of the huge float hitting the market post the rights issue.I’ve just one fear in this company of RI not going thru.Lets assume that it does NOT get the mandatory subscription.In that case, what happens to their expansion plans? Would it be a major set back to the Co.?

  70. Rohit Gulati says:

    Coz,I think since the Promoter is selling small quantity regularly and has disclosed its intention that it may not subscribe to RI. Secondly, the promoter holds 32% ,so in such a case if Promoter doesn’t subscribe, then retail investor have to oversubscribe the issue( by Rs.16 crores), which may not happen . This is only my concern and fear.

    • they have sold in the past too..and promoter holding is more than 32%. also, why just retail investors, why not HNIs or FIIs… anyways, i hope you are not invested in the stock, because you dont seem to have any conviction in the potential of the company.

  71. Raj Gupta says:

    Katwa udyog now up n down, huge demand in cement sector..

  72. Rohit Gulati says:

    Have invested more than required in this stock ,that’s why want to be doubly sure before further investment in RI.

  73. Rohit Gulati says:

    ok..just wanted reassurance from you.

  74. SP says:

    Any new idea round the corner?

  75. aasif says:

    Sir your view on MPL plastics as after agez they have been promoting via advrtsmnt


  76. GHS says:

    Hi Ace,
    I spoke to the CS of Sharp regarding no work for employees

    and he said that because of absence of orders there is no production at the factory at present. Hence the employees have been given paid leave. He did not mention why there were no orders. I wonder how a company like Sharp can have no orders!


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