Waterbase Update !!!

For new investor this announcement should be read with this presentation.

God Bless !!!

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30 Responses to Waterbase Update !!!

  1. Akshay says:

    thanks for the update

  2. yum says:

    sir you were the only one who said even at 8650 that still the bottom may not be at place…at 8650 everyone was bullish and said 8800-8900 will come and you got that right big time… clearly your technical skills are outstanding… can i please request you to present a picture of nifty as a blog post.. please sir.. as you rightly predicted markets did break 7950.. what next sir…

  3. Ncp says:

    Plz tell wheather this merger development is good or bad to the existing waterbase share holder…

  4. Roshan says:

    Ace y arent u active on facebook these days??

  5. cp says:

    Sir is it good idea to buy selan exploration at present conditions.

  6. sangram says:

    Any views on kse ltd.

  7. aashav23 says:

    sir which textile business you see well placed for longer horizon..like 5+ years.. kitex garments,indocount or ambika cotton?

  8. Purshotam says:


  9. rcpt says:


    Doing well on Waterbase & Mangalam bought few months ago

    1.See Tanla Solution
    Market cap: 250 cr
    Revenue: 132 cr

    2.Lincoln Pharma : See below presentation on pg 7 – to triple capacity

  10. himanshu says:

    sir are you tracking spml infra.

  11. A Goyal says:

    Ace ji,

    I have waterbase in my portfolio and I’m accumulating more on dips … can you please study Aksh Optifibre and share your thoughts … Aksh seems to hold good potential and it will be very helpful to get your insight on this stock.

  12. sudeep kumar says:

    Hi Ace sir,
    Can i enter this waterbase at this level?

  13. impu24 says:

    Dear Aceji….
    i have 3000 shares of prima plastic (Rs 50 buyed rate)
    I want to buy HONDA CITY CAR from prima profite.
    when my dream comes true…….

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