Vidhi Dyestuff – Update

Intimation of Commissioning of New Manufacturing Shed at the factory of the Company. One could read the announcement here.

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160 Responses to Vidhi Dyestuff – Update

  1. Akshay says:

    glad to hear this. Thanks 🙂

  2. prem says:

    Well sir as per bearish mood of market we could expect any further correction in VIDHI mat be upto price 41-43. i know we should not compare the value with price but i think more lose hands will go out and we can buy vidhi at 41 to 43 price. Thanks alot for this gem Ace sir….god bless 🙂

  3. Jitendra says:

    Thanks ACE for this info.
    Vidhi will go higher & higher. It’s ‘Vidhilikhit’.

  4. amit jindal says:

    Hlo ace sir.
    y promoters of deccan gold selling their shares at every increase of its price

  5. Rishu says:

    Hello Ace,when are you coming up with your new recommendation.i eagerly waiting for it.thanks

  6. Mayank says:

    Sir, I am an new to this blog…waiting for new Gem eagerly 🙂

  7. Ncp says:

    Can I buy vidhi now? I m new to stock n to dis site too n missed all d past recos….vidhi is posting good result but how much possible to continue this type of good result by Vidhi as per you?…next 3-4 yrs, can tgey sustain dis tyoe of result?

  8. vinod says:

    Great Idea Sir Ji!!

  9. kamalmandy says:

    Dear Ace
    How you grade Deccan Gold mgmt. with regard to expertise in mining and extracting gold. They have to raise money too. It is very good opportunity if the mgmt execute it on time and expand.

  10. vimal says:

    ur view on Jasch industries now?

  11. A Goyal says:

    Dear Ace,

    Do you see good upside in Vidhi over a period of 3 to 5 years. I usually hold stocks for 3 to 5 years. I’ve recently started accumulating Vidhi. Please suggest.

  12. Value Investor says:

    Hi Ace,
    Greetings. On the Deccan Gold Rights Issue this is my understanding. If I have 2x shares in Deccan Gold before the Record Date I can buy X shares at Rs 17. Please correct me if I am wrong.
    Also please let me know how to register for this rights issue.


  13. Chinmoy says:

    Sir can you comment on cox&kings ? Please

  14. Rishu says:

    ace sir,please come up with your latest recommendation.your followers are eager to know about it.regards

  15. Praveen Srinivasan says:

    Hi ACE…i have v2 purchased few months back @ 57…can i add more now or should add when the price is substantially low from my buy price?

  16. afzal says:

    can one average aimco pesticide at currentlevel

  17. prabu says:

    Ace, Though we had multiple discussion about SKM egg products earlier, what do you feel is a decent entry point for this stock.. It’s not your recommendation but checking on whether I can get General update.. Thanks for all your help..

  18. Vandana says:

    Hello Ace!

    I can see Deccan Gold in LC with 42,000 seller, anything happened to it or shall we average it

  19. AJITH says:

    Hi, In the annual report it was mentioned that world is switching towards natural colours rather than synthetic. Any comment on how this will impact Vidhi

  20. Raj Gupta says:

    Ace sir,
    What is ur views on Chd Developers,if u don’t like,plz give some reasons to understand the things cause i think this is good player in NCR Region.

  21. kamalmandy says:

    Dear Ace,
    Nutraplus is doing expansion ( Dahej), and mgmt is confident of achieving 180 cr sales this FY.
    By 2017 starting Dahej Plant plant.
    Can it be next granules or Caplin ?

    • dont like nutraplus…as mentioned in the past, have a strong case to believe that the stock is controlled by punters. it can either go way higher or way lower cannot say…also i would stick to pharma names mentioned on this blog

  22. prabu says:

    Ace, Please share your views on Delta Corp..Thanks..

  23. raj says:

    sir has the markets bottomed out?

  24. Puru says:

    Thanks for your update on Vidhi.

  25. sparsh. says:

    ace can you throw some light about the broader mkts from here on. on the one hand it looks a very nice opportunity to enter stocks at 40% off from 52wk highs and mkt levels from an year ago point.
    on the other, the global mkts could go down taking our mkts as well. also, are you of the opinion that we are in for a multi-year bull mkt here in India?

    Thanks for your views.

    • there is absolutely no doubt that we are in a bull market. Also, as i have tried to explained so many times, one should not co-relate small caps with broader indices… there would always be cases when the small caps outperform both on upside and downside, so if there’s something exciting that you find, one should not hold back

  26. tinvestor says:

    dear ace…. radha madhav has ventures into ecommerce…. the debt has come down…sales up from 3 crore to 78 crore…. the compny posted 9 crore proit compred to 4 quarter loss in laster year quarter …. can you shed light on this ….. looks like another BIG multibagger in mking …. regards

  27. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, just want a bit of more clarity on the concept of “averaging” and “accumulating”. You have mentioned that a script must come down substantially to ‘averge’. Is that true for ‘accumalation’? How are these terms normally used in market lingo?

  28. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace, your views on Surya Roshni please….. they are old/diversified players and now entering LED business with huge and established marketing network.

  29. Akshay says:

    What are your views on Reliance Power?

  30. vimal says:

    Hi, ur view on Adani Transmission?

  31. Pavan says:

    Hello Ace sir,your views on aksh optifibre please

  32. kkreddi says:

    hello Ace, may I request your views on Grauer&Weil? thanks in advance!

  33. Jitendra says:

    Katwa Udyog @60.00 looks good for averaging and even for fresh entry.

  34. jayaraman says:

    What is your view on dynacons technology with new promoter.

  35. vivek says:

    Hi Ace,

    Thanks for all your recommendations and regular updates on the blog. I am holding a few stocks recommended by you after doing a proper research. I wanted to know your opinion on Aimco pesticides and Katwa Udyog. Given a choice which one would you invest at CMP? Aimco looks good at CMP, only concern with Katwa is the debt compare to Aimco. I know these are from totally different sectors and both are good bets at CMP. If you have to choose one which one would it be? Your opinion please.


  36. srinivas says:

    hello ace, after going through the stock story of wanbury and its AR, i am fully convinced with the business & company but my only concern is pledged shares of promoters. In company’s website, as per latest shareholding paatern, 99.94% of promoters( indian-bodies corporate) shares are pledged. is anything i missed in AR regarding this?

    • sorry i didnt understand your question…what in AR you are referring to?

      • srinivas says:

        gone through AR once again and got clarity on this. i am talking about pledged shares of Expert chemicals(india) pvt ltd (promoter). 99.94% shares held by this company are pledged and overall 33.08% shares of promoters are pledged as security for term loans. but my doubt is that why only Expert chemicals shares are pledged and why not kingsbury investments (another promoter with nill pledged shares ). dont know whether this is a sensible question or not. i hope you dont mind 🙂

  37. srinivas says:

    aimco AR is released. it is mentioned as “To arrange cost efficient funds for the growth plans of the company” in key objectives but no details were given regarding fund raising. can we average at this price or should wait further?
    i am convinced with the company and invested at 70/- so no point in thinking to invest at 38/- but are you aware of any negatives happened in the company after your recommendation. your suggestion really helps.

  38. Sampat says:

    Sir, what happened to new recommendation as promised?

  39. cp says:

    Sir I need ur opinion about buying shares of the company declaring bonus. What need to be observed.

  40. Akshay says:

    Hi Ace, did u went through Rajoo’s recent Press release. I think its great development. Ur views?

  41. sparsh says:

    Dear Ace,

    Had an email exchange with the Keshav Cement management – as was worried about the continuous fall in its price. They have reconfirmed that the extended capacity will com online frm FY 2016. Also wanted to know about their annual report, and they have informed that within a couple of days the site would be updated for all to see the report.

    Any updates that you might have?

    • if you get worried and excited with the price movement you probably do not have conviction on your stocks. try to research the stock more “before” buying.

      • Harsh says:

        Cupid had a similar fall from 60 to 37 odd,it came down as well in same fashion in 2% lcs but eventually we all know what happened.. Instead it was an opportunity for those who missed out buying earlier,those who didnt bother abt prices but biz made tonnes of money…So tracking biz is more imp then prices what i feel..I am as confident with Katwa as with cupid,it will reclaim its old highs soon

      • sparsh says:

        To be honest, for me getting a 100% conviction on any stock is very difficult – as you yourself have said, there is a difference between value and value trap. I have seen some companies deserving higher value, but the prices never seem to budge. In other cases, shares have been astronomically priced for far too long.

        I am trying to know why, but have not been able to so far.
        For Keshav Cement, almost halving from the peak without any negative development in the company seemed beyond understanding and thus tried to clear the doubt.

        Would always love to learn from you.

        • keep reading the blog comments to get my views on it, but you should know that i am a growth investor not a value hunter. if value comes with growth then nothing like it, just like in this case.

          • sparsh says:

            your effort in replying and clearing doubts has been of enormous help and something which I have never seen before; many thanks.
            almost done with half of your blog and comments 🙂

          • vivek says:

            On vidhi…what was the cost of the capex…what is the additional revenue and ebitda that will flow from expansion

            • pls go through the past comments. its mentioned a number of times.

            • Jitendra says:

              During the AGM, Hon. Chairman said that 12 Cr. were for expansion. 5.5. Cr were from Banks & 6.5 Cr. were from internal accurals. Vidhi ranks 3rd in world @4000 mtpa, whereas 1st Synsient @20000 mtpa & 2nd Roha @9000 mtpa.
              Furture Plans – targeting 5000 Cr revenue upto 2019 by adding @4000 mtpa capex. @2019. Another expansion will be required within 1-1.5 years.
              Currently out of 187 Cr, – 116 Cr byway of mfg. food colours business & 65 Cr. via trading business. Planning to reduce the trading business as it is low profit. We also met Mr. Kasbekar one of the largest shareholder in Vidhi. He was convinced @mgmt.. – good management. They also planning to go in natural colors within 2-3 years.

              • i was under impression that that funding was 65% in favor of internal accurals , but if this information is from AGM then this is obviously more accurate. Thanks for the update. This is helpful.

  42. Bishan Basu says:

    Dear Ace,

    What’s your opinion on Archidply at present valuation?



  43. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi ACE….Your view on Jyoti resins if you track please….

  44. Praveen Rao says:

    Thank you ACE….

  45. Roshan says:

    Ace ur views on Lykis limited?

  46. pavans13 says:

    Dear Ace,
    Wish you happy ganesh chaturthi.. .)

  47. sangram says:

    Happy ganesh chaturti ace bro

  48. Raminder says:

    Dear Ace,
    What are your views on Kothari Fermentation & Biochemicals Ltd ?

  49. prabu says:

    Ace , Please share your views on Dynacons Tech after new promoter.. Thanks Prabu

  50. sunil says:

    aceji, please your comments on sks microfinance. thanks.

  51. Akshay says:

    Vidhi on UC 🙂

  52. raj says:

    sir when is your new recommendation coming?

  53. Suneetha says:

    Even when the market falls with significant correction, my portfolio has been in 25% profits, because of Higher allocation of funds to Vidhi & Prima ! Thanks a ton Aceji !

  54. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji—we know there a lot Pharma companies which have created wealth for the long term investors tremendously such as Ajanta Pharma, Caplin Point, Suven,Lupin etc………i think our Mangalam Drug is also following the same path—-with new products, margin will improve and i am sure some time down the line(may be in 1-2 years) company will think about the exporting to USA–for that they will introduce those products and will apply for the USFDA approval——-once they get it the margin will improve further—–with less number of outstanding shares it will move with great speed as well———everything good is happening in this company and stock——-i have more than 100% confidence in this company and added more at the double price than initial buy price—

    I am sure we will see one post in this blog by you like below

    “Mangalam Drug 20 times in XX years” ( where XX might be around 2-3 years).

    Yes, i am expecting its price to be around 800 Rs.(20 times of 40 Rs where u have suggested) in 2-3 years time.

    Thanks for identifying this GEM for all of us——-Keep up the good work—–God Bless u and ur Family!!!!

    Thanks & Regards,

  55. SAY says:

    Ace ji – Mangalam finally crosses another milestone by closing in 3 digits cmp with mcap of 132 cr. Though mid/small caps were languishing, this was averse to it.

    And i emerge wiser from surmounting all those UC’s and LC’s. Your timely suggestions during those dark hours have cemented my belief around this story. I owe this to you. Thanks a million.

  56. yum says:

    sir when is the new pick coming? We are waiting..

  57. asg270619 says:

    sir, tirupati sarjan consolidated results are mentioned in anual report. but results shown on BSE are without UGANADA subsidiery turnover. Please clarify whther only indian operation results are considered or we should consider consolidated results.

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