Mangalam Drugs – Three times in Five Months !!!

Congratulations to all the investors of Mangalam drugs who have tripled their money in just five months. Great Going.

God Bless !!!

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113 Responses to Mangalam Drugs – Three times in Five Months !!!

  1. pavans13 says:

    Yes Ace. Wonderful idea. Thank you 🙂

  2. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, Mangalam Drugs form 24% of my porfolio. For me it has doubled as i entered at various times. Many thanks for recommending this stock.

  3. rashmiagarwal29 says:

    hi ae,plz give ur views on deccan gold

  4. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji—As i mentioned in another comment , i am very much hopeful to see 20 in place of triple in the same post—–i.e. 20 times in 2-3 years time frame—-everything good is happening in this company—-Good times ahead—Thanks for the idea(i was ignoring this company even the buzz was there due to Lupin selling but it was u who has helped me build self conviction in this company)—it was a very good effort from ur side to address all the issues in the company—–God Bless U!!!!!!!!

  5. SAY says:

    It’s been a wonderful ride, backed by your expertise.
    Thank you Ace.

  6. Roshan says:

    even v2 blasted today…it went up 10% in matter of seconds i think some1 big or mutual funds would have bought

  7. Rajendra says:

    I too doubled my money. Am working on concentrating my portfolio. Thanks.

  8. shreeux says:

    Good to heard..But missed rally after 87…!!!

  9. Vinay says:

    Dear ace,
    Salutes to you Sir, on Mangalam Drugs, though I must say I did not invest at that time because I was tight in my pocket at that time. And I dont buy small quantities, my minimum size of investment is Rs. 50,000. Ok, that aside, aceji, do you track Good Luck Steel Tubes and Emmbi Industries? Your view on these two will be highly valued by me. Thanks in advance !

  10. Akshay says:

    Congrats Ace

  11. Sam says:

    Congrats Bro… always a pleasure to see such titles.. although I am not invested in this.. as my faves are prima, vidhi but still feels good for you and all those who kept conviction…

  12. Sampat says:

    ACE, do you think Gujarat Themis Biosyn can replicate Mangalam Drugs’ success( return wise)?

  13. Puru says:

    Thank you Ace!

  14. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, Associated Stone is your recommended stock. Hope there is no change in your views as of now.

  15. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi ACE…any view on Kriti Nutrients please..?

  16. Ashish garg says:

    Hi Ace,

    have you ever had a look at rexnord electronics?


  17. Great going, Ace! What do you think about penny stocks? Any good ones for long term?

  18. rahul says:

    Hi Ace,

    What is your view on Rattan India infrastructure? and Everest Kanto?


  19. ramkrish says:

    I have Mangalam drugs & Marksans pharma in my folio.. I want to know ur view on mid/small/micro pharma companies… 1. Anuh pharma 2. Suven life. 3. Lincoln pharma. 4. Brawn pharma. 5. Makers labs. 6. Aarey drugs 7. NGL Finechem 8. Jenburkt pharma. 9. BDH industries.

  20. Is MRPL a good buy right now?

  21. Ace, what about Genus Paper and Boards?

  22. Subhendu says:

    Hi Ace, I have been an avid reader of your blog. Could you please suggest your views on Ador Welding, Banco Products, Mahindra Lifespace Developers, TV Today Network & Ultramarine Pigments. Any of these are of interest to you and you see strength in these stocks to enter at current levels?

  23. hardyboy says:

    deutche bank of germany may go down like lehman brothers.signs similar to that event happening.massive laying offs rating down to bbb+ .europe will be surely severely affected.deutche bank has a derivative exposure of 75 trillion dollors.german gdp is 4 trillion dollors.there wont be enough money in whole europe.if it happens how much india will get affected.

  24. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi ACE…Please let us know when planning to post your next pick…

  25. rj says:

    Hi Ace,

    Regarding cement industry in general and Panyaam and Katwa,in particular, isn’t there a grave risk of cheap chinese cement imports? Check these recent news items:

    What do you think?

  26. Sagar says:

    Hi Ace.. I am pretty new to your blog. I am fascinated after seeing ur investment pics and your rationale behind each of them.. I would like to know your views on Monte Carlo Fashions and PFS.It will be great if you can share your views.

  27. sparsh says:

    Dear Ace,
    I am unable to understand the valuations for Keshav Cement. After expansion, it will have a capacity almost equal to Mangalam Cements. Keshav has better margins and should make more profits even. Lets forget about better profits, even that capacity should give similar valuations to Keshav; which is 20 times from present!
    But people say even Mangalam is undervalued.
    At 1/3 rd the capacity of Mangalam, Keshav should have atleast 1/3rd the valuations.
    What is the catch???

  28. Guru says:

    Sir what about rajoo engineers. Its been in a standstill mode with no momentum. Are you still positive with this company?

  29. sparsh says:

    am i right in my projection of the valuations?
    if yes, then in your experience, does mr. market bring such gross mis-valuations at par – maybe in whatever time.

  30. piyush says:

    dear sir, hows invest in Morepen Laboratories…

  31. rishabh says:

    Dear Ace,
    what about sintex industries, it is available at 9 PE, presence in several verticals as that of supreme industries, apart from this has presence in construction space, available at such low valuation. is it worth investment . your thought pls.

  32. Mahesh says:

    Hello Ace, Please give your views on “ADF Foods”. Debt free company & good yearly sales.

  33. Gopalachary.P says:

    Sir, I am holding below shares .Just need your comment
    1) Sam krg Pistons
    2) Liberty Shoes
    3) Kopran
    4) Aimco Pesticides
    5) Deccan Gold
    6) Vidhi Dyestuffs

  34. Vinod says:

    Dear Ace,
    Your view on Intrasoft Tech at CMP?
    My impression:
    The company’s, e-commerce subsidiary markets approximately 200,000 products through 11 large e-marketplaces (,, Amazon Canada, Alibaba’s, New Egg, Rakuten and, etc.) that are sourced from 1,300 brands. Almost covered US.

    Thank you

    • had give a positive view when it was in low double digits but at these levels, its appreciated substantially. not keen on fresh entry.not comfortable with valuations right now, though it could go higher if it continues to perform like it happened in past, but again IMHO risk to reward is not that favorable to me.

  35. Mayur says:

    Hi Ace, what’s your take on these companies:
    1. Jullundur Motor Agency (Delhi)
    2. Narmada Gilatine

  36. Roshan says:

    hi ace..a query on skm is looking to clock a turnover of atleast 300 crore this year with better margins than last year as communicated in the agm..more over company will fund their capex through internals accurals and capex will happen within the next 6-9 months..dont u think skm is undervalued considering all is posting better results with each passing is also debt free presently

  37. yum says:

    sir, there is an investor’s call on oct 05..i think anyone who has any questions should log into that call and ask the management directly.

  38. Rupesh says:

    Hi Ace,
    I have frequently follow you blog..thanks for your recommendation ..
    Can your share some knowledge on what is RBI Rate cut or base rate cut ..What is the impact if on rise or reduce of base rate ..How or on what basis that will impact FD rate or Loan rate …

    • this will reduce borrowing cost therefore, the loans that one takes would become cheaper though it would also mean lower FDs. Normally good for the markets. Please read any news daily and i am sure there would be a great article on yesterday’s rate cut. One should keep on developing their knowledge from the most accurate sources. God Bless !!!

  39. Ganeshan Babu says:

    Dear Ace
    Pl share your view on Om metal infra

  40. A Goyal says:

    Long term, I’m bullish on Pharma sector. I believe there are many small pharma companies which will grow at a good pace over the next few years. Challenge is to identify such companies. Will you recommend any other small pharma company like Mangalam. Thanks.

  41. SAY says:

    Ace ji – Panyam started to get it’s mojo back. Added more on the way down.

  42. A Goyal says:

    Do you have any views/information on Gennex Labs?

  43. Uma says:

    HI Ace,

    What is your opinion On Lincoln pharma…

    I am already holding Mangalam drugs..(8%) .I want to just diversify into some other pharma stocks to reduce USFDA risks.

  44. Niknike says:

    Sir, any views on Jenburkt Pharma and Lincoln Pharma?

  45. Akansha says:

    Sir I’m unable to buy Mangalam Drugs?
    There are no sellers!
    What do I do?
    How do I buy it now?
    Please help

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