Waterbase Ltd – Seven Times in 1.4 Yrs !!!

Congratulations to all the investors of Waterbase for multiplying their investments by more than Seven times in 1.4 yrs.

God Bless !!!

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  1. Akshay says:

    Congrats to all the investors

  2. SAY says:

    I wan’t aware of your blog then.
    But my hearty congrats to all investors who sailed with you on this through thick n thin.

  3. amit270619 says:

    sir, as per report submitted to BSE on 14 sept of new order Tirupati sarjan uganda subsidiary finished USD 11 million project on 25 FEB 2015. No data found in standalone results. When co. will declare consolidated results reflecting above order. Tirupati Sarjan is holds 69 % stake in subsidiary so some profit sharing should be there.

  4. shreeux says:

    Congrats to all…who are holding…!!!

  5. Jp says:

    Wish you all to get it “N” times further…!!

  6. Aashav Patel says:

    Sir your view on balkrishna industries?

  7. kkreddi says:

    Ace, really appreciate your effort and help here!

  8. Mari says:

    Dear ace ji

    Your views on Tara jewels… Available at pe of 3. Recently bagged orders from walmart? Is it a good buy for long term?

  9. Puru says:


  10. Great pick, Ace! Any change in your opinion on Gujarat Themis?

      • Ace, I read your views on it. Wanted to know if your opinion had changed in an any way right now.

        • if for any stock the view is changed it is put up on the blog as comments or in a post. Unfortunately off-late everyone has started asking me this question for one stock or another. Do you find any comment stating something different about the company? this question’s answer should answer your query…this is the standard answer i’ll start giving for every stock. If you are investor in a company, you yourself should have conviction and not wait for any change of opinion from anyone else. We all should strive to do it.

          • Ace, I do make my decisions based on my own convictions. Please do not get me wrong. As you always say, this is an educational blog. We all are learners and we keep learning as more arguments and opinions come up. I just wanted to know if your opinion has changed from the previous one. I would never make an investment decision unless I’m completely satisfied with my own analysis. Please do not get me wrong. What you’re doing right now is something so wonderful. You impart knowledge. My intention was just to start up a healthy discussion regarding your opinion about the Company and nothing else. Let’s learn and strive to learn more. Keep up the good work, Ace 🙂 Cheers!

  11. piyush aggarwal says:

    please give me view on marpel pharma

  12. piyush aggarwal says:


  13. himanshu. says:

    sir tracking nelcast and bgr energy ?

  14. Santhosh NM says:

    Sir, please post your comment about Treehouse eduction after management clarification

  15. Vinay says:

    Hi Ace,
    We will be really thankful , if you can put some time for reading this post and educate us.

    I have been learning the equity investment process for quite some time now. Had my fair share of mistakes like getting into value traps in search of value. Later on learnt a better method of screening by selecting stocks in which MF has started putting their money(recent buying). I have been able to find some multibaggers but I was never able enter when the company fortunes are changing. I entered late When stocks when they are in news after they appreciated 4-5 times. So eventually my returns are like 2-3 times over a longer term from my purchase prices.
    I want to learn the process of selecting companies/businesses when their fortunes are changing, the way you do it perfectly.It is very difficult to find them as nothing is right in those companies and betting on future prospects.

    What kind of filters do you use to filter out these kind of companies. Do you use some screeners (Volume/price) and then dig into them or Something else ?

    Secondly, How do you check the quality of management? As I am working, So i can’t go and meet company managements.

    Thanks and Regards,

  16. Aluwalia says:

    Good evening sir
    Can you put some light on future
    prospectus of Arvind Infra?

  17. Cj says:

    Ace Sir ! Any views on the Blue star info sale & merger with Blue star parent company ? Asking as it has tanked heavily from 300 to 207 in 2 days.

  18. Vinod says:

    Sir ur views on Godavari Drugs, Mic Electronics and Subex Please

  19. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi ACE…It seems MIC is not paying interest to its lenders as mentioned in AR. It is not paying because the company was considered NPA by lenders. How one should interpret this. Is this something to consider as -ve?..Please enlight…

  20. Vinod says:

    Sir, any comments on Vikram Thermo

  21. vimal says:

    Ur view on Super Tannery and Syncom formulations?

  22. Good day to you, Ace! Anything new and exciting coming up?

  23. sukant says:

    whats your view on technocraft ind

  24. Praveen Rao says:

    Cybertech spreads its wings in salesforce platform…Recently it announced the launch of its salesforce practice..!!!

  25. Sanjay says:

    Sir your views on Oricon enterprises ltd.

  26. shailesh says:

    Hello ace, I needed your opinion on delta corp, as rakesh jhunjhunwala has bought more stake in delta corp, is the company ready to set the approvals and can it become a big multibagger in the coming years, I am interested in buying, kindly guide bro.
    Thanks shailesh

  27. Good evening, Ace! Your views on India Cements?

  28. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, grateful if you could let us know your views on Lovable Lingerie. Thnks

  29. acefollower says:

    There was news that circuit limit (400% annual, 100% quarterly, 50% weekly etc) will be imposed on equities from October 2015 in BSE scripts. Is there any news whether circuit limits are imposed or not till now? Kindly provide the update if any.

  30. Vinod says:

    Sir, ur views on Sudarshan Chemicals ?

  31. juststartedtolearn says:

    Sir,Your views on Smruthi Organics ????

  32. Ashok Gupta says:

    Thank you for panyam cement.Should wait for the result or book profit.

  33. SP says:

    Hello Ace,
    Any thoughts on Lanco Infra. Thanks!

  34. RISHU says:

    Hi Ace, What’s your take on deccan gold and arrow coated products at CMP. Do you think arrow can be multibagger from current levels given its unique products

  35. Vishwanath says:

    Hi, Ace, do you think it could be a good idea to book profits of the scripts which has run fast, and re-enter on its consolidation phase? Many of your recommendations vidhi, prima, water base, mangalam, wanbury has had good run. For a small investor this could be a tricky strategy, no?

  36. Ncp says:

    From some corner in d net, it is being learnt dat Vidhi has given a top line target of 500 cr by March,2015
    …what is your view on dis?…will they be able yo maintain dis target considering current growth scenario?..for a 500 cr top line, what may b approximate bottom line??

    • its better to clarify from that corner of the net itself. for everything else please search the blog as you are repeating a question which is discussed quite a few times in the recent past.

  37. Ncp says:

    Sorry, in d last query, it should b read as March,2019 by which Vidhi given rarget of 500 cr topline…

    • sangram says:

      Yes they are targeting 500 cr topline with 20% ebidta margin by 2019.
      For competition they have said no competition with Chinese as the market is very small growing at 5% or either from roha as they don’t touch there customers and vice versa
      Have customers like mars pedigree sanofi and have reached in 80 conturies
      For entry barrier they have clarified that switching customer is very big hassle as colour constitute of .5 of final ptoduct
      Key risk for business is currency as export constitute of 95% of business
      Aiming 8400 mtpa by 2020 with internal accurals and debts in the ratio of 60:40
      Stopping trading business from next monthas it is high capital and low margin business and use wc for manufacturing purpose
      Open for buy out by sensient if they offer which they can’t refuse
      Continue to disturbiate 20% of earnings as dividend

      Source: management meet by research analyst.
      sharing for the benefit of vidhi share holders

      Ace bro have one question for you if they stop trading won’t the topline decrease and lead to degrowth.

      • that depends on the ratio of manufacturing to trading, but more importantly manufacturing with bring in much higher EBITA. also in any case, we should all understand that market gives way higher premium to manufacturing companies viz-a-viz trading.

  38. kkreddi says:

    Dear Ace.. may be a novice question sir.. Guj Themis, the CMP to BV is 156 while its peers is 10 and below. How do you interpret this sir?

  39. Ncp says:

    In a press release in August, Guj Themis announced dat their net worth become positive in d June qtr….ok….in your report, u said that they will come out of BIFR in d end of this F.Y. n for that they will earn around 8cr net profit.but in d first 2 qtr, they earned only about 2 cr…considering above, do u think now that they will b able to earn abt 8 cr in this F.Y. n whether they will b able tp come out of BIFR at d end of this year?..also, have u attained any investor meet or anyhow talk wid d management regarding dis?..thx

    • i think you have not searched the blog for relevant artifacts. kindly search the blog and if still the query persists then post because all this we have discussed. also as mentioned earlier all this depends on the contours of the deal and we are still awaiting management’s clarification

  40. Rishu says:

    hi ace,what’s your views on arrow coated products.can we buy it at current market price.can it be multibagger from here given its unique products.

  41. amit270619 says:

    sir, for all your followers can you please update which stocks recommended in past are still in BUY positions. Half yearly update for fresh investment.Thanks for your views and guidance. Help us to understand & track small & mid caps companies and earn profits.

    • i do it when i have time..have already done it twice in the past but that’s cumbersome for me. as mentioned readers should be reading the comments and blog posts because if a view changes its surely updated here on the blog. some commitment from investors is required. The blog does not believe in spoon feeding.

  42. SP says:

    Greetings sir… could u pls throw some light on whether the market has bottomed out or if it is still a sell on rise market till 8600 is breached?

    • still not sure, but first clue would be a close above 8350-8400 levels.

      • SP says:

        Prompt response is much appreciated ! 🙂

      • sparsh says:

        dear ace,
        i had made a fresh investmnt of arnd 20% of the amt i wished to invest @7600, not knowing whr the mkts would go. looking to invest the balance if it would come to 7200. wot do u suggest could be a better way of investing. hedging with otm puts?

        • i have always said that dont look at markets and invest as markets have no relevance to quality stocks. So if somebody chooses to ignore that, what can i say further

          • sparsh says:

            its the case of once burnt twice shy… also when stocks tend to fall 20-30% in sync with markets, then a feeling of timing comes in.

            • i hope you or any investor do not consider every fall to emulate 2008… those kind of incidents happen when you dont expect them…once is decades… so please take every correction in your stride and move on. you will see some of the stocks hardly gave any ground when the markets went near 7500. there’s always a lesson to be learnt from markets…lets all be sincere student of it though

  43. vipulvalueinvestor says:

    Hi Ace,
    Please tell your views on Motor and general finance. Its promoters are continuously buying from the market since last few months
    Also please share your views on Sundaram Finance.

  44. Vinod says:

    sir, ur views on following cos,
    1. Menon bearing
    2. Prism Cement
    3.Munjal Auto
    4. Federal Bank
    5. Aksh optifibre
    6.Anuh Pharma
    7.Relaxo Footwares
    Any one worth at CMP?

  45. You are great sir, majority are multi baggers except some like AIMCO, thank you sir,keep going

  46. SreeniVas says:

    Dear Ace,

    Request you to share your views on following script. Not requesting for spoon feeding but it will be great if you can share your experienced views on the same.

    Script : Incap ltd
    Market Cap : 12.52 Cr.
    Current Price: 25
    Face Value: 10.00
    P/E: 4.64

    Promoter stake is increased and paying dividend. As per my understanding they maintain good balance sheet also. ( i have very minimal knowledge, correct me if am wrong)

    As i did the basic research, it seems that it has lot of potential and to be a good bet for long term investor.

    But it would be very helpful if you can share your views on the same.

    SP Bangalore

  47. Good evening, Ace! Would NCL Industries prove to be a turnaround story? Like Panyam?

  48. Avishek says:

    Hello Sir, Do you track Pincon Spirit ? Is it a good company for investment ? I have found promoter holding is 0% – So seeking your expert opinion..

    • not keen on it…one of the reasons is the one that you pointed, although people running the company have over 30% stake in it, they have chosen to be part of public shareholding and not promoter and this is not good IMHO

  49. J Gopal says:

    Dear Ace,

    What’s your view on Gennex Lab & Unity Infra ?

  50. RAVI says:

    Sir i was just wondering with this type of growth in sale and requirement. in a year or so Panyam will have to have capex and as i did search for some info for Capital require for setting up 3000TPD capacity plant will require more than 250 crore rupees. How will this be done by Panyam as it will take time and money both to set it up? So my question is how will it do after 100% capacity utilization? Sir please put some light on my doubt. Thanking you in advance.

  51. Praveen kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your selfless help. I came across your the firstime. Your old recommendation – Deccan Gold – currently available at 30’s. Is it a buy ?

  52. SAY says:

    Sirji Mangalam refuses to budge.

  53. abhijeet says:

    Sir, any update on DHP . I know you have already discussed. But any expectations like a better topline relating to global market.

    • what does your research say. the stock was recommended last year so i am sure investors are also following up business, talking to CS looking at business opportunities etc. One year is a good time to know your company.

  54. Vinod says:

    ur views on bambino agro sir ?

  55. Aluwalia says:

    Gm Sir
    Can you please share your view about Shaily Engineering products?


  56. prabu says:

    Ace, Please share your views about Alps industries..Is it looks like turnaround candidate… Thanks for all your help.. Regards, Prabu

  57. Vinay says:

    Hi Ace,
    Any view on gammon india? It has been under restructuring for quite some time now. And HDFC MF has bought big chunks in recent past. But I am unable to understand why its showing in results.

  58. SP says:

    Sir, associated stone industries has finally shown an up move with good volumes.. was range bound for quite some time.. how do u view it as per ur technical view point?

  59. Praveen Rao says:

    ACE bro…Cybertech blast..!!! Hovering near upper circuit…!

  60. Akshay says:

    Gud move in cybertech today.

  61. Daniel Joseph says:

    Ace, I bought Cybertech when you gave the call at near 70 level and was buying on dips and managed to average the cost at 29. Now, I’m more happy than anyone and my confident level has only gone up.. During the entire down trend time, I have been speaking to management, their client and few of the govt officials and getting more confident on this pick… It will surely cross its previous high… It is truly a Vakrangee in making…

  62. zubin says:

    Hi Ace,
    Good move on cybertech …….hopefully this is the beginning we are all waiting for :).

    Pl share your views on NOCIL ?


  63. Roshan says:

    ace can i average aimco? i bought it at 70rs…i have the conviction in the business and ready hold for very long term..i feel it may not go down from these levels, do u feel the same??

  64. kkreddi says:

    Dear Ace… be it cybertech or any… you name it.. We are all benefiting from your blogging. And we are acknowledging the same. We also want to hear from you as to how this is helping you out. Otherwise we feel the help is one way. We would like to know your aim/goal etc.. Making money in this world based on free advise is like 8th wonder of the world. Please give us an opportunity to serve you… be it a social cause that you can think of or any. Hope you dont mind to let us know :). Thanks!

  65. kkreddi says:

    That’s very compassionate of you Ace. As it is said.. “Service to mankind is service to God”.
    In my case itself (journey of 6 months) I made an unrealized gain of 25% as of today. This is 100% just based on this blog. I had to confess so not to feel guilty, because there also were times I got disappointed . So anyways, as Ace loves service, I will follow his foot steps, to help the needy, which I love to do. But this time it will be anonymous!:)

  66. jayaraman says:

    What is your view on kei industry

  67. Praveen Rao says:

    Hi ACE…any updated views on Archies…?

  68. afzal says:

    deccan gold mine is way below the purchase price should i sell or add

    • its your decision. i cannot do portfolio management for you. nevertheless no change from previous views. People are ready to play the waiting game on Delta corp but get impatient in a company which has already bagged license – ofcourse two different licenses but i believe readers got what i want to say.

  69. Sam says:

    Not sure if you have expressed your views on CCD IPO.. Looks a good bet on India consumption story ?

  70. Mayur says:

    Hi Ace, do u have any updates or recent views on old pick Simmonds Marshell? Sleeping since long time but m holding it patiently.

  71. Jayprakash says:

    Vidhi is open to sell itself to Sensient. Board is already empowered by way of special resolution to do it. do you think it is a possibility?

  72. Chinmoy says:

    Sir will you comment on saint gobin please .

  73. pravin says:

    Hi ace
    Thanks for the blog, i am following your blog for more than a year now.
    I have invested in almost all the recommendation exception is waterbase and most of the time i have invested at much higher price than your recommendation as i took time to get myself convinced during that time.
    The best part is slowly i have learned to pick up the fish thanks to you for the same.
    I had identified 2 stocks in last one year following and learning from your blog.Thanks for everything and changing my mind set from the penny stock chaser to growth stock chaser.
    Thanks a lot for all your effort and igniting the mind of retail investor like me.

  74. sonu says:

    Bottled water major Bisleri is going overseas. The company has finalised plans to foray into Bangladesh and Dubai by the end of this year.
    Speaking exclusively to CNBC-TV18’s Priya Sheth, Chairman and MD of Bisleri International Ramesh Chauhan also said the company is beefing up local manufacturing.
    Excerpts from the conversation.
    Q: What is the plan on exports?
    A: We are working on exporting.
    Q: How soon can we look at getting Bisleri overseas?
    A: In the next three months.
    Q: Which countries and what is the pipeline going ahead?
    A: Just now we are working on Dubai and Bangladesh.
    Q: In terms of your manufacturing facilities, would you look at expanding these and what is the kind of target that you are working with?
    A: You have to expand. If you do not expand, how can you get your growth? So it is a given, almost every month one new factory is coming up.
    Q: So, what does the total count stand at, at this point in time?
    A: I think about 65-70 factories are there…

    Your view on Orient beverages after this news

  75. kamalmandy says:

    sir please look into satin creditcare

  76. vimal says:

    Hi, ur view on Talbros Automotive components?

  77. vivek says:

    Noticed Deccan trading at mouth watering level. grabbed handful of it. looking for exciting time ahead. license approval is just the starting point..long way to go..:-)

  78. kannu says:

    Want to know your opinion on Welspun Enterprises, got this sahres as part of demerger from Welspun Corp. Please advice.

  79. A Goyal says:

    Can you please share your views on Shekhawati Ploy-Yarn? It seems that the company is making good progress and stock seems to be undervalued at it is currently trading at a PE<5.

  80. Mukund says:

    Dear Ace,
    Pl share your opinion on Va Tech Wabag and from travel industry which one is good, Thomas Cook, Cox & King or Woderla. Thanks

  81. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, few clarifications if you dont mind.

    Deccan Gold rights issue opens on 14 Oct. If someone buys it, say on 12th Oct, will he be entitled to the rights share? Or is there a cut out date?

    Again if some existing shareholder is not interested in subscribing, than can he transfer that right to someone else? If yes, how can such shareholder be located..are there any sites?

    The rights is priced at 17/- (10+7). The current market price is 33/-. Once the rights shares comes into the hands of shareholder wont the increased shareholding further push down the price, maybe even for a short period. Of course this is speculating, but there is a possibility.

    Thanks for your patient reading.

  82. Rahul says:

    Hi bro,

    Please share your views on FRL


  83. RAVI says:

    Hello sir, i have one doubt regarding Vidhi thought of asking to you first. My doubt is , as per the recent management declaration and thoughts that they are going to stop the trading business which has contributed a lot around 66 crore on topline but not much to bottom-line and this has been the case for last many years. They are going to lose the topline in this aftermath of stopping trading. Can this reduction in topline can be compensated by the new installed capacity? If not than it will take more time to achieve the sales and market share. I think that is the reason why they have given conservative target for sale whereas with this type of crude price (raw material) they can surely attend the net margin as per the statement. But this shift in revenue will give some tension to its investor???????? I am confident about it’s business but just have some doubt which is to be cleared by some healthy discussion for future learning also. Please guide. Reaping benefits of your wisdom and teachings sir thank you very much for this.

    • you think its going to be stopped over night ?

      • RAVI says:

        Just for the sake of assumption they do it in a month or two then what will be the case about my above query ? Capital work can be used for high margin business and ROCE will be tremendous then……………..:)
        One more thing sir i am getting confused about their Trading business, what does trading means for them just buying something and selling it to others? or they manufacture the raw material as a chemical to be used in colour making and if they dont have much order for colour then they sell it to others? If latter is the case then after expanding capacity and looking for more order will automatically shift the trading business towards Manufacturing of colours which has better margin. Sir please guide.

        • i think you are still persisting with the question we discussed just a few days back. would strongly suggest you to please go through the comments about it. trading means same thing for vidhi, buying and selling something which they dont manufacture.

  84. vimal says:

    Hi, ur view on Hindalco and NMDC?

  85. rahul says:

    How does Timken and Azko Nobel look to you for medium term ?
    Technically both are ripped for a 50% in next 6 months .. Fundamnetals are excellent ..

  86. manishkela says:

    Hi ace Investor,

    I tried searching for your posts if any on RPG life sciences but could not find any. Can you pls advice your views on this stock.

  87. Akshay says:

    Hi ace,

    I had a query regarding Keshav cements.
    Their current unexpected annual capacity stands at 3.6lakh tons(1000tpd). Based on the above capacity they should generate around 200cr revenue annually(300rs per bag of 50kgs = rs6000 per ton). Their last year sales were only ~50cr implying only 25% capacity utilization. Based on this why would they be expanding capacity to 3000tpd?

  88. Ncp says:

    Bit confused with d right issue of deccan gold…also lots of thing happening in deccan gold recently..u know dat u r our ultimate guide…it would b helpful to us if u kindly issue a update on deccan gold like whether to average it as it comes low, to participate in rights issue or not etc…thx as always

  89. David says:

    Sir, Your views on RSWM and Shriyas Shipping..

  90. Sampat says:

    Mangalam’s market cap exceeds Wanbury’ mcap. Wanbury has US-FDA approved multi-product API facilities and one plant under operation for semi-regulated markets.

    Mangalam is only into small time mfg of anti-malerial Api.

    Let us see how long market ignores Wanbury and continues its obsession with “Kachua Chaap Machhar Agarbatti” , I mean anti malerial API.

    What do u think Ace?

    • apple and oranges are both fruits, but just because both are fruits they dont sell at equal rates. There is a reason behind that economics. You are comparing both very different companies and getting frustrated with one become darling or the markets and other not so much. One should understand evaluating businesses and see how one can take advantage of market inefficiencies rather than feel bad about it. Both have potential.

  91. Vetti says:

    Your views on Sagar Cement. It has got multiple triggers
    – Acquisition of BMM
    – Freight railway line – – Fuel and Power cost savings going ahead
    – Infra spending in AP and TL


  92. learning phase says:

    Hi Aceinvestortrader , how about textile and real state sector ….. may i know which one would you prefer in these sectors ?

  93. learning phase says:

    sorry real estate ….typo

  94. shailesh says:

    Hi Ace,

    I have purchased a big lot of pantaloons fashions, I am interested to hold it for 1 year, do you have any idea regarding the merger date I tried to search but didn’t find it, also what’s your view on the company,

    Please give your views,


  95. SB says:

    Sir, what are your views on hcl info is it advisable to enter at cmp

  96. VT says:

    hello sir… could u please share ur technical views on FB.. we really miss it… it really helped fuel the other side of our portfolio as u have always mentoned..

  97. Jp says:

    Dear Ace.. Which one will yield better, investing in equity or commodity? Thanks a lot..!

  98. chandan jha says:

    Are you tracking,
    1.Safari industries, products are good as I have seen it in big bazaar and other outlets and also they are selling their products through online retailers.

    2. Ruchira papers.
    3.Oricon enterprises.

  99. Abhik says:

    Dear Ace,
    Form AR-2015 of Guj Themis: “The production capacity was utilized to the maximum level during the both years.” Now, even if bigger Lupin deal is there or Yuhan offshoring is there, how GTBL will cater that ?
    There is no mention of capex in AR.

  100. Ncp says:

    Plz dont mind but this is a request only…u now frequently refer to see d various comments n reply on a company when we ask it to u…like I asked about Deccan n u replied to go through d site n all queries n answer on it…when searching by ‘deccan’, only your main report n few updates r showing, not d various queries n your replies on it…requesting u to improve d search engine a bit….thx as always

  101. shekhar says:

    Sir, Your views on blue chip tex??

  102. hardyboy says:

    sir your view on v mart for long term and how compared to v2 if we consider liabilities aspect of v2

    • v-mart is safer and well researched therefore, the returns could be in proportion to growth. v2 is a lot better investment if the risk profile is more than average. i like V2 way more than anything in the sector at the moment.

  103. Sandeep says:

    Hello Ace,
    Can one enter at Hindusthan Safety Glass Industries at current levels?
    Thanks from rainy Pune.

  104. Avishek says:

    Hi Ace, can you please provide your feedback on Cloud Solution companies like 8K Miles Software or Cambridge Technologies. Also provide your view on Kellton Tech, if you track it.

  105. Roopak says:

    Ace, when do you foresee business cycle upturn for two sectors – Metals and Real Estate – Any insight and which all factors one should keep a watch on..? I am new to investing and hence looking at guidance from experienced one like you.. pls guide

    • real estate is dicey for me. and moreover we dont know how the black money crackdown would affect the sector. Metals is good for short term trading only…as the sector is marred by slowing down and excess capacity in china.

  106. SP says:

    Sir, whats ur take on Vinati Organics at current price of Rs. 430.. It has sharply corrected from Rs. 575 levels..

    • in pharma one should stock to the names discussed on this blog rather than well researched ones like vinati, though vinati is ok too.

      • SP says:

        sir.. ur pharma stocks have already exploded.. too late to enter now.. i made a small profit in mangalam though.. unfortunately booked a profit too soon.. anyways will wait for ur new pick now..

        • its a classic case of investor letting price action affect his/her investing decision. play on value & growth Vs price mismatch and nothing else.

          • SP says:

            that was one hell of a bouncer for me.. 😛
            nevertheless i understood that u r still bullish on the pharma stocks discussed here even at these price levels.. but sir.. i have already made the blunder of investing in certain stocks very late.. Pressman Advertisements at 40+.. Associated Stone at 100+.. I will take the advice that u had given me previously.. 🙂

  107. Uma says:

    Hi ACE,

    What is your opinion on TPP deal on textiles..and its impacts on Ambica cotton,Indo count,welspun,kitex..

  108. Puru says:

    Hi……why is Deccan Gold down almost 15 percent in last two days. Hope no bad news and its just because of Rights issue dates open now.

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