Waterbase Ltd – Eight Times in 1.4 Yrs !!!

Congratulations to all the investors of Waterbase for multiplying their investments by more than Eight times in 1.4 yrs. Sheer Power of compounding as this new update comes for the same stock in less than two weeks.

God Bless !!!

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134 Responses to Waterbase Ltd – Eight Times in 1.4 Yrs !!!

  1. Rajesh says:

    God bless you sir 🙂

  2. acefollower says:

    Keerthi industries looks better than Panyam fundamentally. What is your view on it.

    • asking the same question next day does not change my view. I think its very clear what is the play in panyam and i am very bullish on it.

      • acefollower says:

        I am learning from your posts and not very much conversant with the stock analysis. During comparison I have seen that EPS, PE, EBITDA of Keerthi are better than Panyam. Then How Panyam is better? If you will give few points it will help me to strengthen my understanding. Regards.

  3. MyInsignia says:

    Hi Ace, Do you track Beryl Drugs.

  4. Priya says:

    Congratulations to all the holder of stock. Thankyou Ace for a wonderful recommendation. Can you also please share your view on Sona Koyo Steering.

  5. Akshay says:

    Congratulations to all

  6. Rajesh says:

    Ace, Is it good time to enter Aimco? I believe all the fundamentals are intact. Thanks in advance

  7. Manoj says:

    Congratulations Sir…, your call is always bang in the mkt whether its Waterbase or mangalam drug…

  8. bk says:

    Hi ace sir,what can i buy at current market.i am see
    Frist time your blog.

  9. Aluwalia says:

    Can write more about Beryl Drugs.Its business and fundamentals please.

  10. Ace, your views on Inditrade Capital?

  11. SP says:

    Sir, pressman finally seems to come near my purchase price of 44.. it was a long wait.. but it definitely shows that patience pays.. it seems to be a good up move.. hope the rally sees it touch new highs 🙂

  12. SAY says:

    Ace – Congrats. 200cr mcap milestone crossed by… you know who.

  13. Sam says:

    Dear Ace, when is your next recommendation coming?

  14. techiechartist says:

    cybertech on track to touch is all time highs in a few days sir.

  15. Sampat says:

    ACE, purely from risk reward ratio Cybertech or Pressman at CMP?

  16. Praveen Rao says:

    Cybertech surges 20%..!!!

  17. Mayur says:

    Ace, your take on this news on V2?
    Firm”s managing director of a Company has been awarded three months civil imprisonment by the Delhi High Court for the firms failure to file details of its assets in a matter pertaining to enforcement of an arbitral award….

    What’s impact of this?

  18. Sampat says:

    Ace, your views on Capital Trust & Arman Financial.

  19. Rohit Gulati says:

    Superb show by cybertech today Ace!!!! Atlast after a very long wait the stock is convincingly moving up,cheers!

  20. Praveen says:

    Deccan is trading at 50% lower than recommended price. Do you think it’s good time to average? Or wait for Further downside

  21. Suneetha says:

    The better news is that Catamaran Management Services, the investment arm of Narayana Murthy, the legendary billionaire founder of the blue chip software behemoth, Infosys, has also decided that Ambika Cotton is a worthwhile investment candidate. In the July to September 2015 quarter, Catamaran has been stealthily buying Ambika Cotton. As of 30.09.2015, its shareholding stands at 117,498 shares.
    You are too far ahead , You are Great Aceji !

    • well, as i say just because somebody recommends it earlier than someone else, does not mean anything. The way we should read is that our conviction is being vindicated by bigger guys and that’s all.

  22. Prasant says:

    Ace, Please provide your inputs on Unno Industries.

  23. Rishikesh says:

    Sir, would like to know ur view on vinati organics. Thank u 🙂

  24. bk says:

    Dear ace sir,ncl industries is looking attractive to buy at cmp ?

  25. Abhik says:

    Dear Ace,
    I wrote to the CS of Guj Themis to clarify on Lupin deal, capex etc . Didn’t get any response. Lets wait few days. If they wont response at all, as retail independent investor is there any provision(comany act or by SEBI) to take any action ? like RTI.

  26. naveenagp81 says:


    your view on GM Breweries, thanx

  27. Rahul says:

    Any view on rexnord electronics and rts power? Promoters have been increasing stake actively.

  28. Ankit says:

    Sir Your views on SML isuzu & Trident ltd..

  29. Ace, your views on Tanla solutions? Looks promising. Another turnaround story?

  30. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    Cupid is 12 bagger now 🙂 . Congrats too all the boarders who are holding it .


  31. don says:

    sir deccan gold’s rights issue is open…i think we can even buy more to get better deal.

    • depending on one’s conviction, you can take a call at any declines now…probably people are trying to take the price as near to rights issue as possible.remember its for patient investors with high risk apetite, though the potential is huge. so i can average at any further declines if the investor himself is convinced

  32. vivekanalyst says:

    waterbase boom boom 🙂

  33. Akshay says:

    Vidhi At UC

  34. Ace, do you think Shree Hari Chemical exports is undervalued?

  35. Suneetha says:

    Plz share your view on Manappuram Finance ! Thanks in advance !

  36. SAY says:

    Aceji – panyam has shown a strong character. It’s been steady.

  37. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, Rajoo Engineer is slowly but steadily on an upward journey. Let’s hope it crosses its 54 week high sooner.

  38. Vinod says:

    waterbase will hit 200 soon..
    and vidhi will hit 100
    Am i right Ace Sir?

  39. Akhil Mohan says:

    Sir, What u think on DC Bank Now??? Can i invest now??

  40. kannu says:

    Ace, want to know your view on Inox Leisure. Thanks

  41. Vinod says:

    if a stock 100% up, then sell half of it and hold remaining as free.
    is it a good strategy Sir ?

    • there is no concept of free shares…there is opportunity cost associated with it..take some shares that have gone up and apply the principle and check for yourself. Also understand that what you do with the money that you got after selling half of it also matters. if that half you put in a looser then whatever you made is lost. Selling your winners is always a stupid strategy. I can keep on writing and discussing about it, but hopefully you got the drill.

  42. Ace, you said your new pick might come during the weekend. Mind giving us a hint of what that would be? Something like a ‘Name this gem’ post you used to publish?

  43. Rahul says:

    No one wants to admit kscl is a loosing its market share. Investors are selling slowly. These levels value buy or trap? Please can you provide your view as I know your invested to.

  44. Rohit says:

    Hi Ace
    Pls give ur valuable opinion on coffee day IPO. Is it worth parking some money there?

  45. skrai81 says:

    is waterbase still a buy?

  46. Puru says:

    This waterbase is really a gem!!

  47. mrex says:

    Read your recommendations . I want to invest around twenty lakhs
    can you guide me

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