Results Update !!!

Mangalam Drugs

Excellent set of numbers. The warrants money it seems is used to pare debt which is a big positive as it will improve fiscal profile of the company and reduce Debt/equity ratio. Also, in future if the company decides to go for debt filled expansion, it would be easier for the company to service debt.

Click to access 3AB05144_779C_4CE4_AE0C_F2AE73CDE3F4_153340.pdf

SKS Micro

Very good results. The juggernaut continues.

Click to access 08836000_B845_4834_85A0_BF42296E25E1_201229.pdf

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148 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. shreeux says:

    Thanks bro, Updating makes confidendent.,

  2. Akshay says:

    Thanks for the update

  3. gopaljee says:

    ace sir, just i wish to know why market men given high valuation to newly listed microfinance company SATIN in respect of sksmicro fin.

  4. vinay says:

    Hi Ace,

    Indiabulls housing finance has been giving good numbers for many quarters with high ROE, ROCE,etc. And they have been paying 50%profits as dividends with a growth rate of 25-30% Per annum for last 3 yrs.
    1) Is it really sustainable with such high dividend payouts.
    2) In this Qtr their no. of shares increased from 25cr to 32cr (I guess which means equity dilution). They have been doing this based on needs.
    Is this process of paying out high dividends and diluting equity for higher growth good for investors ?


  5. khan says:

    what is view on treehouse

  6. Roshan says:

    Hi ace..can u please start giving techinical calls again in fb?would help us to build up our limited capital for investment…thanks again for the wonderful work u r doing here..god bless

  7. Sachin says:

    Sir fo u track palred technologies and nihar info global. If yes, what’s your view on the same.

  8. Puru says:

    Thank you for the update!!

  9. prabu says:

    Ace, Please share your latest view on Tanla solutions. Thanks for your help to the retail investor. God bless

  10. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji,
    Are you aware of the recent buzz regarding India’s largest Rose Exporter “Karuturi Global”——it hasa huge huge number of outstanding shares 80cr.——-hard to imagine that a company is having these many outstanding shares———anyway, do u see any potential on this company—-Thanks in advance!!!!

  11. Darshan says:

    Any view on intl combustion and indigo ipo?

  12. Sampat says:

    ACE, Wanbury hit lower circuit on both exchanges yesterday on good volumes. Anything to worry?

  13. Ace, regarding one of your old investment picks – Prima Plastics. I don’t see you calling any other stock a ‘multibagger’ as such (I think the other one was Liberty Shoes). You are in love with this company huh, Ace? πŸ™‚ (Not an investment related query. Just a question that popped into my head)

  14. RAVI MULTANI says:

    Hello ace
    What is your view on cosmo films after the result…debt is reducing…promoter holding is increasing..thanks

  15. Santhosh says:

    Sir, your views on camphor and allied products…

  16. Aluwalia says:

    Sir, How is the new developments in Rollatainers? Monitising some of their businesses and a new promoter might come in. Whats your view about this company business?


  17. nitin2joy says:

    I want to buy Mangalam Drugs, so it right level to enter. Today stock at some 180+. How long can i go on this stock.

  18. Rohan says:

    Whats your view on Maxwell Ind?

  19. santhosh says:

    sir your views on ambika cotton mills for longterm. is it wise to enter now.

  20. Shreeux says:

    Hi Ace,

    Your view on Syncom Formulations?

  21. gopaljee says:

    Ace sir,
    your view on V2 Retail, Is its V2kart start working ?

  22. Chandrashekara Bhat says:

    Dear Ace ,
    I am very happy to see V2 Retail is doing great. Holding it for long term…..Thanks for identifying this Gem @ right time….By any chance do you track BSL Limited from textile sector? Thanks.

  23. Sharma Jee says:

    Please let me know about Sita Shree Food
    Financials seem very good with over 500 Crores turnover and low price.

  24. Chandrashekara Bhat says:

    Dear Ace,
    Happy to see V2Retail is rocking. Holding it for long term!
    Between by any chance do u track BSL Limited from textile sector..If Yes please share your views on the same. Thanks.

  25. Vinod says:

    Sir, ur views on good luck steel tubes

  26. Vinod says:

    ur views on menon bearings?

  27. techiechartist says:

    sir, simmonds already broken out… gujarat themis is going for the next leg of upmove…gujarat themis can go to the levels of 80-85 anytime now…consolidation almost over…

  28. kannu says:

    Ace, your view on BF Utilities.

  29. anujpress24 says:

    Hi Ace,

    Are you still bullish on Liberty Shoes. Would like to have your latest views on Liberty Shoes.


  30. pavans13 says:

    Dear Ace, Any views on RadicoKhaitan?

  31. Mayur says:

    Sir ,what’s your views on Dai-Ichi Karkaria Ltd & Gulshan Polyols, if you track?

  32. umesh says:

    hi ace uv board volume around 52 lakhs ( 32%) equity changed hands today is there any deal in making like uniply ind

  33. umesh says:

    hi ace you were anticipating a deal in uv board when you posted about this stock on facebook couple of months back

  34. umesh says:

    no i am not saying anything like that but the old promoters of uniply and present promoters of uv board are the same and since old promoters of uniply sold their stake you were aniticipating that the same may happen in uv board in future

  35. mayur0885 says:

    Ramesh S Damani enters in UV Boards as per disclosure! Long way to go ace.. Thanks a lot….

  36. pruthvi says:

    sir , your view on MBL infra please.
    Surprisingly it is almost debt free and profit making infra/EPC company.
    It has comedown recently after bonus issue. Kindly offer your view MBL infra.

  37. mesh says:

    hi sir,
    now 3 days left for spenta in ckt changes ..
    as per new price band rules

  38. pradeep says:

    Dear sir

    Your view in suryalakshmi cotton mills and hsil.

  39. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji——we are waiting for our company V2 Retail to post very good result in this Q and next Q—–gone through the AR and very much bullish on V2 and determination of Mr. Agarwal——-some days before there was a court order for arrest warrants of Mr. Agarwal for not disclosing his assets—actually i am surprised with this, dont expect him to do any wrongdoing—–fortunately the order was called back by court—hope he comes clean as his presence and guidance is a MUST for continuing the good performance of the company———hoping for the best-!!!!!!!!

  40. Vinod says:

    sir, ur comments on VTM ltd

  41. A Goyal says:

    Do you have any views on Radha Madhav or Basant Agro?

  42. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji—–will u agree with me that Lincoln Pharma is a good stock with good future potential for long term—Thanks.

  43. anujpress24 says:


    Just wanted to have your view on the current quarterly result trend. As we can see the general trend is that most of the company is showing good bottomline but that is on back of improvement of margins and not based on the topline. Margins are improving just becos commodities price are going down which in my opinion is temp.

    But the sales/topline is not showing much improvement that means the demand has not picked yet. So how do you see it in future how it will be going ahead …whats your view on the above point.

    Just for learning sake asking u as you are the master :).

    Have to say you are really good at investing u do it all by urself. Not like all of us ..we just follow others – Like Mohnish Pabrai says Cloning is good πŸ™‚


  44. Niknike says:

    Sir, any views on EMMBI industries? Its in packaging industry and rise almost 3X in last 1 year

  45. Sam says:

    Sir, I am unable to understand why Sagar cements is traded at a PE less than 2.5 whereas other cement companies get higher PE. Do you know why is this mismatch ? Anything wrong with Sagar cements ?

  46. sang says:

    Any views on kanoria chemicals ace bro

  47. Navin Sharma says:

    Sir, Your View on ASian Granito after Good Quaterly Results. Is it a good Hold For Long Term?

  48. himanshu says:

    sir can one enter in bgr energy & jyoti structures for multiple returns . ur view pls.

  49. Ganeshan Babu says:

    Dear Ace,could you pl guide me on Chennai Petroleum,the valuation is absolutely mouth watering,let me know if I am missing something here

  50. Yash says:

    Sir your views on haldyn glass
    Do you see anything changing because of its Jv with heinz glass..

  51. jayaraman says:

    What is your view on kanoria chemicals

  52. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    V2 results are updated in their website .
    Just 20 lacks profit reported, whereas last year same quarter it was 220 lacks .
    Kindly have a look .

    Thanks & Regards,

  53. Roshan says:

    Ace v2 gave disappointing results but people all rushing to sell forgetting that q1 results were exceptional..

  54. Vinod says:

    Sir i am holding waterbase @105 level for long term
    can i accumulate more now or waiting for some more dips?
    (becoz it falls from 170 to 130). or wait till q2 results?
    ur valuable advice pls Sir

  55. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    sorry for another repeated message on V2 results .

    Even though result does not seems good theoretically, in notes its mentioned V2 won the contingent liability case against IT department . So contingent liability is reduced by whooping 118 crore rupees as of now .

    It will definitely encourage investors who were staying away from it due to this issue .

    Thanks & Regards,

  56. sang says:

    Ace bro do your views on T&I global limited

  57. Akshay says:

    Good set of number by rajoo

  58. Roshan says:

    Ace can one add more prima at these levels or wait for the results and then buy

  59. Darshan says:

    Can you provide your screener ratios

  60. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji, its me again…..regarding V2 results—-its not too bad IMHO, little ups and downs are common in business—-some people are selling seeing this result and interpreting as very bad——-but the biggest positive is the 118cr. tax case won the company at Kolkata court, so that means company is in good position to fight even if IT dept. files the case in Supreme court/other higher court—–I have full confidence on Mr. Agarwal, and the conviction is intact and that is why holding this with full self conviction—–and to be frank I am not felling any pressure for this stock price fall as I have conviction on the long term prospects of the company—-may be my conviction is helping to ignore this fall————-

    One observation though, company has reduced the debt(long term borrowing) by more than half(from 36 to 15), but hen why the finance cost(3.44cr.) has gone up in this Q compared to both QoQ(3.07 cr.) and YoY(2.36cr.), does that mean company is paying re EMI(principal amount + interest) and that will lead to reduce the debt at higher rate?
    Thanks in advance!!!

    • there could be multitude of factors contributing to it. as mentioned earlier, one should take the finance course i had listed earlier to improve their understanding of these things. its really helpful

  61. Sam says:

    Dear Ace,

    When you get time please update your views on Rajoo and Waterbase results

  62. Dashrath Patil says:

    Dear Ace… whether change in chinese policy to hum do hamare do from hamara one will have any impact on cupid ?


    Aceji,what is your view on Indsil hydro power?

  64. Value Investor says:

    Cupid has posted a stellar results.
    YOY Net profit increased by 138%
    Thank a lot ace for this wonderful GEM.
    God Bless You.

    Value Investor

  65. Value Investor says:

    Hi All,
    Cupid has posted a stellar results
    YOY Net profit increased by 138%
    All the pledges have been released by Kotak.
    Thanka a tonne ace for this GEM.
    God Bless you.

    Value Investor

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