Results Update !!!

Garware Wall ropes

Good set of numbers with swelling balance sheet. Its become a debt free company with huge increase in cash reserves.


Average set of numbers with interest again being a culprit.

Gujarat Themis

Average set of numbers, though improving credit profile is a plus.

Singer india

Good and steady set of numbers as usual from singer, though would like to see their consumer durables becoming more relevant now.

Click to access B1B44A0B_63A9_4E88_A684_ED82D81FA1E8_193914.pdf

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74 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. Gopal says:

    Hi Aceji,

    Wanbury results are slight demotivating. However, looking towards its Product lines & International Regulatory approvals like USFDA & EUGMP Approved plants, I still have hopes that it will do better in near future.

    What is your opinion?

  2. Akshay says:

    thanks for the update

  3. Sampat says:

    ACE, should we continue to hold Wanbury? Can the company script a successful turnaround. Your advice would be much appreciated by all blog readers.

  4. umesh says:

    Hi ace
    what is your view on polaris and adifinechem after take over by mnc

  5. Very bad results posted by Associated Stone, Ace.

  6. mesh says:

    Spenta International Ltd has informed BSE that some workers of the Company had declared a sudden strike in the factory of the Company and the production activities have been halted. In view of the above, the Company has entered into necessary initial negotiation with the workers and the further and the final outcome for the same regarding the measures taken shall be informed as on immediate basis.

  7. SAY says:

    Workers have called a strike at spenta. Production has been halted. Negotiations are on per management. Anything you know of Ace ji ?

  8. yum says:

    sir i want to add prima but i am confused if i should wait for the results.

  9. Katwa Udyog – Great set of results 🙂

  10. Ncp says:

    What is your view on keerthi industry???

  11. Senthil says:

    Dear Ace,

    Do you feel eicher motors is a good buy at CMP? Is there any other stocks which you like in that segment?


  12. hafizul09 says:

    Hello Ace ji—-What is ur view on Paushak limited with promoter holding 67%, OPM 30%, NPM 20%, ROCE 50%, ROE 25% and recent growth initiatives? Can it be a future multi bagger in the long term perspective? Thanks in advance!!!

  13. Ramesh Patel says:

    Dear ace,
    How do you find the investment potential of IL&FS Engg. ? The group is being taken over by Piramals which may be a positive for this Co.

  14. hafizul09 says:

    Big Thanks Ace ji for Mangalam—however I want to increase the exposure to the Pharma sector——which one of Lincoln, Granules, Alembic,Jubilant Life looks good for long term wealth creation IYHO—Thanks.

  15. sang says:

    Vidhi to consider 2nd interim dividend 🙂

  16. Sanjay says:

    Sir your view on Alpa laboratories.

  17. Senthil Kumar says:

    Nothing Improved in cybertech results after one year also anyother reason to hold the stock

  18. Sanjay says:

    Sir your views on sanghi industries for 2-3 years holding.

  19. Vivek says:

    Your views on Tanfac industries? Thanks

  20. Good to you, Ace! Anything interesting coming up?

  21. RightStock says:

    Dear Ace,
    My little analysis on Cybertech.

    1. Into Cloud solutions. Salesforce, Azure, Amazon webservice
    2. Topline: YoY 14.95 to 17.45 CR
    3. Employee costs Increase by 50 lakhs QoQ and 2 Cr YoY

    I would infer, Cybertech is keeping up to the trend of Cloud and investing on talent. Consider this as a great sign of future. Please correct me if I am wrong in my analysis. Thanks.

  22. Mayur says:

    Ace, Pls update on Sahyadri Industries results – any specific reason behind such a poor results?
    awaiting reply. Thanks. Hows future growth ahead now?

  23. SAY says:

    Neither exuberance nor irrationality lasts in markets. mangalam rocking in the blood bath. panyam doing good too.

  24. Jp says:

    Wish you a happy Diwali..!!

  25. Jitendra says:


    Spenta result some disappointing?

  26. Jitendra says:


    Spenta result bit disappointing?

  27. Tamilvanan says:

    Dear Ace
    Your view on freshtrop result?
    Is it bad one result?
    Is it improved in next quarter?

  28. Pruthvi says:

    Sir, wish you a very happy Deepavali. 🙂

    Would like to know your view on MOIL please.

    This company (MOIL) will have cash in its book equal to market cap by the end of this FY.
    The cash in its book is 2940 Crs as per q2fy16 result.
    It earns interest income of around 270 Cr every year due to fixed deposits.
    Apart from above , net profit from business is 50 Crs per qtr (worst case is 50 Crs, max it was around 175 to 250 Crs in previous qtrs).

    Therefore by the end of this FY16, the cash in its books will be around 3300 Crs.
    The market cap at cmp is around 3450 Crs. The debt free company business with 1000s of billions worth manganese ore is coming free at the current market price.
    MOIL company is available freee of cost to its investors.

    Please share your view on MOIl please. Thanks
    – Pruthvi

  29. Vivek says:

    Extremely poor results by freshfruits, do you think it’s purely coz of crop damage?

  30. sir have you gone through prima plastic results ?
    i am sure you would love the results.

  31. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    wish you and all readers a very happy and prosperous deepavali .

    Prima posted very good quarterly results with mainly reduced cost of material .
    1.5 crore net pofit, versus 50 lacks, QOQ .
    I have started reading/learning the quarterly results and looks like prima will definitely multiply revenue than the last year .

    Thanks a lot for this gem .

    Best regards,

  32. deepu says:

    please update about Sahyadri resul

  33. pruthvi says:

    sir, your view on MOIL please

  34. Sanjay says:

    Sir, your views on AVENTAL. Thanks & happy diwali to you sir.

  35. Puru says:

    Freshtrop – I was looking at this price to come… … Freshtrop is at good bargain price to buy. Can you also please advise whom they compete with in this space?

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