Results Update !!!

Prima Plastic

Excellent set of numbers. Though closing of ACP division has compromised on topline for the very short term but the bottomline is finally realizing its true potential and we can expect excellent growth in the bottomline and good growth on the topline in future too. Expecting excellent consolidated performance as well.


Much better numbers this time around and it looks like the business has bottomed out. The potential for the company is huge.

Shri Keshav Cements (Katwa Udyog)

Very good set of numbers. Expansion underway as stated in the foot notes.

Liberty Shoes

Disappointing set of numbers.

Associated Stones

Slightly disappointing set of numbers, hopefully the subsidiary start churning better numbers.

Sahyadri Industries

Not great set of numbers and would need micro-monitoring.

Ambika Cotton Mills

Average set of numbers though the company need not be monitored quarter to quarter. Good Company for the long term.


Good set of numbers, with much better operating margins. Even though the topline is muted, I don’t think it’s a cause of worry at all. The promoters have increased their stake by more than 4% this quarter.


Average set of numbers for the quarter, though these are just temporary gyrations. The company is by far the best in its space.

Click to access 4C531072_5274_4EBC_A146_471E920A9E60_185244.pdf

Simmonds Marshall

Decent set of numbers with topline increasing marginally and bottomline decreasing marginally.

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56 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. SP says:

    Happy Dhanteras Ace Sir.. Any piece of advice that you would share with us from ur experience.. especially in turbulent times.. πŸ™‚

  2. pavans13 says:

    Thanks Ace for the update! Little disappointed with our Sahyadri. May be its a seasonal opportunity to add more. Do you think any expansion expenditures are part of this quaterly result?

  3. Mari says:

    Dear Ace

    Your views on Tree house results.. You are earlier positive on it for long term.. Still you are positive on it for long term… Debt level is increased and topline is also not growing. Please through some light on this

  4. sang says:

    Happy Diwali ace bro and happy birthday to you. May God bless you.

  5. Kmd says:

    Happy birthday ace….

  6. SAY says:

    A very happy Diwali to you and your family. May God give you more strength n wisdom.

  7. Jitendra says:

    Happy Diwali ACE
    God bless u with good health, peace of mind.

  8. Asif says:

    Freshtrop…buy on dips…?? Happy Diwali in advance…

  9. Suneetha says:

    When we go to bed at night, we go to sleep: Sleep means Half death ! Every morning we reborn again ! In that context, Everyday is a Happybirthday for Everyone!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ACEJI ! God bless you !

  10. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, TCI, Gati or any other – amongst logistic companies, which would you term as decent?

  11. acefollower says:

    sir when we can expect new idea now.

  12. Sachin says:

    Hi Ace…..Wish You And Everyone A Very Happy & Prosperous Diwali !! – sacbee

  13. sparsh. says:

    Dear Ace,
    Many thanks for updating the blog and giving your valuable inputs continuously. Hope we receive the same for a long long time.
    A very happy Diwali to you and thanks for making us prosperous! πŸ™‚

  14. SP says:

    Happy Diwali Ace Sir.. May the new year bring a lot of light into ur life πŸ™‚

  15. Rainmaker says:

    Happy Diwali to you and family . i have learnt so much from this blog – especially on lots of stocks you views have proven right in hindsight .. from what i saw in your remarks – i now refer BSE /NSE and AR more than before and not other websites and also am now writing to company as share-holder for clarification – this is something i never did before – thanks again and wish you all the good things in life πŸ™‚

  16. juststartedtolearn says:

    Wish you a great Diwali ACEtheINVESTORtheTRADER πŸ™‚ thanks for helping us in becoming a better investor….

  17. bk says:

    Dear ace sir,happy diwali to u and when will we got next “gem” from u..

  18. hardyboy says:

    i think there is a problem with liberty.there is a company owned showroom next to my house.i have been doing scuttlebutt for some time.their quality, variety is dipping and the prices are not value for money.even during diwali time sales lukewarm.they dont have all sizes also.i think this is not about waiting for restructuring only,as sales not being there.people are no longer being brand concious.road side hawkers selling local manufacturer stuff on road at one third price,with only 20 percent dip in quality.they are selling like hot cakes.i think liberty will have to lower its prices because at the price point they are selling sales will keep going down.request your opinion on these observations.

  19. Naveena G P says:

    happy deepawalli ace sir…

  20. raj says:

    Dear Ace wishing u &fmly A verry Happy Prosperous New year, God bless , with warm regards Raj

  21. Puru says:

    Thank you for the result update…

  22. shreeux says:

    Hi Ace…

    Your view on Bodhtree.?

  23. ia khan says:

    can we expect rajoo eng be a next multibagger

  24. Sagar says:

    Hi Ace, You mentioned that Prima has closed its ACP division. Although it caters to only 7-8% of their revenue , will it not affect the topline growth we were expecting with the upturn in the real estate market. The sales for the last 2 qrtrs seems to be subdued. What is your view.

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