Mangalam Drugs – Six Times in Six Months !!!

Congratulations to all the investors of Mangalam Drugs who have multiplied their money by over six times in just six months.

God Bless !!!

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62 Responses to Mangalam Drugs – Six Times in Six Months !!!

  1. Sampat says:

    Great pick indeed. Which of the other recommended stocks do u think can replicate Mangalam’s performance?

  2. juststartedtolearn says:

    congrats to all the guys who have this gem and to all those who have become a better investor ….Sooner or later Our learning will help us getting such gems….Thanks “Aceinvestortrader” for your valuable guidance….Appreciate it from core of my heart…..Missing this gem in my portfolio but learning is gradually improving…..n am sure soon even I will have such a gem……all the best to all…..and congrats again to the holders…….

  3. Akshay says:

    congrats to all

  4. sang says:

    Ace bro any views on mafatlal industries?

  5. krpardeshi says:

    What’s your view on Panyam Cements?

  6. Vandana says:

    Hello Ace!

    Please put some like on Valiant Communication and Ortin Labs.

  7. prabu says:

    Ace, Please share your views on Future consumer for long term… Thanks for all your help to young budding investor’s

  8. Tamilvanan says:

    Dear ACE your view on Ramakrishna forge? 25% down from its high. Can I enter now for long-term?

  9. Puru says:

    Congrats Ace!!

  10. vinay says:

    Hi Ace,
    Just for knowing the diff between DHFL and repco.
    Both are in small ticket size housing loans. Growing at a very healthy rate but DHFL doesn’t command high PE. And even they don’t dilute equity so often for raising money (up to my knowledge).
    Is there any fundamental aspect in DHFL due to which it doesn’t get rated higher ?
    Is there any chance of rerating ?

  11. hafizul09 says:

    GM Ace ji—–hope everything is well—–its me again—was just thinking one thing——our Mangalam is growing well both business wise and stock price wise—–once the stock price crosses 400 mark then for every 10% increase(which is easily done by Managalam Drug if it has Circuit limit of 10%), will mean increment of 40 rupees and that will force u to post new post every time(X times today, X+1 times tomorrow like that)—–I am sure u will be happy to that——also we will be happy to read them——-was just thinking this that after crossing 400, Mangalam will increase by the price at what u recommended—–good to think– :)——by the way if u feel to much of manual work then u can think of automating this(sorry but being an s/w engg. automation comes always whenever I see repetitive manual activities) this thing , that whenever the prices crosses one multiple then that will automatically posted of course based on ur template u want(not sure whether WordPress allows that or not, if u can do it , that will save ur time and even u are busy/out of country for ur work then also the post will be automatically posted by s/w)————anyways Thanks again for another multiple now 14 remains to be Mangalam 20 times from ur reco. price—-Cheers!!!!!!

    • Thanks. Its a good advice. Also, as stated earlier in case of cupid (as an update post), exactly for the point you stated, once the stock crosses 10 times, the next update would be after further 5X i.e after crossing 15x, 20x etc.

  12. Uma says:

    vidhi results out..

    sales down 21%
    PAT Down 13.4%

    due to reduced traded goods..

  13. Uma says:

    vidhi results out..

    degrowth due to lesser traded goods..
    i do not know how stock reacts…i think it will be beaten..

  14. Sampat says:

    Spenta Update-

    With reference to the earlier letter dated November 05, 2015, Spenta International Ltd has now informed BSE that the strike has been temporarily withdrawn from November 06, 2015 to November 20, 2015 on an initiation by Labour Commissioner Boisar and the workers have started the production and despatch activities. Subsequent developments as they take place shall be informed on an immediate basis.

  15. sang says:

    Vidhi dyestuff results looks slightly disappointing mainly on the sales side. Sales were expected to go up but they are down.
    Whats your views ace bro. The 500 crore sales target by 2019 side looks tall now especially after September month they are going to stop trading.

    • i tend to side by this management. i think they know what they are doing. stopping trading is going to improve its margins significantly as we can see in the present quarter’s results too. considering that they have already reduced the trading activity drastically the results even on the topline is decent.

  16. Mesh says:

    With reference to the earlier letter dated November 05, 2015, Spenta International Ltd has now informed BSE that the strike has been temporarily withdrawn from November 06, 2015 to November 20, 2015 on an initiation by Labour Commissioner Boisar and the workers have started the production and despatch activities. Subsequent developments as they take place shall be informed on an immediate basis.

  17. Uma says:

    Hi Ace,

    regarding vidhi…
    due to reduced business from traded goods…it will show degrowth for next Q3,Q4,Q1 results..because of high base effect i right..or Is expanded capacity good enough to compensate traded goods business.
    Because of this expanded capacity vidhy may give flat results in best case scenario, for next 3 quarters..I think stock may test our patiency for next 3 quarters.
    Can you through some light on my above analysis.

  18. Gopichand says:

    Dear Ace
    Thanks for your service to retail investors. Your view on Rich a industries.
    Expanding in to new businesses.
    With the present EPs run rate trading at 4PE
    High promoter holdings
    Proposal to list on NSE
    It will be great if you can give your view

  19. Uma says:

    Hi Ace,

    Regarding Vidhi…

    From Last year Q3 total income 48.8 cr..
    from this Traded goods 16.5 cr and from Manufacturing 31 cr..
    as per Q2 results note 125 MT operational from Oct…
    so from expanded capacity it is 375MT.will be added to Q3.
    average realisation is 5.1lks/MT as per FY15..
    so 375*5.1=19.12 cr will be added to topline in upcoming Q3.
    so total topline for Q3FY16 will be 31 cr (from old capacity)+19 cr (from new capacity)= 50 Cr..
    EBIDTA will be = 10 cr..(20%)
    then PAT wii be = 5 cr..
    this means for Q3FY16..PAT will be 40% up on YOY and sales will be flat..traded income will be compensated by incremental revenue from expanded capcity ..

    and also if we count management commentry..500 cr topline by 2020…
    then EBITDA will be = 100 cr..(in worrest case with 20% EBIDTA margin)) and 125 cr in best case.(with 25% EBIDTA Margin)
    then PAT would be 50 cr (in worrest case) and 63 cr (in best case)
    FY15 PAT =12.4 cr
    FY16 PAT= 16.2 Expected (6.2cr (H1FY16)+10 cr (H2FY16)
    FY20 PAT= 50 to 63 cr….
    that means stock will get multiply 3 to 4 times in next 5 years.
    but there are somany other business which can give better returns than this..
    Am i missing some thing in my calculations..

    • not sure why are you telling me this. anyways, its highly flawed as explained elsewhere on this blog. this kind of analysis has been done for another business on this blog and this never works in reality. anyways, its your money and thus it should be your decision.

  20. anisha says:

    Hello sir, whats your take on the result of pressman ad?

  21. nsriniv says:

    It has already been known that Vidhi will be hiving off trading business and focus on the manufacturing. This decision is in fact good for the company and it will improve their margin in the coming quarter. As Ace rightly pointed out even in this Sept quarter its evident. Fall in topline has already been factored in the current price of Vidhi.

  22. Al Hakkam says:

    Cybertech started raising in last two sessions and the news seems to be a exciting release news as follows..
    CyberTech Systems and Software is excited to announce the release of GeoShield C3 (on a CJIS Compliant Cloud) powered by Microsoft Azure Government, a cost efficient, CJIS compliant cloud based Real Time Crime Software Solution for Public Safety.

    I couldn’t post the link since it isn’t allowed here.


  23. Senthil Kumar says:


  24. vinay says:

    Hi Ace,

    Any view on claris lifesciences ? Available at less than 10 PE .


  25. Roshan says:

    Ace do u know when prima’s daman factory would be operational?

  26. Vishnu says:

    Your view on Chowgule Steamships and Future Consumer Enterprise?

  27. Vineeth Nair says:

    Hey Ace! For a person who has missed the train on Mangalam Drugs, can we still get into it at around 220 to 230 levels because I keep reading people say that it’d go to 400 – 600 levels over a year or so. What’s your take on it mate?

  28. Uma says:


    Now a days even big pharma gaints are also suffring from USFDA threat.
    Is there any chance of mangalam drugs”s portfolio comes under scaner of USFDA.
    I know mangalam drugs won’ have any threat from USFDA.
    just want to double check

  29. Vineeth Nair says:

    Thank you bro. I’ve never been able to make money in the market for the past 5 years of my association with the stock market. I mean all my old TRADING losses have wiped out my INVESTMENT profits. I’ve never booked my Investment losses though as I have strong conviction in stories such as SBI, Motherson sumi etc. I’m holding onto few stocks from very long time now even though they are in huge losses. Now this month I’m getting some reasonable amount of hard earned money of my past few years’ savings and I want one solid stock idea from you where I can come back with good gains. I do a lot of research yet there’s something missing in my approach. Im thinking about Panyam cements, Lloyd electricals, Jbm Auto and SKM egg products now as my final resort. Lemme tell you that I quit trading 3 years ago and have been an investor ever since but my old wounds have left me with a deep scar. Please give me one stock idea… Please please please… I see you as my Guru and have been investing in few of your picks since last two months ever since I came to know of your blog from a Chartered Accountant friend of mine. Thank you sir.

    • from your list since panyam is the only one that is from this blog i cannot comment on others. but i think there are several interesting ideas listed here – panyam included and i have faith in all of them. please pick something that you understand even if it is panyam.

  30. Vineeth Nair says:

    As always, you respond to all our queries unlike few other similar blogs. Thanks for responding sir. I’m convinced about Panyam after looking into your analysis and also the way the management has been focusing constantly on debt reduction, freeing up pledged shares, sales growth etc. There’s a strong story developing in it I guess. Please give me that additional green signal of confidence to buy into Panyam cements in the coming days sir.

    Thanks in advance sir.

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