Cupid Ltd – 15 Times in 14 months

Congratulations to all the investors of cupid who have multiplied their investments by more than 15 times in last 14 months.

God Bless !!!

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58 Responses to Cupid Ltd – 15 Times in 14 months

  1. Akshay says:

    Congrats to all

  2. Naren says:

    Waiting for such a post on DHP! :-/ Am I over optimistic Ace?

      • Naren says:

        Ace,for us, the only way to track the firm’s growth is the Quarterly and Yearly numbers, Annual Report(AR), Announcements or revelations made by firm. But nothing promising was made through these mediums. Also,there is a simple clarification/fact in AR: “Ur company didn’t do well in the previous year” but not any talk on growth prospects, without which one can hardly anticipate future.As U mentioned in the stock story,yes,being Debt free, Honest management are assets to any firm.But the firm seems under utilising them. Kindly share any info regarding the firm,if U’re still tracking the biz.

        Thank you Ace.

  3. amit gupta says:

    dear ACE, whats your view on bodal chemicals

  4. sparsh says:

    Left numb with the upmove in Cupid. Wanted to add more at many levels, but didnt even got the chance. Always waiting.. and it seems to always climbing.

  5. Sampat says:

    ACE, your views on Intense Technologies as a small cap tech bet.

  6. zubin says:

    This is the best stock of my life…. holding all since 40s. Thank you very much Ace. You have taught us fishing. God Bless you.

  7. rajul desai says:

    sir your expert comments on allsec tech the company has shown 100 percent growth with quarter 2 eps of rs 6 against quarter 1 eps of rs 2.55 ,sir please guide as i have already invested

  8. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    in less than 24 hours this stock is almost 18 bagger now .
    This is the power of knowledge, Guidance, compounding and patience .

    Best regards,

  9. ketan says:

    awesome will be the apt reply for CUPID ! keep it up ACE

  10. Sanjay says:

    Sir, your views on Avantel Ltd.

  11. Roshan says:

    no new update for cupid?? 🙂

    • 🙂 no. as i had said earlier once the stock becomes a 10 bagger after that next update would come only in the multiples of 5x…ie. 10x 15x 20x etc….coz after becoming 10 bagger a mere 10% move adds another one in the bag, power of compounding 🙂

      • Roshan says:

        haha ok :) amazed to see cupid going up like this…never seen anything like it…though its been only an year since i entered the market :)…investors must be having the time of their lives

        • these kind of moves rarely happen in stocks and if one is on the right side of the move with intelligent portfolio allocation , magic happens… though one could see such compounding coming in some of the stocks (recommended on this blog) who are already big multi baggers …

  12. ‘Higher production will ensure a better second half in FY16’, S Sreedhar Reddy, MD of Panyam Cements & Mineral Industries told CNBC-TV18.

    Production will be close to 8 lakh million tonne in FY16 as compared to 2.45 lakh million tonne in FY15. He expects margins to remain at same levels and revenue to be Rs 160 crore against Rs 120 crore in HIFY16 🙂

  13. congrats to all the shareholders of cupid. its the first 11 bagger for me, it has given me the best returns i can ever imagine, holding all the stocks from 31 levels, never sold a single one.
    thanks ace sir, thanks cupid and thanks Mr. Garg you made it possible for me.
    thanks for this awesome stock.

  14. vinay says:

    Hi Ace,

    Just for info to cupid investors. Today in one of a TV shows, I saw someone holding cupid 74000 @ 8.5Rs.
    Although I am not part of the party but happy for all the fellow investors.


  15. RAVI says:

    Govt announces 3% interest subsidy to boost exports
    It will help our Vidhi Dyestuff in saving some cost and it will boost a huge up move on bottomline and this has been set for at least three years………God bless and happy investing.

  16. RAVI says:

    Kenneth Andrade once said in his idea of multibaggar than to have a company which is consolidating its sales and improving its balance sheet with not much importance on bottomline than you got your stock right. And i think this is case for our picks Panyam, Vidhi and V2retail.
    Lets hope for the boom in coming quarters.

  17. Niknike says:

    Hi Ace Sir,
    What is the view on Simmonds Marshall and Shivalik Bi-metal? H1 results of both look soft.

  18. Sampat says:

    ACE, your views on Denis Chem Lab, a sterile injectables manufacturing company as an investment bet. Though it has risen a lot.

  19. Jayprakash says:

    Congratulations, Ace & the investors of Cupid. 3% export interest subsidy announced last day, will it hv positive impact on Vidhi?

  20. Senthil says:

    Dear Ace,

    Any new stock pick coming up?


  21. ace sir looking at the management pedigree, valuations, future expansion and future earnings growth i think katwa udyog is been highly neglected by the market. sooner or later people will realize that they missed the bus.

  22. acefollower says:

    when we can expect a new idea from you.

  23. himanshu. says:

    sir are you tracking brooks lab ? if yes then your view please.

  24. PANKAJ SHARMA says:

    CyberTech has been awarded the contract for the ‘creation of a comprehensive computerized geo-enabled Property database to support assessment and consolidation of all Municipal revenues for Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC). CyberTech will address the requirements by implementing GeoCivic Property Tax. Coming under the larger umbrella of CyberTech’s Smart City initiative, GeoCivic Property Tax is focused on efficient and equitable property tax assessment and collection for Municipal Corporations. This is a Rs. 13.95 cr. contract with a vision to regularize the property tax management of 6 lakh properties in the City of Nagpur over a period of 3 years.

  25. Puru Ji says:


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