Vidhi Dyestuff & Pressman Adv. Update – 5 times and 2 times Respectively !!!

Congratulations to all the investors of Vidhi for multiplying their investments by Five times in less than a year.

Congratulations to all the investors of Pressman Advertising for doubling their investments in less than a year. Hopefully, the next update should be faster than this one.

God Bless !!!

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45 Responses to Vidhi Dyestuff & Pressman Adv. Update – 5 times and 2 times Respectively !!!

  1. sang says:

    Thanks for vidhi holding it tightly. Is this re-rating bound to continue.Can we expect faster update for Vidhi from hereon πŸ™‚

  2. Rohit Gulati says:

    Thanks Ace!

  3. Aadiraa says:

    Thanks Ace… I am proud investor of both of them πŸ™‚

  4. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    Tirupati Sarjan is also about to double with good volumes and increasing buying interest .
    Looks like lot of our stocks are defying the market .

    Thanks & Regards,

  5. Akshay says:

    Congrats to all!!!

  6. Alpesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can I buy richa industries?


  7. Pratul Lobo says:

    Dear Ace,

    Can you please let me know if you track United Nilgiri Tea Estates Company? As you may be aware, organic farming is being encouraged by the Indian Government and is a niche area in farming.

    Also, United Nilgiri has first mover advantage in this field. The results too were very encouraging this quarter with 25% sales growth.


  8. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, in the biz TV show today, there was a talk of good future for branded apparels. Three names were mentioned, viz, Siyaram, Indian Terrain & Pantaloon. Would u like to share your views on the ones you are tracking?

  9. Chandrashekara Bhat says:

    Thanks Dear Ace.Congrats to all share holders of Vidhi Dyestuff & Pressman Advertising,

  10. RAJESH says:

    how is the IPO? ALKEM LABS AND DR LAL?

  11. RK says:

    Hi Ace,
    Can we buy these two at this level ?

  12. Sampat says:

    Absolutely great performance by ACE.
    Also ACE, your views about Websol Energy as an investment bet in solar sector?

  13. niravkaria says:

    Sir can we buy mangalam drugs at cmp after huge run up or wait for some dips. Thanks in advance.

  14. Deepak Kabra says:

    Aceji, Sun Pharma looking attractive as its near to its 52 weeks low. What’s your view sir if it can be added for long term or Should wait? Also please give your view on Suzlon from current level’s?

  15. Shyam says:

    Dear Ace,
    What is your view on Empee Distilleries if you are tracking it?

  16. SAY says:

    Ace ji – you’re delivering an Ace after an Ace with your picks.
    Most of your picks are doing good under these circumstances. Goes onto show, where there’s value, money chases it.

  17. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace, your valuable view on D-link, Anant raj and Man Infracon please……….

  18. ppvsin says:

    Hat’s off to your analytical skills….NSE CODE:VIMALOIL…FMCG company in the idable oil business having turnover of 3000 crores, paying dividends since 2008 onwards. A strange thing i have noticed is the scrip falling from Rs.250 to till date Rs. 50….It started falling from the month of Feb 2015 and falling on weekly basis continuously. I don’t see and wrong fundamentally with the scrip since it posted good quarterly number also..I hope your analysis may be useful to this blog members including me as this company is excellent track record and low p/e of 3.5 at current price

  19. srinivas says:

    Hi Ace, are you tracking megasoft ltd.? it is into mobile technology services and has many patents in overseas. how good is it for long term? As it is a micro cap company, i am not sure about the scalability of the business but i feel there is huge scope for growth in telecom sector.

  20. Jayprakash says:

    Thank u Ace, I did 3 times in Vidhi and happy..
    do you track Star Paper? if yes, pls share ur opinion

  21. Senthil says:

    Dear Ace,
    What your view on Donear index?


  22. shreeux says:

    Hi Ace,
    Your view on Genus Paper?

  23. Puru Ji says:


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