Mangalam Drugs – Ten Bagger in Seven Months !!!

Congratulations to all the investors of Mangalam Drugs who have multiplied their money by over Ten times in just Seven months.

Great going.

God Bless !!!

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284 Responses to Mangalam Drugs – Ten Bagger in Seven Months !!!

  1. Akshay says:

    congrats to all

  2. Arun says:

    Mr. Ace investor do share your view why MD hitting circuit each day. Any news in comming days?

  3. pavans13 says:

    Thanks Ace! Yes MD and Cupid have been our rockstars so far. God’s grace 🙂 Have a nice weekend.

  4. SAY says:

    Time for celebrations Ace ji.

  5. Uma says:


    I think MD will be shifted to 2% circuit due to continuous UC…

  6. healingtouch says:

    Hi Ace,

    The anti-malarial which manglam is making, which brand name right has been aqujired by Turing pharma has increased its price from 15 dollar per tablet to 750 dollar, its boss is justfying its increase so from september end it has increased 5000% in u.s So generic salt is made by managlam drug which is their main drug whether it is going to increase profitability manifold for them also when us. company selling 50 time more from end of September, they could get large market in u.s. by supplying to Hillary clinton foundation for less price and icnreased profitability

    is this reason for spurt in price of manglam drug also or not. Share your views

  7. srinivas says:

    HI Ace, first of all thanks a lot for taking your time and guiding retail investors in a right way so that one can study and develop conviction on the stock before investing. i am currently invested in aimco, prima, v2, cybertech, cupid, liberty. while studying a stock named HIL, i found sahyadri as better bet in similar category and once again went through the stock story. if you dont mind please clarify my doubts regarding sahyadri in two aspects.
    1. debt increased in 14-15 compared to 13-14 and interest coverage ratio is very low.
    2. contingent liabilities of 1.94cr in 14-15 as of 0.67cr in 13-14 as mentioned in AR. why is it so?


  8. Sampat says:

    ACE, up to what level should one buy Spenta for long term?

  9. Jp says:

    Congrats to all of those who have invested in…!!

  10. Sangeetha says:

    Hi Ace, I think Rajoo Engineers is getting ready for the next upmove, so that its CMP circles around 23-24 range.

  11. prabu says:

    Ace, Please share your view on pudumjee pulp . please advice your long term view . Thanks for all your help.

  12. prabu says:

    Ace , Please share your long term views of Grauer and weil as well. Thanks for your help.

  13. Prasant says:


    Your inputs on Arihant Superstructures & Syncom Formulations.

    Thanks in advance.

  14. pradeep says:

    Sir ur view on Sanghvi movers and intellect design arena

  15. Mari Periyasamy says:

    Dear Ace

    Your views on coffee day at current price? Considering the economy revival and huge young population with good earnings, the company is having great future. Can u share your views?

  16. Ram says:

    view on TV today

  17. learning phase says:

    your view on arvind infra and kings infra please ?

  18. A Goyal says:

    Any views on Kukuyo camlin. Company seems to be expanding its product range.

  19. bk says:

    Dear ace sir, your view on alpa labs

  20. Sujjit says:

    Your view on Surya Roshini Ltd?

  21. Jp says:

    Dear Ace:

    Please give your views on Jauss Polymers Ltd, searched using google to get your prior views if any, but I could not get it. Thanks in advance….!

  22. Abhi says:

    Today noticed that, started fully functional & also they launched android & ios app. It seems management has taken much initiative for new route. Also price on site seems less compared to other. Will we see good time ahead in this cutthroat e-com competition? How u see this improvements. Thanks

  23. Rahul says:


    Do you know any chemical company which produces gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium phosphide (GaP), or gallium arsenide phosphide(chemicals used for LED bulbs) tried to research in google but could not find any..


  24. kk says:

    Ace, your earlier view on Grauer & Weil was not confident, any change in view now sir?

  25. prabu says:

    Ace, What is your view on IVP. Please advice.

  26. sparsh says:


    “Devendran Plastic Pvt Lt, one of the fastest growing companies in the business of flexible packaging in South India, has ordered its third blown film line from Rajoo Engineers Ltd, the Rajkot (Gujarat) based maker of blown film and sheet extrusion lines.

    While Devendran Plastic had earlier bought fully-loaded 7-layer blown film line for barrier packaging and OBC 3-layer line from Rajoo, the company has now ordered for fully-loaded 3-layer line to specifically meet the needs and address the challenges of films for milk packaging as well as lamination grade films.

    “This far, we have produced high quality barrier (7 layer) and non-barrier films using the Rajoo machines and I remain confident that the new Rajoo fully loaded 3-layer line will exceed our expectations and help us add capacity and address the stringent requirements of speciality films,” said D Ashok Kumar, director, Devendran Plastic Pvt Ltd.

    He added, “Diversifying from our traditional business of coal trading, we were keen to work with a company that could help us make a mark in this field of specialty packaging, we now order our third machine from Rajoo.”

    The new machine is customised to produce films for milk packaging as well as lamination grade films.”

    the whole info says a lot about Rajoo’s quality of machines.
    Hats off to you ACE for your research.

  27. Vinay says:

    Hi Ace,
    Any view on donear?

  28. Suneetha says:

    Plz share your view on PTL Industries ! Thanks in advance !

  29. Rishu says:

    hi ace,
    what are your views on emmessar biotech and nutritions.I tried to google but could not find your views.I can take risk but needs your view

  30. Prasant says:

    Hi Ace,

    Your inputs on Trident. Thanks in advance.


  31. RISHU says:

    Ace, what are your views on emmessar biotech.i tried google but couldn’t find your views. I can take risk but need your views

  32. Vikas says:

    I am new in Mkt so p/z help us friends

  33. bingo says:

    mangalam has become 11 bagger today sir..thanks for it 🙂

  34. himanshu. says:

    sir your view on surya jyoti spinning & repro india pls.

  35. Tanmay Gupta says:

    Someone recommended VTM Ltd. today.
    Your views on it?

    • first of all we do not discuss other blogs or forums here. secondly if some did recommend then why are you asking here? if you trust them then you should not cross check and if you are cross checking it means you do not trust them..and if this is the case , why bother..

  36. Manish says:

    Pls your View on pudumjee pulp N papers,looks like u r not interested in this, is there any change in your views?

  37. Jitendra says:

    Your view on Alkam Labs IPO.

  38. y says:

    sir when can we expect a new idea…

  39. Suneetha says:

    Today, I have been able to Buy SankyaInfotech in this Correction ! Thanks Aceji !

  40. Sampat says:

    Finally got my hands on Sankhya today. Only regret that it’s way above ACE’s recommended price

  41. technicaltrader44_12 says:

    i am a technical trader and i must add, that i am impressed with your picks, technically speaking..

  42. Amaan says:

    Sir what are your views regarding recent volatility due to weak Asian markets, gst, fed tapering etc… Some people are suggesting keeping 50%of portfolio in cash during this turbulent times….

    • when there is turbulence one should look for opportunities… this is the second time that we are visiting 7550 and see the stock prices that we have discussed on this blog. most of them are way up during this time… this is the reason i keep on saying that index does not mean our portfolio… we should not look at nifty levels to decide our strategy but rather look at the stocks that we own and decide accordingly.

      • sparsh says:

        very true… i invested just 50% of what I wished to invest last time. and i know those prices are not going to come back again.
        mangalam,cupid are way way higher..,ambika,prima,katwa,rajoo,singer etc are higher.. only feshtrop and v2 seem to be near those levels.. still not lower

  43. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, today, after a long gap, almost all the scrip in my watch list and also the actual portfolio was in red, dark red. None was spared. I am sure you would say its healthy development and such correction is required for growth. What are your views?

  44. uma says:

    all stocks r hammered today…i think it will continue for 2 weeks..

  45. Pram says:

    Hello Ace need your valuable opinion on Maximaa systems Ltd. Thank u 🙂

  46. Chandrashekara Bhat says:

    Dear Ace, Can you share your views on NMDC. Thanks

  47. bingo says:

    sir today there has been a positive news on waterbase in business line.

  48. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace, your opinion on L&T Finance Holdings… Hold some qty and it is really testing my
    patience !!

  49. umesh says:

    hi ace your view on sms pharma and indian terrian for 4-5 yrs period

  50. umesh says:

    hi ace yr view on sms pharma , indian terrian ,ashapura intimates, cosmo films and shaily engg plastics for long term

  51. Antony says:

    Sir ji,

    What is your view on Selan Exploration for Medium to Long Term ?

  52. shreeux says:

    Good to hear.,

  53. ckm says:

    what’s ur latest view on CUPID ,,

  54. Ram says:

    Ace – December stock is due

  55. Roshan says:

    Hi ace any update on Gujarat themis ?i see that they haven’t updated their news column on their site for some time now..normally they give a press result after every quarterly result… feel maybe something is cooking…

  56. Sagar says:

    Hi Ace,
    Would like to know your views on TechNvision if you can share please.

  57. Vissa says:

    Ace Master, request you to express ur technical views (at your lesiure).. it helps in generating funds for long term investments..

  58. bingo says:

    associated on UC today…

  59. Mayur says:

    any thoughts on Shilchar Technologies and B2B software?

  60. sang says:

    Ace bro views on jhs.Do you see them turning into black.

  61. avinash_tripathi232_12 says:

    sir where can we complain against bse’s monthly and yearly filters.. this rule is so bad.

  62. SP says:

    Request you to check your mail..

  63. Vetti says:

    Sir, your views on Ashapura intimates fashion and Jain irrigation.

  64. Shankar says:

    Ace, your views on 3i infotech at cmp of Rs.5.15 pls.

  65. Dashrath Patil says:

    Dear Ace..

    Just to take your guidence, first time I tried to reach company secretary of Mangalam by email but not received any feedback as off now !

    Note : I have invested in Mangalam.

  66. Anything interesting coming up, Ace?

  67. learning phase says:

    your views on goldiam international ,gujarat automative gears and umang dairies pls

  68. Ram says:

    forgin co’s and bearing co’s in your radar ?

  69. JK says:

    your views on Future Consumers and SSPDL please

  70. Mohit says:

    Dear Ace,
    Your views on Arrow Coated Products.

  71. amit jindal says:

    Helo ace sir.
    plz share ur current views on aimco pesticides. ? Can we buy at dis price? Thanks in advance
    amit jindal

  72. pavans13 says:

    The Ministry of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare on 7 December has firmed up the Cotton Seeds Price (Control) Order 2015, terming it as aimed at ensuring availability of cotton seeds to farmers at “fair, reasonable and affordable prices”. I guess this is good for Ambika. Any views Ace?

  73. himanshu. says:

    sir are you tracking hester bio ? your view please.

  74. sudarshan says:

    hi ace, whats your opinion about nutraplus india and jamna auto

  75. jeyaramkumar says:

    cotton seed price control : how it will affect kaveri seeds future growth prospects?

  76. naveenagp81 says:

    sankhya got any new order or in pipeline……..

  77. SP says:

    Thank u for pressman.. got the answer to the mail 🙂

  78. techiechartist says:

    sir, pressman is looking very bullish now… will challenge its highs tomorrow and then in a week should create a substancially new high.. thanks for the pick sir

  79. Techvip says:

    Hi Ace, Mangalam is hitting lower circuit continuously last 5 sessions. Do you think it can bounce back early or will take long time/

    • how does it matter when it would bounce back…we are sitting on massive profits and the stock has the history of violent consolidation … and one should be ok with it… what matters is the underlying business not the everyday price. one should have confidence on their research and then invest because in times like these its the research that builds conviction and eventually its conviction that helps to weather such consolidation. We have see it all in the past..nothing new..

  80. akshay says:

    Hi ace,

    I am researching sankhya infotech. But in their current AR the management discussion and analysis section is missing. The AR says it is attached as a separate annexure but could not find the annexure. Tried bse AR. Sankhya website AR is not downoadable. Could you guide where I could find it?

  81. Ankit says:

    Sir Your views on VTM LTD

  82. Jitendra says:

    Waiting for ur new idea.

  83. Niknike says:

    Dear Aceji,

    Greetings. Thank you for your reassuring comments on Mangalam. I presume there is no sell alert on this stock from your side. What is your holding period time in genera and for mangalam in particular? needless top say , i have benefited immensely from mangalam. Thanks

  84. Chandarshekara Bhat says:

    Dear Ace , Good to see most of the stocks are doing very good ….Freshtrop ,Prima ,DHP India ,Vidhi, Rajoo..etc…Can you share your view on Amtek Group companies ( Amkek Auto , Catex ,METALYST FORGINGS LTD) if you are tracking them. Can they be value buy for a high risk taking investors?Thanks.

  85. Vikas says:

    Hi ace ur view on shiva cement. Please suggest.

  86. Pram says:

    Hello Ace what your opinion on sarla performance fibers ltd. ?? God Bless

  87. Narayan says:

    Sir, could you please share your thoughts on Pioneer Embroideries.


  88. amit jindal says:

    Helo ace sir.
    plz share ur current views on Deccan gold.promoters holding come down to 29 per. From 42 per. Can we enter now?

  89. arockiaarasu says:

    Respected Sir, can you please share your view on Sri KPR industries.

  90. SP says:

    Cant thank u enough! U r too good.. I hope u know why I am writing this! 🙂

  91. vivek says:

    sir, press man on UC… mangalam drugs also trading with very high volumes…cant thanks you enough for not only the picks but also thought provoking comments…

  92. MNR says:

    why sankhya infotech ltd no trade ?

  93. VP says:

    Hi Ace, eagerly awaiting ur next pick??

  94. Nikhil says:

    Sir ,
    Your view on Sunil Healthcare ?

  95. K Harikrishnan says:

    pl provide your e mail address.

  96. Zubin says:


    Please share your views on Usha Martin. Is it a gone case ? should we cut our losses or can hold assuming there is little down side from here.

  97. dr vivek atmaram patil says:

    Donear industries , dhunseri tea(Dtil) and technocraft industry at cmp is it a gd buy sir at cmp.
    Sir I am new to this blog . where to see ur suggestion stock to buy ?? Pl guide suggestions .waiting eagerly
    regards drvivek patil

  98. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    looks like flow of good news is about to start for Deccan gold .
    Management is going to start drilling in ganajur during 3rd week of December .
    Looks like LOI is round the corner and Deccan may bounce back vigorously now .

    Thanks & Regards,

    • yes, unfortunately as i had said earlier, people are ready to bet and wait on casino licenses for years but dont have conviction to hold on companies like deccan gold who atleast have procured the licenses.

  99. PANKAJ SHARMA says:

    Dear Aceji,
    Wait for DECCAN is over.
    Thanks again

  100. vivek says:

    Dear sir eagerly waiting next pick. When u will disclose pl reply or on what date.

  101. Suneetha says:

    Plz share your view on Tinplate ! Thanks in advance !

  102. Chandrashekara Bhat says:

    Dear Ace,
    Today is an excellent day…Most of our companies are doing excellent. Thanks again.

  103. Sagar says:

    Hi Ace,
    What’s your view on PTC FINANCE at current levels.
    Thanks in Advance

  104. prabu says:

    Ace, Please share your views on Fineotex chemicals… Thanks for all your help to retail investor

  105. vinod says:

    Dear Ace,

    Your views on Tara Jewels. Isnt it undervalued good fundamental company at current CMP

    Thank you in advance

  106. K Harikrishnan says:

    Sir, Your view about Sunil hitech in this juncture. K Harikrishnan

  107. K Harikrishnan says:

    Thanks for the reply.K Harikrishnan

  108. umesh says:

    hi ace your view on vivimed labs

  109. umesh says:

    hi ace yr view on medinova before the listing of dr path labs

  110. Chandrashekara Bhat says:

    Dear Ace. Happy to see Prima marching towards new life time high 🙂 …Thank You

  111. Jp says:

    Dear Ace, please give your views on Blue Blends for long term.. Tnx..! Advanced Merry X-mas wishes..!

  112. piyush says:

    Hello Ace ,

    Your views on Narayana Hridalaya IPO ??

  113. Gopi says:

    Hi Ace, I have seen your blog your recently and going through the past recos and comments. I am feeling lucky to find this blog. When are you planning to post your new idea?


  114. Prasant says:

    Hi Ace,

    based on the latest news, India’s agriculture ministry has decided to control the prices of cotton seed, including the genetically modified versions and their trait value. I believe this might negatively impact Ambika cotton. Your inputs on the same as I am heavily invested in it.


  115. sang says:

    Ace bro are you still bullish on the Vidhi dyestuffs stock as it has moved up considerably.

    • for questions like these my only reply is that what matters is whether the investor is himself bullish about the company or not.

      • sang says:

        Yeah Bro I am bullish on the companies business and one of the good management in micro cap. But I had my doubt on the stocks price as it is looking nearly fairly valued at this point.

        Not only vidhi but I was very lazy to sell garware and rajoo when recently there was a panic in the market as I like there businesses and have clear visibility of there businesses for couple of year . But credit goes to you bro for the picks and i never ever had such a temperament and mainly learnt the very importan basic that each stocks have there businesses behind it.

  116. Venu says:

    Dear ACE, your views on Olympia Industries.


  117. Namita says:

    Ace, what r your views on VTM?

  118. MNR says:

    Dear ACE sir,
    Your next pick before Xmass?

  119. Roshan says:

    hi ace ur views on swaraj automotives ltd?

  120. Do you think the BSE circuit filters are playing spoilsport, Ace?

  121. himanshu says:

    sir your views on kec international ; bodal chemical & panyam cements please. oh…for panyam read story…sorry for asking about panyam.

  122. Learningphase says:

    Views on dfm foods please…

  123. Dev Kedia says:


    Did u see mangalam daily lower circuits, is it still a buy for long term. Also r u still holding it. And any new calls in this year end.


  124. Dev Kedia says:

    Can i enter in this scrip at this cmp or at this point. Kindly suggest.

  125. Puru Ji says:


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