Results Update – BSL Ltd !!!

BSL has come with in-line results. Please read the results fully to understand it. Althought revenues were stagnant YoY, the OPM have increased and though net profits have decreased but it has decreased because this year the company has paid 1 cr of taxes whereas last year it was a credit of .77cr tax and therefore, the difference is actually 1.77cr and this should be seen as positive.

Also, the company in footnotes have declared that the expansion is on schedule with one of of it i.e. 15% increase already commenced commercial production. This is good because we can see the management walking the talk.

Just like in prima, we are at the cusp of change in the company and the results would be seen in the coming quarters. So just be patient like we were in prima and the results would be for all to see and experience.

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78 Responses to Results Update – BSL Ltd !!!

  1. Akshay says:

    thanks for the update

  2. shreeux says:

    Hi Ace,
    Thanks for Update…
    Your view on Pudumjee Pulp?

  3. Ravindra says:

    Excellent comments & caution note

  4. Singh says:

    Thanks Sir, makes sense !

  5. Chanadrsehkara Bhat says:

    Many Thanks Dear Ace for the timely update on BSL Result.

  6. vimal says:

    Hi, ur view on Energy Development Company and Titagarh Wagons?

  7. shivaji gavali says:

    Net Worth 67.17
    Total Debt 125.07, is is worth to invest in this stock

    • do you really think investing is difference between networth and marketcap??? also your debt calculation is not right as it is taking into consideration working capital debt and TUFS too… also networth takes into account debt so why are you seperating debt and networth… do you know what was the n etworth when RJ bought titan and what was networth of mangalam when we bought it ?

  8. Yogesh says:

    Just planning to buy, please confirm what would be bottom buying rates yo

  9. Yogesh says:

    What would be the best rate to pick BSL for 2yrs horizon

  10. Akshay says:

    Vidhi Board to consider Third Interim Dividend

  11. amit says:

    Sir PressMen advertising and sanjevani parentel I’m still holding for decent again bought at higher level….

  12. Vinay says:

    Hi Ace,
    Associated stone another set of bad numbers. Topline and bottom line both got hit. Subsidiaries eating some more profits.
    One thing I noticed, their trading got reduced drastically.
    Thanks and regards

  13. Prasant says:

    Hi Ace,

    Your views on FCEL. Please advise.


  14. Sampat says:

    Do u still hold Wanbury ACE?

  15. Prasant says:

    Hi Ace,

    can we go for Orient Beverages at current levels when the results are expected shortly. your opinion pls.


  16. Venu says:

    Hi ACE, Your views on Associated Stone Industries Q3 results. Income is down by most 50% YOY.

  17. jasmine says:

    sir had bought prima at 140 yesterday…i am really scared…

  18. notsocool says:

    sir, bsl did not go down today πŸ™‚

  19. naveenagp81 says:

    cupid got zimbabwe order ? (female condom)

  20. vinod says:

    Dear Ace,

    Sanjivini in my portflio was down by 39 percent. Is it wise to average at this level or else wait till results to act upon.

    Thank you in advance

  21. Ravi says:

    Hi Ace,
    Your views on Hindustan media ventures and srikalahasthi pipes.
    Thanks in advance

  22. U Sundar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Your views on ABFRL

  23. khan says:

    whats your views on spicejet and jet airways&sankhya

  24. prasad says:

    For all the readers who complain that they cant buy aces recommendation because of the upper circuits after recommendations,now is a good time.sankya infotech almost at the recommended levels.i have been patiently waiting for this situation and now my patience has paid off

    • Srinath R says:

      Yes completely agree. Sankhya is at juicy levels now. First time its is available below Rs 32 in abundance after ace recommended it.

  25. Roshan says:

    ace wats ur take on cybertech results? pretty decent? though the subsidary playing spoilsport this time around

  26. What will be the impact on Sanjivani paranteral of news that U.S. government has made it mandatory for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) to be manufactured locally? Shall be exit from Sanjivani?

  27. Vishnu says:

    Ace sir,

    Sanjivani is shrinking everyday, is its medicines got market in USA…There is some news saying that Medicines have to be manufactured with in USA itself… Please correct me if I’m wrong

  28. Roshan says:

    ace..spectacular results by prima πŸ™‚

  29. Value Investor says:

    Hi Ace,
    Prima results are excellent. YOY topline increased by 40% and bottomline by spectacular 325%
    QoQ topline increased by 55% and bottomline by 100%.

    Thanks for the amazing company. I think the market volatility is giving prima a great bargain price.

    Value Investor

  30. himanshu says:

    sir related to api market in u.s.a. will it affect wanbury ?

  31. Puru Ji says:

    Dear sir, just to understand if item no 6 – Finance Cost, is refered here as debt interest cost or other finance related cost.

  32. roky2602 says:

    Sir BSL to consider dividend for FY 15-16

  33. Pramod says:

    Dear Ace,
    What’s your opinion on SSWL and Pincon with both declaring results today and showing good numbers at the cost of increasing debt?

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