Results Update !!!

Vidhi Dyestuff

Excellent set of numbers and third interim dividend announced. The commentary also looks strong.

Ambika Cotton

Steady Set of numbers.

Simmonds Marshall

Slightly subdued numbers. Hopefully, it would revert back to growth path soon.

Katwa Udyog

Stable set of numbers. No surprises here.

DHP India

Stable set of numbers.

Panyam Cements

Subdued set of numbers on bottomline front. One needs to understand what is hampering bottomline though topline growth is encouraging.

God Bless !!!

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71 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. Vinay says:

    Hi Ace,
    Panyam turns profitable YoY from -5.5 to +0.82cr. Looks okay. Why do feel its subdued?Is it bcoz the topline and bottomline were better in last qtr or am I missing something else.


  2. Rainmaker says:

    hello Ace – thanks as always for guidance .. 2 key inputs :
    1. HOw can one find the cement selling prices in AP / GOa.. trendline ? if the data is brand wise then even better ..i have tried google but didnt work … do you a website /way to get this data

    2. for SKM egg – i think of the key is to track the rate of international egg powder rate – but havn’t been able to find a trend line .. since you were tracking the stock – any idea on how to

    3. is there a way to know the sale in Tons rather than Value for quater report – it may sound a stupid question but many times knowing the output in units is better for analysing . . and the only way i know is to write to compnay – any other way of getting the data

  3. acefan says:

    hi ace…most of our picks are turnaround stories..Warren buffet says
    ‘turnarounds seldom turnaround’…and truly not many turnarounds were successful…any thoughts on that?


    • taking just a line is quoting it out of context is not wise…also have you heard about companies like Symphony, Mangalam drugs, waterbase, singer india, Titan etc etc..

      • SAY says:

        Would like to contribute to the discussion:
        Buffett bias crops from textile mill they first bought + airlines, etc.,. which gave bad nos.
        Also bear in mind, he’s got abundance of free(almost) float now the sheer magnitude of its size shrinks his universe for bargain hunting while warding off risks.
        Brk has unique ability to sit for years looking for bargains, then why aim for turnarounds when they can get well run companies ?

  4. Sir, what is the reason that you have not given any updated for Sankhya Infotech?

  5. Akshay says:

    thanks for the update

  6. Good morning Ace! Anything new and interesting coming up?

  7. umesh says:

    hi ace mangalam drugs has broken the support of 185 now can we see further downside and what should be the support levels we should watch now

  8. Jitendra says:

    Sanjivani nos. are out. Not so encouraging result. What is ur view?

  9. naveenagp81 says:

    plz comment on sanjivani result

  10. Chetan Ogra says:

    Hi Ace,

    There has been downward trend in Sanjivani Parentage. Based on Dec 2015 Quarter the top line was subdued while bottom line was still better compared to Dec2014. Please let us know why there has been such huge correction. Is there some negative news towards the company.

  11. Venu says:

    Hi ACE, Sanjivani Parental in free fall and almost 50% down. Can we add now ? Please advise.

  12. Rajendra says:

    Dear Ace, what is the difference between adding on dips and averaging?

  13. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Ace,
    Any fundamental change/news in Sanjivani,which we are not aware…it’s going downhill at a very past pace ,@ Rs. 35 today.

  14. K Harikrishnan says:

    can we afirm Subex’s turnaround story wrt latest result? Your view is highly valuable.Regards K Harikrishnan.

  15. tigergems says:

    Can we average in sanjivani???

  16. Sampat says:

    Sanjivni and my portfolio gone for a toss! Thanks ACE.

  17. vinod says:

    Dear Ace,

    Is this wise to investment now in market or wait till market bottom out?


  18. RK says:

    Hi Ace sir,

    With the carnage taking place in mid-caps, can you please suggest in which of these a fresh entry can be made at current rates?

    Shree Keshav Cements (Katwa)
    TirupatiSarjan etc.

    Kindly guide.


  19. RAVI says:

    I am in doubt about the shareholding pattern of Sanjivani when i am adding up all the share holders mentioned in results i.e promoters and public approx 1% of share are not there in the results. Am i missing something?????????? of what………. And of course blaming Ace is sheer cowardliness at its top.

    • those who blame others never learn and therefore never make money… and hence ultimately get frustrated… god help them…

      • RightStock says:

        Those were here for a quick money. Please don’t bother them ACE.

        • RAVI says:

          People should always think over it: ” Paisa jaldi banana hai ya jyaada” many answers lies in this quote of a Superinvestor.

          • actually i do not agree with your adage. Its saying that speed of returns would always be inversely proportional to amount of returns which is wrong…with this theory FD is the best route for investments… on a lighter note…Who wouldnt like to have big money as soon as possible

            • RAVI says:

              My take was on to the short term traders who get themselves on the wrong foot all the time when market goes down. They think it is the end of market and one can make money only by speculation but not by buying the securities at very cheap which has the potential to give you exponential return when market turns the tide or even when it does not, the company which has The strong earning, good cash flow, above average growth, profit distribution to its shareholders etc will be the winner in the short term also.
              As one liners by the greats have very deep knowledge in them, it need a very high degree of deep thought to come to the meaning of them.

  20. Prem says:

    Ace just because of teachers like u….my portfolio still in green 🙂

    • great…also i think if proper portfolio management was there and proper stocks were identified, then investor’s portfolio should be up “mult-fold” times even today – since start of this blog i.e.

  21. Chandrashekara Bhat says:

    Dear All,
    I am not expert in market , but would like to share my thoughts….I believe each one would have bought the shares after studying it.
    Nobody can say whether market is bottomed now or still more pain left out.
    Investors should be ready to handle these falls (( I am sure as long as it is not borrowed money , they will be able to handle theses situations .. yes it may hurt you 🙂 as it is hard earned money ….))…. As most of the Companies recommend by Ace Sir has given good results , I am very hopeful that things will improve..Finally it is individual’s hard earned money, so they should take call… I am happy to stay invested as I don’t see anything major changed fundamentally. Only sad thing is that I don’t have money to invest ( I am 95 % Invested) ..but it is OK ….happy to wait for good time….
    “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” — Warren Buffett

  22. himanshu. says:

    sir waiting for your valuable views on wanbury results.

  23. kk says:

    Ace.. any updates on Guj Themis results ?

  24. sang says:

    Ace bro actually haven’t sold much In this carnage but added and now out of money. Ace bro I just wanna thank you from the deep of heart that now my conviction is not changing with the price variation. Have done brilliantly since last two years because of you.
    As the markets are falling like hell is open people will play blaming game. But I have full confidence that these people will shut mouth when the price moves northward. They have been looking at the screen and have forgotten that behind the quotes there is company operating. I have seen this happened earlier. Companies with good businesses and management have always bounced back.
    The best thing that can happen to the small investor is this blog , you have been putting up such great businesses in front of us constantly with positives as and risk involved in it and we are the who have to research further and take decisions.
    And finally if one had researched the companies put on this blog and had taken the positions they would have beaten the markets handsomely on both side. Ace you are truly ace bro take a bow.

  25. Jitendra says:

    It’s because of you, I learn to have patience in this type of market. Otherwise it would be difficult for me to see such type of negative portfolio. But hoping positive results and some positive news to come. Due to conviction and try to get more information on stocks, at the end of the day I’m not loosing my sleep.

    • noone should… its part of the game… hopefully sanity is returning soon…

      • Ra Da says:

        Everyone seems to be thinking its 2008..This is why I even feel it is not going to be 2008..this is shorting and high margin selling in work here..2008 happened bcoz of us financial mortgage crisis n then going subsequently to recession.. Us is definitely not in a recession now or Fed would surely not have raised interest rates earlier..but cash is definitely king and should be used effectively.. This is my own thinking because I will be going for loan if markers tank 20 percent more..

        • Ra Da says:

          Ace do you think my thought process is in the right direction..

          • see, no theory is right or wrong….at these sentiments one should be logical and that’s all. logic says 20-30% correction is bull market is a regular phenomena…and hopefully we are near an intermediate bottom…

        • Ra Da says:

          Ace sir..what I wanted to say is in 2008 the reasons were clear n universally known..but today initially china..then Greece..crude since last 3 months..immediate times the statement by yellen which was neither here or there..very convenient for her but not so good for global markets..also put in European banks n our own psu banking crisis..every analyst is pointing at one or more or all of these reasons but they are themselves not clear..should one consider all these as noise?

  26. Puru Ji says:

    Holding Panyam with a determination for better returns from here onwards.

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