Results Update !!!

Orient Beverages

Good set of numbers and more importantly commercial launch of Bisleri Sode and few other drinks that would be commence commercial production in the coming few days.

Liberty Shoes

Good results by the company considering 15% same store sales growth and improving EBITA. Please read the press release for further information.

Gujarat Themis

No surprises here on results. A couple of important positives have been that Company has become networth positive and has filed application for de-registration as a sick unit. This is certainly good news for the long term.

Sanjivan Paternal

Subdued Numbers, certainly more was expected. But being formulations, the growth could be lumpy. It should be monitored closely.

Sahyadri Industries

Very Bad set of numbers.


Subdued set of numbers both on topline and bottomline.

Tirupati Sarjanย 

Good set of numbers considering the state of economy and also remember these are just standalone numbers.

God Bless !!!

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42 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. kk says:

    Thanks Ace! appreciate the effort !

  2. Vinay says:

    Hi Ace,
    Promoter pledge probably hurted more in sanjivani.

  3. shreeux says:

    Thanks for Update..!!!
    Your view on Vishnu Chemical

    • i would rather look at a vidhi dyes..its growing, free cash flows, great dividend, increasing OPMs every quarter, one of the biggest players in the world and technically one of those very very few stocks that have not budged an inch.

      • RAVI says:

        After looking at result of Vidhi I observe ( if i m not missing somthing) that they have already utilized there increased production capacity. With Gods grace they have to have capex plan after FY17. More growth more cash is going to come ……………..

        • actually, the increased capacity is not fully utilized as per my information and more importantly they are also outsourcing… no wonder their RoE and RoCE is going to the roof ๐Ÿ™‚ … improving almost QoQ basis and perking up YoY basis…great trend…

  4. scaredguy says:

    sir, really scared to see the screen

  5. Akshay says:

    Thanks for the update

  6. amit2706 says:

    sir tirupati sarjan standalone results reflects mainly tender business with thin margin but ahmedabad res project turnover nos are not reflected. Company inform bse 4 month back in disclosure of new order that they will account 48 cr ahmedabad res project turnover before march 16 but only 8 cr in this quarter. as per disclosure balance 40 cr res project accounting should be before march if disclosures are correct in addition to africa 72 cr project profit. We will hope for best in april 16. Thanks for your tips

  7. raj khemani says:

    Thanks Ace, for the updates, do u still see any downside for the markets, its like a blood bath.?? On 11 Feb 2016 22:57, “aceinvestortrader” wrote:

    > aceinvestortrader posted: “Orient Beverages Good set of numbers and more > importantly commercial launch of Bisleri Sode and few other drinks that > would be commence commercial production in the coming few days. Liberty > Shoes Good results by the company considering 15% same store s” >

  8. scaredguy says:

    sir, i am planning to buy vidhi..but scared of the downside… the levels appears to be good … i dont know why i am feeling scared… so convinced about the business…

    • if you yourself are convinced then what is the problem… noone can buy at absolute bottom but these are fantastic levels technically also as you pointed out.. RoE, RoCE at 35% plus…great dividend, OPMs improving every quarter, pricing power, great dividend sharing company… growth going to continue… i dont know what else people would want

  9. acefan says:

    hi you think one can average sanjivani at this price…or should we wait for another quarter..

  10. sachin says:


    Your view on capital Trust. It has posted very good result for the quarter.

  11. Very good set of numbers by Spenta ๐Ÿ™‚ considering the strike and all.

  12. Jitendra says:

    Good numbers by Spenta. YOY Revenue up by @30% whereas QOQ NP up @18%.
    Nine months EPS Rs.6.6 as compared to Rs.3.00. Indeed a good result.

  13. Chinmoy says:

    Sir what to do with aimco please guide please

  14. Venu says:

    Hi ACE, Your views on westlife development ltd.

  15. sarvdeep123 says:

    Hi Ace,

    I was trying to research companies on my own & found a company called S.E Investments. It is a micro-finance company & recently has corrected 30-35%, whats your view on this company?

  16. naveenagp81 says:

    in Sankhya , income from banking decreased defence increased

  17. Aditya says:

    Thanks for the update

  18. skrai81 says:

    Hi Sir, wanbury result is very flactuating QoQ.
    What is ur thought..? Should we continue holding it. Can it be accumulated at current level. Need ur expert advice.

    • buying or selling is your own decision, and more importantly the stock was discussed two years ago and it is expected that by now, the investors should know about their company more than anyone else. the stock has already given more than 150% returns…

  19. Gaurav says:

    Do we still continue to own Sahyadri ?

  20. Puru Ji says:

    Hope this Q would be better for all these companies.

    • actually IMHO there were already signs of improving results in the last quarter. if we strip out the banking results, the results were not that bad…ofcourse given the context. My sense is that now every quarter could be an improvement over the previous one

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