Prima Plastic – Four times in 1.5 yrs

Congratulations to all the investors of Prima Plastic who have multiplied their money by more than four times in less than 1.5 yrs. In the context of carnage that we saw in last few months this performance is special. Great going !!!

God Bless !!!

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80 Responses to Prima Plastic – Four times in 1.5 yrs

  1. Congrats to all 🙂

  2. Akshay says:

    congrats to all

  3. abhinav says:

    This is just beginning. It can double from here in next 6 months.

  4. Roshan says:

    Congrats to all investors and ace 🙂

  5. Navin Sharma says:

    Sir special thanks to you as your guidance gave us the conviction to hold this in turbulent times… I think it still have a long way to go……

  6. shubham says:

    Thanks ace for finding out this gem .
    With expansion going on , it will go way long in 2-3 years .
    God bless you and your family .

  7. m m nazir says:

    Sir, excellent going. do give us a new Gem. Long time -no see.

  8. Rohit Gulati says:

    Excellent pick Ace.It had been steady mover!!!

  9. Puru Ji says:

    Thank you, Ace!

  10. aditya says:

    sir your views on NR Agarwal n Nikhil Adhesives

  11. Pramod says:

    Dear Ace
    Kindly give new gem . As of now , i will make fresh entry to prima plastics.
    God bless

  12. Swetha says:

    hi ace,
    I have read your article about sankhya infotech.ever enquired about the company through its employees?.
    i doubt they are making employees happy.then how business will grow?

    • Try to go through comments on the blog regarding this which we have already discussed on this blog umpteen number of times. nevertheless, employees have nothing to complain about as far as i know. also every employee will have their own experience depending on various factors which are mostly fluid so one should be careful about such opinions. AT times we have even heard stories about infy and TCS and most of such stories are individualistic propaganda. Also, if you have any doubt, then pls refrain because ultimately the investor himself has to access his own comfort in the company. If you have to ask me this question then clearly you are trying to work on borrowed conviction which never works.

  13. abhinav says:

    Sir, can you please suggest one good stock from SMAC sector for long term.

  14. totaslsiyapaa says:

    thanks to your averaging call sir, now i have comfortably in green in BSL… god bless u sir..

  15. David says:

    Hi Sir,
    Your Views on Kakatiya Cement.

  16. Amit says:

    Sir, have you looked at this small NBFC called capital trust ? their numbers look great.

  17. Arunkumar says:

    Hi aceinvestor, my fB request from Id: ‘Sun Victorious’ is still pending for ur friend request. Pls accept it.

  18. Maya says:

    Ace, would you say that the mojo has left the pharma sector for now and moved to cyclicals?

  19. Santhosh says:

    Sir your views on poddar pigments and Cox and Kings Ltd.

  20. Gaurav says:

    Ace, your views on kriti nutrients?

  21. amit says:

    Sir prima and vidhi r still a buy after so much run up…

    • what is your own sense on it?

      • niravkaria says:

        Sir sorry no ofence but if one is asking genuinly ur opinion, then say yes or no. Y u r asking counter question n demotivating that person….sry again no offence. Same question was asked by me n u replied same thing. After that i stopped asking u.

        • none taken…if a person does not have any opinion by himself that means he is playing blind and on borrowed conviction. that’s a recipe for disaster. one needs to use their own research to build conviction or one cannot survive volatility. And last but not the least, i am fine with you or anyone choosing not to ask question than to research and build conviction. One should learn to help himself.

  22. sang says:

    Which one would be better one from Cox and Kings / Thomas cook

  23. julian says:

    sir, even i took your averaging call on BSL and thanks to it i am in money now…but it took me a while to understand that you had hinted to average… i would request you to kindly put a new post whenever you think a stock needs to be averaged…this would be helpful sir…

  24. Namita says:

    Sir, is there any sugar stock that you like?

  25. Value Investor says:

    Hi Ace,
    Good news for cupid.
    Cupid will resume trading effective from April 20.(wednesday)
    BSE Notice No:20160418-23

    Thanks for teaching us to have conviction.
    God Bless you.
    Value Investor

  26. Rami says:

    Ace sir,
    Whats your view on JK Lakshmi cement and Sagar cement for long term?

  27. sanjeev says:

    Hello sir

    Your thoughts on Weizmann Forex? 4500cr revenues available at 200cr mcap and a good dividend yied of 4.5%…juicy valuations?

  28. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace, since you are investor and trader, would like to know your view about percentage allocations to core or investment portfolio and trading portfolio ! Off course it is individual’s choice but what is the ideal proportion in your opinion ?

  29. aslam says:

    sir, i have made huge money on your tvs call… thanks a ton… still have one lot left..God Bless you sir… your analysis is superb. have always made money…really thank u.

  30. Ramesh Patel says:

    Sorry ace, but the query was not at all specific to your portfolio !
    Sometimes you give general view like that for averaging a stock (e. g. preferable only at minimum 50% lower than original buying price !!). Likewise I wanted to know the general guideline for allocations to investment and trading portfolios ! Any way, thanks for response and God bless !

  31. Prem says:

    Hello Ace sir :)…..”ASHOK ALCO-CHEM LTD.” seems cheap at this price….want to know your valuable comment on this. Thank u sir

  32. Your views on Transport Corporation of India Ace? Do you think the valuation at CMP is too high though?

  33. abhinav says:

    Sir, what’s your Facebook ID? I have tried hard but couldn’t able to find you. Please share your ID if possible. Thanks….

  34. naveenagp81 says:

    Sir, i got news about prima plastic……….
    The company has closed down its aluminium composite panels (ACP) business, which was
    incurring losses over the past many years. The core plant of ACP division was sold in January
    2015. However, the land, buildings and other machinery were retained to accommodate the
    additional requirement of factory space for the plastics division and also to expand this

  35. ramkumar nagaraj says:

    What is ur view of prima for long term? say 5 years.
    A plastic manufacturing company at PE of 20+ is a recipe for disaster unless earnings keep growing very fast. An off quarter could leave me in 30-40% loss, which is huge

    Pls help, Ramu

    • if you are worried about an “off quarter” that could bring in notional loss.. you should not be in stocks at all. please invest in FD because your risk apetite is not good enough for stocks. I hope you have researched the company well. There enough discussion on this blog for you to dig deep .

      • Ramu says:

        Perfect sir, thanks for ur belief in the stock.
        No im not bothered about QoQ results, im strictly a long term investor


        • high and improving roe, roce, debt free, internally accured capex, growth….what else we want…right..

          • Ramu says:

            If i look at liabilities on, it shows 72 crores as liablity for last yr march 2015.
            is that a concern or its just a loan of working capitol?

            Total Liabilities==72.16 crores,

            But the other parameters are brilliant, if the management is a lil aggressive this stock has no bounds 🙂

            • would suggest you to rely on AR for data and to “understand” what all this means. Its not a bad idea to brush up some basic finance skills. Please google the blog for all the research on prima and you’ll find, the exact point being discussed more than once. Better – understand what is all this

  36. ramaxcoder1 says:

    Ace Ji,
    Views on Gruh finance. Biz model looks solid and will probably be a steady compounder, but im worried about NPA’s it may occur over long term.
    Pls share long term views on this stock? ramu

  37. Ram Kumara says:


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