SKS Microfinance – Results Upate !!!

SKS Micro came out with another quarter and year of stellar results. The earnings juggernaut continues. Great going.

God Bless !!!

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77 Responses to SKS Microfinance – Results Upate !!!

  1. Great! Congrats to all 🙂

  2. Akshay says:

    Thanks for the update

  3. Niraj Bhagtani says:

    Hi sir what are your views on Adani Ports at CMP ?

  4. OMKAR says:

    Dear sir,

    can i enter at present price for long term

  5. Pramod says:

    Congratulations Ace for SKS. What is your opinion on Indian Toners and Developers?

  6. AJ says:

    Your take on Ujjivan Financial Services and the Thyrocare IPO’s?

  7. BSL on a roll Ace 🙂

  8. Ace, your take on the Bhilwara group’s offshore holdings coming under the Panama papers scrutiny?

  9. mesh says:

    How are u sir,…..
    after long time back ……


  10. jayprakash says:

    do u track Lancor holding? it recently sold land for half of its mkt cap. pls share ur opinion. thnks

  11. Chinmoy says:

    Sir i am holding orchid pfarma at 50 ,1000 quantity. Should i exit or wait .please suggest

  12. Ace, just a humble request. If not this weekend, please give out your next pick next weekend or during any other weekend. Would help all of us research the stock more and build conviction. Something that you always insist on 🙂

  13. Arun D R says:

    Dear Ace,

    Last day I have gone through the results of a company ” Store One Retail India Limited”. As per the company website their business is Retail stores but as per the notes to results the business segments are Construction, Management & Maintenance service & Equipment Leasing services. They have declared bumper results. How is it possible. Do you have any idea?
    Thanks in Advance

  14. sathishkumar says:

    Dear sir, Kindly share your views about satin credit care , who is in the same space as sks, kindly give your views if u r tracking.

  15. Ramesh Patel says:

    Ace, Excel crop science has exited Aimco Pesticides by selling its holding to other promoters…Is it a negative development because while evaluating the company we considered it as one of the big positives ! Though this also implies confidence of other promoters who have bought the Excel stake….Stock Price has steadily increased from around 30 level (today on UC)…I think this deserves your fresh view as stake sale by Excel is by all means an important development.

  16. Investologic says:

    Hello Ace
    Long time since you came out with another gem. What is your take on Alembic Pharma and Granules India as compared to Sun Pharma and Poly Medicure? They are all leaders in their respective spaces, but given a choice which of the four would solicit your attention?

  17. Akshay says:

    “Vidhi Dyestuffs Manufacturing Limited” changing its name to “Vidhi Specialty Food Ingredients Limited”

  18. Sudershan says:

    Sir whats your view on pennar ind, banco products and nocil

  19. abhinav says:

    Sir, what’s your view on lykis Ltd for long term? Vijaya kedia is a promoter. Can we consider for long term?

  20. vimal says:

    Hi, ur view on RACL geartech?

  21. pavans13 says:

    Tirupati Development (U) secures housing construction contract worth Rs 173.93 cr

    Tirupati Sarjan announced that Tirupati Development (U) , a subsidiary of the Company in Uganda received contract from National Housing and Construction Company for The construction of The Naalya Pride Housing Project comprising of 280 apartments with associated infrastructure of 26.11 million USD equivalents to Rs. 173.93 crore.
    The project will be completed in a Two Phase, Phase-1 comprising of 152 units & Phase-2 comprising of 128 units.

    The Company is expecting to complete the entire project in the span of three years.

  22. Aj says:

    When is your next recommendation out?

  23. Sam says:

    Hi Ace,

    Whats your view on Lakshmi Food & Energy Ltd.


  24. Vipul says:

    Ace, please give your present views on likely future of Ashiana,CCL Products, Kalyani Steels, Force Motors..

  25. Niraj Bhagtani says:

    Hi Ace,

    Your Views on Concord Drugs.

  26. Prasad says:

    Whats going on with Sankhya? the stock is tanking by the day.. Any change in the fundamentals?

    • a bit of volatility is always there in small caps. the stock had doubled in a month and if that was fine with you then what is the problem now? do you think just because one has bought a stock it has to go up only? its been six months since the stock was recommended, and i am sure you have done research before buying it. your own conviction would answer the question

  27. Harshad Mehta says:

    Hi Ace,

    Could you please evaluate Saregama and Dynacons Tech. Would you advise them for investment ? Thanks in advance.

  28. Rahul Bondre says:

    Dear Ace

    Have sent a friend request and also messaged you on Facebook, could you kindly accept the request.



  29. Vivek arora says:

    Sir let me know whats yur view about mangalam drugs for future growth. ..can we expect good growth in topline n botamline. …

  30. Very good results by BSL Ace. OPMs almost doubled YoY. Tax expense in the current year and deferred tax credit in the previous year has resulted in a lower EPS though.

  31. Vinod says:

    Dear Ace. Yours views on ADCC infocad. Is it worth investing. Thank you in advance

  32. Karan says:

    Hi ace, any views on BSL’s results? Decent numbers during tough time? Thanks in advance.

  33. Niraj Bhagtani says:

    Hi Sir,

    Your views on Cupid Results ?

    Seems like a Superb set of numbers.

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