Results Update !!!


Very good results and good numbers continue to pour. It looks now the company is delivering on the massive potential it has.

JHS Svendgaard

Very good set of numbers by the company and what is more heartening is that the management seem to be walking the talk as this quarter the company has shown a positive EPS number after a long time, confirming the revival and this is a key takeaway.

Mangalam Drugs & Organics

Good results from the company with positive commentary from the management. If the management indeed does give 15-20% growth in this FY, then coming quarters could be very interesting and as per the management the new unit is coming onstream by Nov/Dec.

God Bless !!!

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38 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. Akshay says:

    Thanks for the update

  2. divya says:

    i thought it would be the new pick 🙂

  3. Vaibhav Jain says:

    Hi Ace,

    Happy with JHS numbers, but it’s pretty early to say “very good”. They turned into green at bottom line, mainly because of absence of exceptional or extraordinary loss, which had been there in past quarters. At operating level, it’s still at loss.

    But I do agree, this quarter would be the inflection point and is sure poised to turn into profit now. And of course, if we are thinking long term, this is a good beginning.

    I guess it will correct a bit and I will grab opportunity to enter into it. Missed it when you first posted 😔

    • the results are very good IMHO as it exceeded my expectation. I was not expecting a positive EPS in this quarter but since it has come, i will tend to believe what the company is saying and this increases my confidence in the company multi-fold. But importantly, this is not a one quarter story and i would look at the earnings trend rather than live or die by the quarter.

      • Vaibhav says:

        Hi Ace,

        I was wondering about tax implications of GST on JHS. They enjoy tax benefits for being in Kala Amb (HP). With GST, is this exemption slated to go away? Broadly speaking, how would the companies in SEZ be impacted? Can you please share your thoughts.


        • there’s no specific mention atleast on the draft, therefore, its likely that for non-it company they will have to take for refund which increase compliance cost, and in short term needs good working capital management BUT the cost saving because of income tax required to be paid and freight savings is huge and therefore, all FMCG companies (barring i think cola) should benefit immesely.

  4. niravkaria says:

    Sir can u pls throw ur views on today’s fall of Sks…

  5. Parthiban says:

    Im new to your blog and found several amazing stock picks.. To be frank I had never heard of JHS Svendgaard, but after looking at the company and its potential, i was amazed by your knowledge on indian business environment. thanks for your time and posts. I have started adding JHS Svendgaard in small amounts for a long term.. cheers…

  6. divya says:

    sir wanbury announced successful USFDA audit… i think this is great news.

  7. Jitendra says:

    Associated Stone will declare bonus on 6th August.

  8. sir your views on gabriel india

  9. Ace your new pick coming tonight?

  10. divya says:

    sir, cybertech is looking very strong

  11. sachin says:

    when is prima declaring results?

  12. sachin says:

    cupid is mentioned in forbes asia’s best under a billion list….great find ace….congrats.

  13. Sang says:

    Your views on magna electrocast and patels airtemp ace bro

  14. Prakash says:

    Ace bro, I thought u were supposed to come with a new pick 🙂

  15. Parthiban says:

    Your view on edelweiss financial?

  16. Roshan says:

    Hi ace ..Your views on Asm tech

  17. deepak says:

    ace…kellton tech has posted good numbers….ur views on this?

  18. pradeep says:

    whats your views on jubilant industries? is it good buy now ?

  19. Ace a little heads up on when you’re gonna post the new idea would be nice 🙂

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