Results Update !!!

Associated Stone

Excellent set of numbers from the company along with 1:4 bonus announcement. Great going.

Ambika Cotton

Good steady numbers from Ambika.

Rajoo Engg

Sedate set of numbers as we await the economy to pick up.

God Bless !!!

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30 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. sachin says:

    Thanks for the update

  2. tejas says:

    sir what’s your take on quickheal tech

  3. totalsiyapaa says:

    what’s your take on sampre nutrition sir? its has grown very well in the last year on back of a huge 3 year contract that they have won recently and its turnover has also grown 10 times in last 5 years and is trading at a discount to its other peer lotus chocolate which itself has not grown at all in last few years. The coming future also looks good and it also owns sampre brand of tofees.

    • yes, between the two sampre is definately better IMHO. further i guess they were in process of getting some order from a big pharma company for their medicated candies. Anyways, i am more interested in the plans they might have for sampre brand candies as that normally would increase the stock substancially as it completely becomes an FMCG business. Disc- Standard disclosure applies that i might have some vested interest in it.

  4. pavans13 says:

    Thanks Ace for update! Kotah update just made my evening. Thanks a ton for giving us this gem.

  5. vivek says:

    thanks for ambika ace… prof sanjay bakshi also owns it.

  6. Ace your views on Pearl polymers?

  7. rahul says:

    Ambika cotton past 5 years growth in Operating profits is less than Fixed deposit interest rates. The current growth is also less than Fixed deposit interest rate. If the owner had put his money in Fixed deposit, he would have made more money (pre-tax). Amazing!

    • No, actually what’s amazing is your comparison. if you had invested in ambika 5 yrs back your capital would have multiplied by 6 times and your FD would have added just 50% to your capital- An outperformance of “10 times”. Also for your point if you increase your horizon to 6 yrs you’ll suddenly see Ambika’s outperforms your FD by double 🙂 …. so basically its important to “see” the big picture and understand you are an investor and how the company is creating value for the stock holders…and yes dont forget the dividends which would have returned 70% of your purchase price and….oh did i forget that everything is tax free.. my friend let’s pls be appreciative of good managements creating shareholder wealth.

    • What a silly comparison!

  8. Akshay says:

    thanks for the update

  9. Sang says:

    Ace bro regarding ambika it is operating at 95℅. They have to do capacity addition for further growth but as per them additional spinning unit is pending due to the delay in land clearance by govt. Could this be reason for recent underperformance of the stock.
    P.S. Knitting facility will be underway from October. It will be interesting to see how this facility performs.

    • i am fairly upbeat.. see, let’s not forget that when the markets were crashing it hardly went down by 10-16% from CMP… so these kinds of stocks do not move with every move of markets. but given the track record we know for sure these people have an uncanny knack of creating shareholder wealth….

      • Sang says:

        Yes that’s true its a bet on the good management. Its good to see a company coming up and clarifying investor doubts and disclosing to the exchange. Let’s hope they continue to create shareholders wealth

  10. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    Prima at 240/- . 6x came so quickly . I could remember Cupids days, when next “X” used to come so quickly that you decided to post updates only in multiples of 5x 🙂 .
    Hope prima will repeat the story .

    Thanks & Regards,

  11. Sahil says:

    Dear Ace,

    What is your view on Talwalkar Fitness. As India grows, middle class will also grow so is the money they can spare on their fitness. But is Talwalkar doing it right ?

  12. Sanjay says:

    I got to know that Sankhyain is about to announce very bad numbers tomorrow.

  13. Malay says:

    What is the reason behind the increased borrowings and increased advances by Associated Stone Industry?

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