Results Update !!!

DHP India

Very good set of numbers.

Orient Beverages

Good set of numbers with expansion now coming into play.

Simmonds Marshall

Decent results. increased promoter holding is positive.


Mixed set of numbers with topline improving but bottomline taking a hit. Overall the company seems to be on the right track.

Spenta International

Slightly disappointing results and we will keep a close watch on the business unfolding in the coming few quarters.

Gujarat Themis

No surprises in numbers.

Katwa Udyog

The drop in revenue was made up with excellent Operating margins. The company is slated to complete the expansion by the end of fourth quarter. Good numbers.

Pressman Advertising

Stable set of numbers with operational performance being very good.


Subdued set of numbers, though FDA approval a few days back is a good trigger.


Good set of numbers even though input costs escalated but the fact that they have expanded to newer geographies this quarter is good.

Prima Plastics

Decent set of numbers with very good operational performance. Numbers of triggers in place for earnings growth.

Vidhi Dyes

Decent set of numbers with healthy EBITA.

Sankhya Info

Good set of numbers with operating margins improving significantly.

Sanjivani Paranteral

Very bad set of numbers. Company needs to clarify how suddenly the numbers are dropping.

V2 Retail

Good numbers by the company with newer stores starting to contribute now.

Tirupati Sarjan

Mixed set of numbers with topline decreasing but margins improving.

Sahyadri Ind

Good set of numbers with significant improvement in the Operating margins. Need to check if its sustainable.

Aimco Pesticides

Stable set of numbers with good operational performance. Not to forget a rock solid balance sheet.

God Bless !!!


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110 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. Akshay says:

    Thanks for the update…what abt AIMCO results?

  2. shreeux says:

    Thanks for updating..!!!

  3. Vinay says:

    U mentioned V2 results as good. But with 30% growth in topline (due to newer stores) we have lesser profits YOY (Higher finance cost and other expenses). And moreover this 2nd qtr in row with decreased profits. Why do u think they r on right track?

    Thanks and regards,

    • in the short term the OPMs would obviously be less. the stores take a few months to become operationally positive.

      • Mujtaba says:

        Good Day,
        Need your help, I am. Rebuilding my portfolio from. Scratchfor long term, could you please recommend some stocks… All your picks are already rocking could you please recommend fee which are good picks for. Next two to three years.

        • hello. you can pick from any of the ideas already discussed on the blog or if you are not comfortable with valuations or something you can wait for a new pick to be announced and evaluate it, research it and then take a call based on your own conviction and risk profile. it appears that you are new to the blog and therefore, let me tell you that i do not do portfolio management and that the investor should learn to do himself/herself. i only present some stock stories i feel that are exciting and have potential. Rest is up to the individual.

          • Mujtaba says:

            Thanks a lot, really appreciate your reply, I went through all your picks and most of them alrady become multibagger, I will wait for your new pick and your research on them. To. Learn, evaluate and invest.
            Once again appreciate your time and efforts

    • sarath babu V V H says:

      Any new business require significant amount of time to leap profits..the same applicable for v2 new stores also…

  4. mihir says:

    ace sir,
    could u please throw light on tirupati sarjan topline decreasing ?..

  5. Arun D R says:

    Thanks for the valuable update

  6. skrai81 says:

    Dear Ace,

    What is your view on Lakshmi Energy and Foods, Sumeet Industries and Mercator.

    Thanks, Santosh

  7. Thanks for the update. Ace why were the results of Spenta disappointing from your perspective? I thought they were pretty decent. Am I missing something here?

  8. shreeux says:

    HI Ace,

    Your view on GPT Infraprojects?

  9. Okay 🙂 Lol I’m a child when it comes to this but seriously, awaiting your new pick with so much earnestness 🙂 I always tend to read the stock stories of your old picks again and again and wonder how much of research and hard work goes into it. You could publish a book with all of the stock stories and I could keep reading them multiple times 🙂 Kudos to you Ace 🙂

  10. poddar10002 says:

    hi team,

    Kindly let us know the best share to buy among all the below mentioned ones. the ones which have good fundamentals and can double i n next few months.

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  11. Khan says:

    Appreciate if you can provide your views on the following stocks
    1) Aztec
    3) Vikas
    4) oriental carbon
    5)Adil finechem

  12. Vinay says:


    Few ppl are worried abt panyam results. But This qtr promoter bought 3%.

    Thanks and regards

  13. Ace your views on Cosyn?

  14. Arun says:

    Prima Plastics in Raamdeo Agrawal probable 100 Baggers list.

  15. pruthvi says:

    Ace Your view on bs Ltd.
    Top line : 4000+ crores.
    Market cap less than 400 Crores.

    segment it is working is very imp due to GOI plan of electrification of all villages….

    kindly provide your view.

  16. vivek says:

    sir do you know this guy Willem P Elfrink to whom cybertech has alloted warrants.

  17. Sang says:

    Hi ace bro cybertech going to issue 10 lakhs OFCWs(not exceeding) to Willem P. Elfrink. according to Bloomberg profile he is a Veteran from Cisco and now president wpe ventures digitized solutions and his Twitter profile says passionate about smart cities and transformational business outcome.
    This deal( if materializes) looks more than a fund raising to me. What’s your views ace bro

    • yes this is very positive. i kinda know this guy from the industry from his cisco days where he was heading some research programs on IoT apart from other programs. This is indeed positive for cybertech.

  18. PeeKay says:

    Hi Ace, Whats your view on Weizmann?

  19. Jitendra says:

    Congrats Sindhu for 1st Silver medal in Olympic Badminton.

  20. Rajendra says:

    Dear Ace, with your making money appears so easy in stock markets which I know is not so. God bless you for giving us one more gem i.e. Cybertech which is now realizing its potential.

    • yes, its finally realizing the true potential. and if you have taken the averaging call, you would be in hefty profits and cmp.

      • Roshan says:

        Really it tested our patience but the only thing that helped me hold on to this was studying the company and the massive potential its products have ..Thanks ace for guiding us 🙂

      • Sang says:

        Ace bro not averaged on the downside. But adding now after last quarter results and recent development tempting me to add some more.

      • Mukund says:

        Aceinvestortrader , yes I have bought cybertech and sitting on 100% profit ! Vidhi 200%, prima 300%….. You are champion of champions. A champion is who creates other champion!

      • Rajendra says:

        typo *with your guidance. Yes I am in very good profits at CMP. Thanks.

  21. vivek says:

    sir, the warrants are issued at 67rs for cybertech…this is very good….i was thinking that it must be much lower. Also, sir you are right…cybertech in its annoucement has told background of the person to whom the warrants are alloted and its the same ex-cisco guy with background on Internet of Things (IoT) … you are too good sir….

  22. Been real busy lately, Ace?

  23. Vivek says:

    Dear Ace,
    Apart from JHS any new pick??

  24. shilpa says:

    your views on NR Agarwal Industries and Estern Treadd

  25. abhinav says:

    Sir your view on setco automotive and medicamen biotech? Thanks…

  26. The Annual report of JHS for 2015 – 16 speaks VOLUMES of the growth that is going to follow 🙂 it’s very well presented 🙂

  27. Akhil Mohan says:

    Any new Picks???

  28. niravkaria says:

    Sir pls update about fall in sks micro….

  29. k harikrishnan says:

    sir, whether the fundamentals are good for ‘arrocoated products’? kindly make us know your opinion

  30. manan says:

    Sir, what is your view on potential of hcl infosystems?

  31. sachin says:

    sir cybertech has more than doubled from your average call yesterday

  32. skrai81 says:

    Dear Sir,
    what is your view on HEG, Firstsource and Snowman Logistic

  33. venu says:

    Hi Ace, your views on manpasand beverages.

  34. Ace what’s your take on the current situation of Welspun?

  35. Suneetha says:

    Plz share your view on Standard industries ltd, Mukand ltd, Arvind Infra ! Thanks in advance !

  36. mesh says:

    View on SHIVALIK RASAYAN please when u free….

  37. Prem says:

    Hello sir :)….do you think steel sector will perform in near future??? Any stock you like in steel sector??

  38. veena says:

    your views on tiger logistics

  39. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    V2 is is UC with humongous volume .
    Looks like its trying fly to another territory and it may compel you to post 6x update soon .
    Management is really upbeat about growth . Thanks for another GEM.

    Thanks & Regards,

  40. Sujit Akhuli says:

    sir please share your view on the future prospects of jain irrigation

  41. Vivek says:


  42. deepak says:

    ace ur views on tyche industries and vls finance?

  43. Ramesh Ankammagari says:

    Hello Ace,
    Need some advise on my below stocks
    GVK Power – 1 lak stocks @ 9.65 rs – CMP 6.2
    Unitech 50k shares @ 10.6 – CMP 5.2
    Jp Infra 20k shares @ 26 average – CMP 8.5
    Please advise to hold or exit, I am holding these stocks since over 3 years. If exit, please advise some good picks to make some good profit.


  44. Vaibhav says:

    Prima plastics 250+
    Thanks Ace and congrats to all those who bought this.

    I got a news that many PE firms are looking to get these shares, but are unable to. No one wants to sell them. % deliverable quality is ~85%, which is too high.

  45. Mohanan says:

    Hai Ace,
    I would like to know your views on prospects of Vaibhav Global, Sahyadri and Archies?

  46. Puru Ji says:

    Would u have any views on HCC’s recent debt reduction, if it can be on watchlist or have potential to turnaround in coming quarters?

  47. Chanadrsehekara Bhat says:

    Dear Ace,
    You old recommendation DHP INDIA LTD is rocking today ..Thanks for ths Gem. CMP 169.85 +11.93 %
    Kind regards,

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