Cupid Ltd – Update !!!

FYI…. Management Interviews – CNBC,BTVi.

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63 Responses to Cupid Ltd – Update !!!

  1. Akshay says:

    Thanks for the update

  2. niravkaria says:

    Ace can u share your views on Triton Valves, Satin Credit and Sundram Fasteners. Thanks

  3. nysrsp says:

    Sir, your views please on Alphageo and UPL for long-term

  4. nysrsp says:

    Also, please share your views on Ujjivan and Equitas for long-term

  5. Pramod says:

    Thanks for the update . Waiting for your new stock story 😀

  6. Suneetha says:

    Thanks for the update, i have recently taken position !

  7. dhairya says:

    Respected Sir ,
    Mr Sarang wadhawan , promoter of HDIL has disclosed to SEBI that he has acquired 1,50,00,000 securities through warrant conversion on 08.09.2016 and increased his stake from 0.99 % to 4.41%.
    Can u help me to understand this ? what could be the thinking of the promoter behind this ?
    A. They have converted at pre fixed price from which current market price is far better and then they will gradually sell it in market before the stock goes down,
    B. They believe that stock price is undervalued and going forward the business macro will improve and they have increase their stake formally ??

    Having said that i myself tried to dig it but could not understand as in some case post conversion by promoters stock rised and in some cases vise versa


  8. Balachandar says:

    Hi ace ji,
    What is u r view on jb chemicals & sterling tools

  9. Puru Ji says:

    What about ur update on Deccan Gold result? I have seen all other stock Result Update except Deccan Gold.

    • no you did not see all results. you didnt see sharp’s results also…and you also did not see the reasons of not posting these two results which was discussed a couple of quarters back. kindly go back and read the comments and you’ll know.

  10. chini9 says:

    hi Ace any new picks ur working on? can we aspect any new gem? 🙂

  11. NB says:

    Hi Ace,

    your views on PNC Infratech, Chemfab Alkalis and Indian Bank at CMP…?

  12. Puneet says:

    Sir Cupid was the only player in female condoms now who has approved 2 more companies

  13. Suneetha says:

    Plz share your view on DQ Entertainment ! Thanks in advance !

  14. Rajendra says:

    Vidhi Dyestuff making a strong move. Actually stocks like Vidhi, Prima and so many others don’t test patience but in fact they teach patience to the one willing to learn. Thanks dear Ace. Can u guide on the prospects of Shree Pushkar Chemicals.

  15. Khan says:

    Hi ace,
    Can you please provide your view on
    1) Goodyear
    2) fiberweb

  16. ganesh says:

    Hi Ace, What is your view on kwality especially since it has recently forayed into B2C segment?

  17. Ynrai says:

    Please let me know your views on “ion exchange” and “goodluck steel tubes” for long term.

  18. Niraj Bhagtani says:

    What are your views on Ortin Laboratories

  19. Niknike says:

    Dear Aceji,
    Greetings for the day. Any vuews on Pudumjee Paper Products, This company deals in paper products like tissue papers and napkins and is currently available at low valuations of 10X pe. I view this company as a FMCG co. and believe that valuation muliple will expand. Globally Kimberly Clarke Corp.has similar operations and trades at 23x pe multiple.

    Wouold be grateful if you can share your valuable views on this company?

  20. okumar says:

    Hi Sir,

    Eagerly waiting for your next stock. When would you provide the next stock analysis.


  21. Manish Chandra says:

    Ace can u share your views on Marksans Pharma, Suzlon energyand L & T Finance. Thanks

  22. Manish says:

    Hi Ace,

    This is the reply I got from Sanjivani regarding their Declining Net sales and future expectation.Thought to share with you and other readers here….I sent you an email too on this.requesting you to reply whenever you have time.

    Greetings from Sanjivani Parenteral Limited. Thanks for your query and interest in our company.

    Responding to your query, the decline in performance is primarily driven by drop in Sales caused due to various economic and competitive factors across the geographies we cater to.

    Pertaining to the future prospect of the company, we plan to expand our global reach, along with strengthening our domestic presence. We also look forward to strengthen our Contract Research And Manufacturing Services (CRAMS), forecasting growth in domestic contract formulation market.

    We hope that this gives you the requisite understanding of the previous quarter performance and long term growth plan of the company.

    • readers should understand that this was posted by one of the fellow readers and nobody can vouch for authenticity of it so kindly do your own research too.

      • indianbull10 says:

        CRAMS? As per the notes in last two quarter results, Sanjivani is completely into formulations!!!! Ace, you right pointed out, nobody can vouch for authenticity of it. Also, note that I sent email to Sanjivani twice in last couple of months. I dint get a single response, and this gentleman got a sweet reply(based on the wordings of the content) from the company!

      • indianbull10 says:

        What I got to know is Sanjivani has close to a year’s sales pending in receivables!!! Hence the drop in Quarter numbers

        • Receivables are part of Sales. If the receivables are rising with no increase in Sales, it means the Cashflows are bad. That’s not a good thing indianbull10. Anyhow, let us all wait for the company to clarify our queries.

  23. Nimish Shah says:

    Hi Ace Investor, what’s your view on Ambika Cotton?

  24. V J says:

    Hi, whats your view on Chaman Lal Setia?

  25. Srinivas says:

    Hi Ace!

    Came across your blog reference ( and very highly at that ) on another website. Kudos ! to you for the same. What is your view on the time horizon if one is keen to buy and hold Cupid at this juncture for a period of an year ( personally i am new to stocks – 2 months old ) but going through their financial info and the product range felt it would be a longterm winner. What are the other Co’s against which we can benchmark performance.
    Kindly advise.

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