V2 Retail – Seven Times In 2.1 Years !!!

Congratulations to all the investors of V2 Retail who have multiplied their money by over seven times in just over two years.

God Bless !!!

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26 Responses to V2 Retail – Seven Times In 2.1 Years !!!

  1. Zaf says:

    Hi AceInvestor
    I recently started reading this blog. I am a new investor and I found the stocks recommended by you have given tremendous returns to your followers. I am interested to follow your stock recommendations/suggestions.
    Do I need to subscribe and log in to the website to get access to your recommendations? How does it work? Or are your recommendations available openly with out log in? When do you come out with new recommendations normally? I cant see all the recommendations made by you in the past. Am I not looking at the right section or do I need to log in? How do I register?

    • first of all please understand that buying/selling/holding is your own decision. i just present some stock stories which i find very interesting and worth digging into. you should take that as a starting point and do your own research to build conviction and take it forward from there. you can choose to follow the blog by clicking on the follow button on the bottom right hand side of the blog and you’ll be updated of every new post. God Bless !!!

      • Zaf says:

        Hi Aceinvestortrader
        Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes I fully understand it is not a recommendation service, that is the reason I put the words, “recommendation/suggestion”.
        Anyway I have put my email under follow section and look forward to receiving alerts.
        Lastly is there any recent suggestion/stock story I can have a look at, which is not too old and could be a starting point for me?

        • please browse through the blog and choose for yourself.

          • Zaf says:

            Hi Aceinvestortrader
            Thanks for your reply.
            I have a request, need some advice from you about a stock I own.

            One of the stocks I have bought last year is Cafe Coffee Day. I subscribed to the IPO and bought stocks for little over Rs 1 Lakh. As you know the on listing the stock tanked and almost never recovered since then. It is giving me a loss of over Rs 30000 as the stock is down over 30% to its IPO price.
            Now I am in a fix what to do. Should I still hang on to it or should I get rid of it now? I tried to collect information, rather some advisory about the stock but there is hardly anyone covering the stock. Can you please give some advice about it?
            Should I continue holding it or should I cut my losses and buy something else?

  2. shreeux says:

    Thanks for Update…!!!

  3. Pramod says:

    Congratulations .. Waiting for new stock story 😀

  4. k harikrishnan says:

    hope Deccan goldmine is good for long even at this price.also please make us know whether Biocon is a good investment with a long term perspective.your opinion is highly appreciable.

    • did not understand your intent behind the question

      • k harikrishnan says:

        we are a group in sharing views and follow your blog for the last 3years.we want to add some more quantity in Deccan goldmine and before that want to know that this scrip is worth even at this price and moreover want to know your opinion about Biocon also,means whether it is good for long term.

        • adding or not is your own decision. i dont understand, even within a group if you people cannot decide what is the worth of a business especially when the company regularly conducts investor calls then i think first you dismantle that group (because it appears sheer waste of time, instead spend more time with your family and pray to almighty ) and second, go for some good mutual fund because that would enable a smart fund manager to manage your money. please develop research skills if you want to manage your own money

  5. Vivek arora says:

    Hi ace ….Optiemus infracom tie up with taiwan company to make mobile phone as contract manufacturing. Pls throw some light n yur views …..is this business idea is good for long term. ..

  6. niravkaria says:

    Sir your views on Sree Rayalaseem Hypo and Manappuram Finance. Thanka

  7. Akshay says:


  8. Puru Ji says:

    Congratulations, Ace!!

  9. Arjun_5 says:

    Hello sir.

    I am new this field, but glad to know your efforts and success you get to all followers..

    Can you please let me know which are the stocks I can enter now as I am new in this ground

    • buying or selling is your own decision. you can look at the stock stories discussed, choose the business that you understand, and research and see if your conviction allows you to take a plunge in any of the names

  10. ganesh says:

    Hi Ace,
    Is IFCI a good buy for long term as it has around 8% stake in NSE and its market capitalization is still not reflecting the recent valuations of NSE which is getting ready to be listed?

  11. abhihunter says:

    Is any any stock idea coming? I have really missed the stocks brought by you in light. Hope to catch the next one.

  12. Hi, could you please give view on warehouse sector ? Or any stock belong to this sector?

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