V2 Retail – Nine Times In 2.2 Years !!!

Congratulations to all the investors of V2 Retail who have multiplied their money by over nine times in just 2.2 years.

God Bless !!!

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138 Responses to V2 Retail – Nine Times In 2.2 Years !!!

  1. Valuepicker says:

    What is your view on kiri industries?

  2. Valuepicker says:

    What is your take on ultramarine pigments

  3. Pramod says:


  4. Akshay says:


  5. Manish says:

    Happy dusshera to you and your family.god bless you.

  6. Jitendra says:

    Happy Dassehra Ace

  7. pavans13 says:

    Dear Ace, Wish you a happy Dussera. 🙂

  8. shreeux says:

    Thanks for updates….!!!

  9. Ynrai says:

    Happy dusshera to you and all your followers.

  10. Nikhil says:

    Happy Dussera to you and your family ace .


  11. Sang says:

    Happy dushera ace bro.

  12. vimal says:

    Hi, ur view on Avonmore Capital & Management Services and snowman logistics?

  13. rainmaker says:

    Best wishes Ace .. Stay the same helpful you 🙂

  14. Raj Gupta says:

    V2r opened one more store in Haridwar…Miles to go still..Thanks Ace for this gem.

  15. Prabakaran K says:


    Please share your view on HCL info for long term perspective.


  16. Sudarshan says:

    Hi Ace… Please share your view on City Union Bank.. Thanks

  17. shivshankar says:

    Hi ace….plz share ur view on ABFRL…!!!

  18. vimal says:

    Hi, ur view on Selan exploration technology and transport corporation of india?

  19. Suneetha says:

    Plz share your view on LLoyd electric&Engineering. thanks in advance !

  20. Value hunter says:

    Any view on kridhan infra, subros, everest kanto?

  21. Ynrai says:

    Hi Ace,

    Do you have view on De Nora?


  22. valuepicker says:

    hi Ace,
    Is LT foods a great compounder?

  23. ganesh says:

    Hi Ace,
    What is your view on Ducon Infratech? It gave 3x returns in last one month and it is in news for all good reasons and revenues are expected to increase multifold in coming years

  24. Vetti says:

    Sir, Please share your views on Cambridge Technology and Alkyl Amines.

  25. deepak says:

    Ur views on Rs sofftware?

  26. Pram says:

    your views on Tanla Solutions please.

  27. Gajanand says:

    Your views on “Nagarjuna Oil” for long term?

  28. pooja says:

    Sir your views on amal ltd

  29. Vishwanath says:

    Ace, your find, Singer, is slowly on upward trajectory, after remaining dormant for sometime now. Thanks for this find.

  30. Reshma says:

    can you share yours views on
    Kilitch Drugs and Prithvi Softech


  31. Yuvaraj says:

    Hi Ace

    Your views on C & C Construction ?


  32. Johanjohn says:

    Hi Ace

    What is your views on Holding Companies like Maharashtra Scooters, STEL etc.

  33. Ra Da says:

    Ace is it possible to be financially independent by investing in stocks? Are you into investing full time ? If possible it will be great to know how you started investing and gained so much proficiency.. Also if you could suggest some reading that one needs to go through.. I have only read Ben Graham’s Intelligent inv and was able to absorb 80%.. Also read all the posts and did some research on my own..I like doing this very much.. Also to keep the cash flow going I am continuing my job..But with perseverance in another 5-7 yrs I hope to gain a decent level of knowledge and corpus and take up investing as a full time profession..

  34. valuepicker says:

    any views on max venturesThere was a mad rush to buy this after demeger. It has corrected significantly from top

  35. Suresh says:

    Dear sir,

    What is your views on centum electronics and precision electronics.


  36. chinmoy says:

    sir I bitterly need your help to understand if I should switch over to suven life from dredging corp .please help .request ur quick reply please

  37. Value hunter says:

    Any view on saint gobain and radico khaitan?

  38. AW says:

    any view on Ashapura Intimate Fashion?

  39. Manoj says:

    Hi Ace,
    Please provide your views on Alphageo India.

  40. Pls update on invocation disclosure on SankhyaInfotech..Desperately awaiting for your views

  41. STP says:

    Hello sir.. writing after long time.. was an early follower.. bsl did well today! kudos

  42. pruthvi says:

    Sir, What is your view on Basant Agro ltd.
    Its a seed company- agro sector.
    The stock price is showing some movement after long consolidation.
    Kindly oofer your views
    Thank you

  43. hello , Please update on Sankhya latest disclosures.As you are not updating I can take it as a big negative to inverstors

  44. Sujit Akhuli says:

    sir please share your views on gtl infra, lml ltd. and a2z infra

  45. KV Rao says:

    Dear Ace, I like your sharp,precise , clear thought process may god bless you and your family

  46. Sreeram says:

    Hi Ace, What is your view on Megasoft. Sreeram

  47. Murty says:

    Dear Ace,
    Need your opinion on Pudumjee Pulp and Paper

  48. Praveen says:

    Hi Ace, What is your view on Sonata Software and HMVL ?

  49. niravkaria says:

    Sir your views on Kamdhenu and Kirloskar Electric Co. Thanka

  50. GANESH says:

    sir ,your views on ashok alco chemicals

  51. puneet says:

    hi Ace
    can u share ur views on shree rama multi tech ltd as nirma group is there promotor now and have started working in this company as per there latest ar
    sir waiting for ur valuable reply

  52. Akhilesh Jhawar says:

    Sir kindly let us know abt the status of insurance claim in waterbase.

  53. Value hunter says:

    Hi Ace,
    Is wanbury good from long term at this level?

  54. krishna says:


    What is your view on Jagran and VIP ind?

  55. valuepicker says:

    hi ace
    my research tells me wanbury a good long term bet.. I was looking for opinion of expert like you.

  56. sir,
    Which one of your recos, you expect, is going to be next V2retail?

  57. AK says:

    What do you think of Kalindee rail nirman? Order book looks solid and they have had a super year. Stock has not moved much in the last few months.

  58. sachin says:

    sir dhp on fire for the last few days. i had also taken your averaging call so by gains are bumper. thank you very very much.

  59. Sahil Taneja says:

    Freshtrop fruit turning sweeter today 🙂 Thanks for bringing this business to our notice.. Many thanks to you and hats off to your research..

  60. krishna says:


    Your views on Opto circuits? Do you see any signs of turnaround?

  61. Great going by DHP! Patience pays off.

  62. Prabakaran Kulandaivel says:


    Please advise any Diwali pick for your follower friends.


  63. Roshan says:

    HI ace what do u make of Cybertech results …there was an other income of about 3 crore which seems to have boosted the result

  64. Ashish says:

    Superb Results by JHS 🙂 And promoter converted warrants too. Though at 11 rs. but still promoter increasing holding instills confidence in us.

  65. Jitendra says:

    Awesome result from Cupid.

  66. Jitendra says:

    JHS Seveenguard too. Outstanding performance.

  67. sango96 says:

    good result by jhs

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