Results Update !!!

Aimco Pesticides

Very good results by the company.  The balance sheet needs special mention as it is probably the only company in the sector with zero debt and a soaring cash. Its working capital management also seems to be top notch and given the kind of cash it is generating, hopefully once the company is out of BIFR, it could be a generous dividend payer.


Average though improving results on the operational front.

Prima plastics

Decent results. This one does not need constant monitoring as the secular earnings growth visibility is present.

Tirupati Sarjan

Average results.

Singer India

Very Good results. The rising domestic appliances business is a very healthy sign.

Vidhi speciality Food Ingredients Ltd

Stable set of numbers.

Garware Wall Ropes

Very good results. Wonderful performance.

Associated Stone

Sightly disappointing set of numbers, hopefully things will be on track soon.

Sanjivani parenteral

No improvement. Need to show earnings reversal for any sustained upmove.

Pressman Advertising

Average results.

Orient Beverages

Good results, with significant scope of improvement on the operational front.

Sankhya Infotech

Very good results especially on the operational front.

Freshtrop Fruits

Average results. Its important that company gives a sustainable turnaround in its food processing segment.

Panyam Cements

Decent results.

DHP India

Very good results.

V2 retail

Decent results and the company seems to be on the right path.

Katwa Udyog

Good operational performance by the company as we await the completions of expansion.

Rajoo Engineers

Decent results by the company.

liberty shoes

Average results.

Ambika Cotton

Very good results by the company. It is now completely debt-free and has now a swelled cash balance.

God Bless !!!



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38 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. shreeux says:

    Thanks for Updating….!!!

    Your view on Tokyo Plast?

  2. pavans13 says:

    Thank you Ace! Appreciated 🙂

  3. Akshay says:

    Thanks for the update

  4. arockiaarasu says:

    Thanks for the Update.

  5. kkr says:

    Thanks for your time Ace!

  6. AK says:

    thanks for the update…

  7. Chanadrsehekara Bhat says:

    Thanks Ace for the update. This helps.

  8. Sun Star says:

    IST Ltd – Does it seem a good stock in auto ancillary space in current times as well as in general??….

  9. Arun D R says:

    Thanks Ace for the update

  10. kishor says:

    sir ,your view about gp petroluems,a k capital,sarda energy,?

  11. sarvdeep123 says:

    Hi Ace,

    Thanks for the update.
    I am tracking aimco from last 3-4 months and the balance sheet improvement is what is really helping me in getting positive towards this script. As you also have mentioned above that cash on balance sheet is soaring, they are having a tight control on working capital, for the first time they have some positive reserves this time. However I am unable to find any reason for fall in sales. Your views on that front please.

    • as mentioned earlier, last year was an abberation when the brazilian currency went on to crash on back of crashing crude prices and therefore, realizations lowered also impacting margins. these things are mostly one time effect because such “crashes” do not happen every year. slow and steady declines can always be handled. pls research the company to understand it. its been a while since this company was declared on the blog and as mentioned upteen number of times, i expect people to do their own research after giving a heads up.

  12. David says:

    Hi Ace,

    Thank you for the update..

  13. Good Day Sir

    Been following your blog since the Cupid days.
    Going through the Sankhya Infotech’s unaudited results.
    I have a newbie doubt on the numbers provided. In page 3/4, the total values for ‘Equity & liability’ is equal to ‘assets’. How can these number be same? Request you to clarify the doubt.

    Many thanks for your time and guidance.

    Jai Shri Ram!

  14. Cp says:

    Plz tell me how do see goldstone infra at present levels.


  15. Suneetha says:

    Plz share your view on Sanghi Industries. Thanks in advance !

  16. UMESH NARAYAN says:

    hi ace yr view on sunil hitech and energy development

  17. Rajendra says:

    Dear Ace, as several experts are predicting 7000 levels for nifty, can one unwind portfolio completely to re-enter lower to protect the profits?

  18. kishor says:

    sir your views about Atlas Jewellery India?

  19. Valuepicker says:

    What is your view on waterbase after the quarterly results

  20. shaikh says:

    wan bury result declared. Looks good.

  21. skdc14 says:

    Dear Ace,
    I was out of Share Market for over a year. I was following you from Prima, Vidhi days.These two did extremely well. I withdrew all money because of some home problem. I could not be a part of the ride, Sir Can I invest again in Prima, Vidhi at this level now ? Will you suggest anything from your call ? Do you give suggestion now ?


    • then you must have got enough time to research

      • skdc14 says:

        Dear Ace,
        Sorry I din’t. I was struggling with my life. Any way..
        As a good teacher I know you will want me to do my own research. I will do it.

        • skdc14 says:

          Dear Ace,
          How are you? With my little knowledge and some research I have invested again in some shares from your list of shares like DHP, BHARATFIN, Panyam, Vidhi, Pressman,Sankhya, V2Retail. Hope I made the right choice to start with again.
          Your views will encourage me.
          Forever your fan.

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