Sharp India – Three times in 2.5 yrs

Congratulations to all the investors of Sharp India, who have more than tripled their money in just 2.5 yrs. Given the price action, Foxconn acquisition is believed to be extremely positive for the company. This update has taken a long time to come but hopefully the compounding should be faster now.

God Bless !!!

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22 Responses to Sharp India – Three times in 2.5 yrs

  1. Girish says:



  2. agassociates says:

    Great ACE,
    Also Associated Stones and Katwa doubled.

  3. Akshay says:

    congrats to all

  4. AKH says:

    Pressman locked in upper circuit. Stellar Q3 numbers. Almost on a 52 week high.. Cheers..!

  5. kk says:

    This stock has negative EPS and has a very high Price to book value ratio of more than 20. Is it likely to sustain this high valuation??

  6. skrai81 says:

    Dear Sir,
    What is your view on Hindustan Hardy and Duke Offshore

  7. Abhinav says:

    Can we enter this stock now

  8. RightStock says:

    HI Ace, Beaver Holding has exited Sankhya Infotech. How do you see this?


  9. Sir what was your analysis behind buying a loss making company like sharp… would you please teach us to fish

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