Vidhi & Prima Updates !!!

As request by some readers, important updates about two stocks:

Vidhi Dyes (Vidhi Speciality Food Ingredients Limited)

Vidhi gave this press release.This is really good news coming from a management who is known to keep their word. If they are looking at 500cr revenue in next three years, its more than 33% CAGR for next three years atleast and that too with improving margins.

Prima Plastics

This news on expansion is encouraging and the last two lines of this updates signals even better days as far as consolidated operations are concerned.

God Bless !!!

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62 Responses to Vidhi & Prima Updates !!!

  1. Jyotika says:

    Finally wait is over. Thanx ACE!!

  2. Rohit Gulati says:

    Dear Ace,
    Vidhi has given update for future plans,are the companies required to disclose such kind of generalistic future plans? I thought its only the material facts which are happening or have taken place which needs to be disclosed. Pl. guide…

    • they are not “required” but good companies keep doing it to keep its investors informed. Also, this is not new as company has maintained this target in its shareholders meeting. Also, not sure why would someone doubt it.

      • devika says:

        Sir I do not have an iota of doubt on your capabilities .
        Also sir your techno funda views on divis labs .
        Can u suggest on provogue india …great brand and am shocked to see it at a throwaway price …also past few days it has been rising consistently could their be some story on takeover

  3. devika says:

    Dear sir while I agree that this update by vidhi is quite encouraging but on the hindsight it bothers me if their is any ulterior motive of management behind this .Informing the exchange on your internal targets is not a normal practice and specifically when no schedule has such requirement.

    Also would like your views on divis labs ,both technical and fundamental if possible

    • well, if that’s the case then what about the 20% EBITA margin targets they have given ? why wasnt it considered an ulterior motive ? Also, when Jio says it wants x number of subscribers, isnt that a target they are exposing to shareholders? Anyways, cant stop anyone from thinking anything. Final take on any stock should be investor’s own assessment.

  4. pavans13 says:

    Thanks Ace. Wish you happy Ram Navami. 🙂

  5. Anshuman Panda says:

    Why there is no new recommendation from a long time. Your followers are waiting sir.

  6. Haresh Soni says:

    Can I buy @ CMP

  7. Atul Mishra says:

    Well, some of the questions from your followers got me interested!

    A couple of observations:
    1. Looks like they have made a recent entry to ‘good companies’ league. In the past they haven’t done such a separate press release.
    2. Only once had they given such forward looking statement that too as a part of quarterly result commentary in last 3 years. It was again one-off and the first time they did that. That was the best quarter in last 3 years! Sitting in the mid of current quarter and speaking about the last quarter results they sounded so enthusiastic that they didn’t even know what was going in the current quarter. It was a 21% fall YoY and 36% QoQ!!
    The future of the company might be bright and possibly what they released might also be true but its not absolutely true that ‘its coming from the management which keeps its words’.

    Holding suspicion to company commentary in bull market is healthy, usually! Lets promote readers to probe on validity and ground information on the managements commentary.

    BTW, keep up the good work, you keep inspiring 100s of us incl. me to keep hustling in the investment jungle.

    • clearly you have been out of sync with the company and not very well researched. pls revisit their quarterly statements and also, why exactly there was a fall of 21% YoY. If you want to make a statement pls ensure you “understand” the company first.

  8. neel vr says:

    Dear Ace,
    I would like to appreciate you for your great stock picking and track record.
    I also want to know if you would be sharing any new picks in coming days?

  9. Aj says:

    Your views on TV18 and Future Consumer?

  10. Senthil says:

    Dear Ace ,

    Whats your view on (1) Alankit (2) Haldyn Glass (3) India Steel Works

    Thanks ,

  11. Ankit says:

    Hi Ace no recommendation from long time. Nd thanks 4 recmnd shiva cmnt 2.5 time in one year…..

  12. pruthvi says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please provide your view on ORIENT BELL and also on IOL CHEMICALS..
    Thank you

  13. Ace your views on Commercial syn bags?

  14. MJ says:

    Hi Ace
    Any views on Parnax pharma ?

  15. Vishnu says:

    Dear sir,
    Where can I find meaning of BIFR , CS, NUMBERS Meanings that you are using regularly…

  16. RAVINDRA VERMA says:

    hi ace ur view on va tech wabag for investment.

  17. Rohan says:

    Vidhi expansion is encouraging and well receved. The company hasn’t mentioned when they will complete the expansion. Any idea?



    Please share your latest view on Ramky Infra. Awaiting your reply.


  19. Akshay says:

    gr8 news!!

  20. Vishnu says:

    Sir, clarify me that market cap to sales is below 1 is better stock?
    And PE ratio needs more for a better share?

  21. skdc14 says:

    Good Morning Ace,
    Sir I am looking for companies with low share price and found 3…
    1. Camson Seeds – 11.83
    2. Ansal Properties & Infrastructure- 20.50
    3. Prajay Engineers Syndicate – 14.30
    Will they perform well in the coming days. Need your valuable feedback.
    Thanks .

  22. amit says:

    Hi Ace, ur view on 1.UFO moviez,2. Parag Milk 3.sp apparels and 4. easter industries.

  23. sridhar says:

    Hi Sir , Please suggest any real estate stock as the sector looks like to be turn around.

  24. ravverma says:

    hi ur view on parnax lab thanks

  25. Suneetha says:

    Plz share your view on VLS Finance @ Camson seeds ! Thanks in advance !

  26. Vishu says:

    JHS Svendgaard Lab ……..its moving fast ….nice pick ace..

  27. MANAN MAYUR SHAH says:

    any new recommendation comming soon ??

  28. Neelmani says:

    When you will post new share

  29. Girish says:

    Cheers… JHS Svendgaard great going.
    Thanks for your great idea .


  30. Suneetha says:

    Plz share your view on Centrum Capital: Thanks in advance !

  31. Senthil says:

    Dear Ace ,

    Whats your view one (1) Ganesh Benzoplast (turnaround story) (2) vivid global (3) any view on cosyn ?


  32. Sam says:

    Dear Ace,

    Update on JHS: disputes at various courts between the company (JHS Svendgaard) and various group companies of Procter & Gamble Inc. in India, have been settled with mutual consent and liabilities of 206 cr will be cleared from JHS balance sheet..

    Bse link :

  33. ravverma says:

    hi ace, any new recommendations or something from previous which is at accumulation range.Most of them rallied.

  34. Haresh Soni says:

    Vidhi now +15%

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