Results Update !!!

Rajoo Engg

Excellent results by the company. Looks like formal economy is indeed being benefited in this highly fragmented vertical. Great going.

Mangalam drugs

Decent set of numbers.

God Bless !!!

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33 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. Akshay says:

    thanq for the update

  2. shreeux says:

    Thanks for Updates

  3. Hitarth says:

    I am unable to understand the correlation between revenue, debtors & inventory all three going up this year. Also sales had not grown by how however both debtors and inventory have more than doubled. Your views please.

  4. skdc14 says:

    Dear Ace, Thanks for the update

  5. Arun D R says:

    Thanks ace for the update.

  6. kundavar says:

    Thanks sir!

  7. adarsh1809 says:

    Sir when can we see any new recommendation from your side? Seema some people are making money on paid advisory by taking ur name …

  8. harsha says:

    Dear Ace Sir,
    Please share your views on Lloyd Electric after the sale of its consumer electronics business to Havells. I like the fact that their air conditioning OEM business would continue supplying to Havells, and the fact that they generated significant brand value for Lloyd.

  9. manojlkoupyahoocoin says:

    Sir what are your new multibaggers pick.
    Secondly, are you offer paid recommendatins or free to all?

  10. Ra Da says:

    Ace , do you feel that TA is very useful in getting entries? Could you suggest some sites/books/training from where i can learn and what is simple pattern which is easier to understand..

  11. rvrajan says:

    What a good share Prima has been… Made the mistake of booking profit at 220… Realised that it has a long story ahead and entered within the range..
    Fondly recall you covered it very early and gave reassuring commentary based on management action.. You rock! ( unmoved by requests for New stories in the last 10 mo as well 😆).. thank you bro

  12. Decent results from BSL.

  13. skrai81 says:

    Dear Sir, what is your view on Nitta Gelatine.. looks like a turn around story.

  14. Ronan says:

    Sir, your view on websol. Is it fine to enter at cmp?

  15. ravverma says:

    hi ace ir view on optiemus infracom. thanks

  16. Akhilesh says:

    What are your views on Kkalpana industries?
    As per my analysis they have monopoly business in their products mainly the Cable segment.

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