Results Update !!!

Aimco Pesticides

Stellar results (ofcourse ex-other income). Its time in the sun has come it seems. A growth stock backed by the strongest balance sheet in the sector and still available at single digit PEs. A mere PE re-rating will make is a multi-bagger from here. Looking at the pending buy orders on UC, it looks it has grabbed eyeballs of bigger players. Sit tight for the joyride.

Katwa udyog

Decent set of numbers by the company and declaration of dividend is positive. Though the numbers are dented by one time unexplained exceptional items, the expansion underway is going to aid growth in future.


Subdued set of numbers.

Freshtrop Fruits

Decent set of numbers though erratic operational efficiency of their food processing division is disappointing.


Inconsistent set of numbers.

Orient beverages

Decent set of numbers.


Nothing new here, sad sate of numbers continue. Its now an NPA, so the recovery would be delayed.

Panyam cements

Subdued set of numbers along with a note 3 that I am not sure about.

V2 Retail

Good set of numbers continue. The story is shaping up very well.

Vidhi Specialty Food Ingredients Ltd.

Good set of numbers from Vidhi.

Prima Platics

Good numbers from the company. The company has again increased dividends this year and incurred a Capex of over 30cr with just 5cr debt on its balance sheets, which speaks volumes about its cash generation capability. Furthermore, the company has commenced three large expansions in the last two months, indicating the numbers would get much better in the near future. One of the most stable wealth creator. Great going.

Associated Stone

Good results by the company overall with increase in turnover and profits.


God Bless !!!

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40 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. atuldraval says:


    Pl refer to management commentary for Waterbase, especially pending merger which they expect to go through in June 2017- will raise capacity 3 times and add equity only 10%

    Pl share your views

    Thanks & regards,


    On Thu, Jun 1, 2017 at 9:49 PM, aceinvestortrader wrote:

    > aceinvestortrader posted: “Aimco Pesticides Stellar results (ofcourse > ex-other income). Its time in the sun has come it seems. A growth stock > backed by the strongest balance sheet in the sector and still available at > single digit PEs. A mere PE re-rating will make is a multi-bagge” >

  2. Ra Da says:

    Ace what’s your view on prima results..prima facie it does not look good but the expansion done before is expected to bring in the revenue from fy18 only..

  3. Arun says:

    Thanks very much for the update

  4. shreeux says:

    Thanks for Updates…!!!

  5. charan says:

    aimco rocked…gr8 find ace

  6. Milan says:

    Sir you forgot commenting on Associated Stone Kotah India’s results.

  7. Akshay says:

    Thanq for the update.

  8. shreebinnani says:

    Hi Ace ! Your view on TFCI and Lahoti Overseas.

  9. Sreedevi Telkar says:

    Sir, I am new to your blog and my first feeling after going through some posts is “Wowwww. Awesome. How did i missed it!!”. Seriously sir, u just rock.. Just cursing y i am late here. It would be really great if you can about stocks which appreciate further. I have almost gone through 12-14 months posts to find any stocks which r in buying range, but all have rocketed.. Please sir.

  10. Bunny says:

    Thanks for the update ace.. Why are the margin from African JV going down?


  11. subrahmanyam says:

    Any new stock pick After JHS you havent recommonded new one

  12. Arun D R says:

    Thanks for the update

  13. subrahmanyam says:

    sir, do you find any new stocks under your radar now.

  14. Sreedevi says:

    Sir any new stories or thoughts after JHS..If so pl do share, even if it is a half baked one..

  15. ankit says:

    hi sir how are you i wanted to ask can we buy bel,centuryply and shivaglobal at present levels

  16. Chetan says:

    Hello sir is CUPID Ltd potential to be an multiplier stock from here? Can CUPID go in 4 digit In 2 to 3 years time frame? Pls guide

    • what does your own research tell you… the stock was discussed three years back….by now i expect people to have researched the stock inside out themselves.

      • Chetan says:

        True sir I really appreciate that you gave this company to investors 3 years back. But as an new investment can this company be still an multiplier for new people entering into CUPID at this levels so I wanted your help sir. Can this stock go in 4 digit mark in 2 to 3 years sir

  17. Chetan says:

    Ok sir, can CUPID Ltd be future multiplier stock for investors can it go higher from 280… 300 Rs levels. Pls help

  18. Poonam says:

    Great going sir

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