DHP India – Three Times In 2.4 yrs !!!

Congratulations to all the investors of DHP who have more than tripled their money in less than 2.4 yr. Great going.

God Bless !!!

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77 Responses to DHP India – Three Times In 2.4 yrs !!!

  1. FabStockPicker says:

    Nice AceInvestor. I have JHS and currently accumulating CUPID, Have a strong conviction on cupid and expecting multiple return in 3- 4 years time frame.
    Let us know if any new stock would be disclosed.

  2. Ronan says:

    Great Ace, so many of your recommendations are Multi baggers. Congrats🙋

  3. JCS says:

    Hi ACE, please post new idea soon ..

  4. Milan says:

    Got out too early 😦 Sir what has made it rocket suddenly? No news on BSE site also.

  5. Veena says:

    Sir your view on Kesoram industries. Looking like a turnaround story

  6. Neeraj says:

    Views on BEPL & Ineos

  7. Roshan says:

    Hi ace ..Any idea why uv boards is put under gsm?

    • Roshan says:

      Ace now they are planning to raise funds of 300 crores through issue of shares and warrants ..don’t u think this big dilution of equity will be bad for small investors

        • Roshan says:

          Dilution of equity..the stock price is going to fall significantly ..

          • i am still not clear ..why should price fall? this is not stock split

            • Roshan says:

              Ace because number of shares increases right ..And that too in this case it would increase significantly

            • Dhairya says:

              Sir if there is dilution of equity then number of shares will increase n there by EPS per share will reduce proportionally.. n thus price shall be adjusted accordingly .. m I right

              • Roshan says:

                I’m not getting u..doesnt dilution of equity have a direct impact on price ..EPs will surely dilute. Thus resulting in fall of price of share

              • EPS dilution will happen only if earnings decrease and it has nothing to do with equity dilution. if diluted is happening to improve the earnings profile of the company or improve networth then what is the harm ? I am still not sure why would equity dilution will have a direct impact on price ? could you kindly explain that ?

              • Roshan says:

                But now if the earnings of the company is not as equally proportional to the massive dilution then the stock price will come down right ..don’t u think raising of 300 crores through rights and preferential allotment is a bit too much ..

              • if the earnings of any company decrease it decreases the EPS . This is a fact and not confined to any particular company. Now, if i ask myself that would someone invest in a company 300cr to take down its value – my common sense says no. UV boards in itself is doing nothing right now, so right now there’s hardly any eps to talk about. if someone who has a history of turning around company comes and invests 300cr, my common sense say’s its foolish to think that they would want the company’s value to go down and my sense says that they would do everything in their ability to make their investment value accretive…. but then.. this is my sense. everyone has a different sense.

    • you can look at exchange notices. all is documented

  8. Manish says:

    Hi Ace,how do you see panchmahal steel and swasti vinayaka arts n heritage ? Requesting to accept my friend request on fb pls.thanks in advance.

  9. Arun k singh says:

    Hi Ace
    Currently I came across “Arrow Green tech”.
    Company looking interesting…still studying it..
    Do you have any view on it..
    Not invested yet..
    Arun Kumar Singh

  10. Akshay says:

    Congrats to all

  11. Neeraj says:

    share your views on polymedicure, please

  12. Rohit says:

    Hello Ace,Could you please provide your view on MPL plastics (Great Brand with Tiny Market Cap ,Debt Constantly reducing) and ITI ( On a Cusp of Turnaround,Tailwinds in Defence and Telecommunication sector would be a big boost)

    Also Could you please let us know your thought process in 8-10 lines,on how do you screen a stock,Do you look at the opportunity,numbers,improving balance sheet or management .

    The reason i am asking because when you write about a stock,it would be at throwaway prices,which means market has not recognized it,later we see earnings of the same companies improve and stock performs better

  13. Vinoot says:

    When will be next recommendation ace inverstor ji? Recently started investing and saw this blog. Previous recommendations were super. Hats off sir ji…

  14. N says:

    Please share your view on Multibase India(from Oct its mandatory to use airbags in all cars).
    BEPL & Ineos too looking great picks. All white goods industry are now shifting to ABS products as their inputs.

  15. kalinga says:

    Helo ace,
    Thanks for your very old recommendation for Mangalam Drugs. I see some information on web that Mangalam Drugs has reduced debt ,Promoter’s stake has increased but there is some negatives that Contingent liabilities of Rs.114800.90 Cr. and Promoters have pledged 50.41% of their holding. Your view please on Contingent liabilities and pledged shares.

  16. ROHIT GULATI says:

    Dear Ace,
    I have been trying desperately to get some info from Sankhya Infotech CS. Its almost 4 weeks that have send them mail asking about the Chairman’s interview about launching of path breaking products very soon, given to IIFL on 17.2.17.The CS from last one month has been avoiding to answer…Do you have any information regarding those new products?
    It seems management is not ready with the products or does not want to disclose .What was the need to disclose to the public in the interview then?

  17. Varkumar says:

    Dear sir
    Thanks for your master mind views,
    And selfless service.

  18. technicaltrader44_12 says:

    sir vidhi is looking to breakout now

  19. Mohit says:

    Dear Ace,
    Kindly comment on DSP Black Rock mutual fund buying 4.5 lakhs shares from promoters of Arrow Greentech ltd ,it is third time promoter s have sold above 505 in past 2.5 years.

  20. Dear ACE,
    Wondering if you have any picks from logistics, that will take advantage of GST
    1) Chartered logistics are looking interesting – Expansion and reducing debt
    2) Tiger logistics – Unique business model that compliments all peers
    your views will be helpful, I have seen your earlier view on Tiger which is not so positive

  21. RAVINDRA VERMA says:

    Hi Ace , ur view on kridhan infra,ginni filaments and bhansali engg. Thanks

  22. Ben says:

    Hello Ace, Do you’ve view on AB Money? If so will you be gracious to share your thoughts?

  23. Roshan says:

    Any change in views of skm egg product

  24. deve says:

    sir DHP was featured in CNBC yesterday

  25. veda says:

    sir do you like large caps?

  26. Naz says:

    V2 Retail closes one operation store in Lukhnow, what can be intepreted from this?Any advise Sir

    • we can interpret that we need to research our companies more. this is not the first time v2 is doing it. to protect margins they have done this several times in the past too. pls check earlier announcements too.

  27. Senthil Kumar says:

    Hello Ace

    Could you please share your view on Delta Corp

  28. pavans13 says:

    Ace ji… hope you are doing great. Rajoo Engineers .. is rocking!
    —— Some old memories . For me this is one of the best from your blog———-
    In the rush for Gold during the great California gold rush of 1850s, the real winners were not the gold diggers but the people who made shovel for these gold diggers. Therefore, smart investors don’t dig for gold (all are doing that), but they are selling shovels. Similarly, in today’s plastic led boom, the real winners would be those innovative companies who are creating machines to cater to this industry.

  29. Investor says:

    Sir, In this bull market how to screen the stocks! What parameters would you recommend to screen & for research purpose! Like P/E>15, RoCE more than 10,etc

    This is not at all stock specfic. No buy. sell decision.

  30. srinivas says:

    Your view on Pratibha & BS limited

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