Results Update !!!


It came out with steady set of numbers with good management commentary. Mr. Garg’s interview on CNBC.

God Bless !!!

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29 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. shreeux says:

    Thanks for Update….!!!

  2. Akshay says:

    thanq for the update

  3. vishalpn102 says:

    This stock has potential to grow in future?

  4. Sekhar A says:

    I have recently joined this blog. Till then I can able to see only the appreciation and reviews on the past recommended stocks. Are you not giving any stock recommendations now? or if this is a paid service, please let me know your subscription charges.

  5. Pranav says:

    It is such a pity that I have just come across this blog, I have just started investing. I have a long term perspective 3-5 years or more.
    NESCO, KCP ltd., Agro tech foods, Repro India, Smartlink Network systems, Epc irrigation, Sundaram Finance, Exide industries, Wonderla holidays and Prima plastics (all avg close to CMP) are my picks.
    Your opinions on them would be highly appreciated.

    I would love to know when your next research idea is due:)

    • no change from previous views. Not keen on smartlink a

      • Pranav says:

        My main reason for smart link was discount valuation on cash basis. And mainly re entry into structured cabling business since non compete has ended. I’m not bothered about modem business. For me the structured cabling and security systems is where its at. Plus the 275cr cash on the balance sheet, while company trades at mkt. cap of 200cr. Great management and mainly the fact that they are so conservative on capital deployment. I have huge margin of safety essentially giving me a free bet on a great business. They are paying dividends without fail as well. It is also important to note that management has built dlink india from the ground up before selling it back to dlink japan. They build digilink structured cabling business and sold factory plus the business to shredder electric with a 5 year non compete which expired. They have announced re entry into structured cabling and are also commencing operations in the same this year. I’m super bullish on them. But if things don’t pick up I’ve still got a margin of safety and i can sell at the expense of opportunity cost.

  6. Mannan says:

    Sir, When will you provide your latest personal perspective on a stock 🙂

  7. Dear Ace Ser!! Amazing pick. Whats your view on customer concentration risk?



    Please share your views on Virinchi Ltd.


  9. Kannu says:

    Ace, As mkt is on peak, is sitting on cash is more advisable than to holding the good Stock.

    • i dont bother looking at broader market levels and then taking a call at portfolios.

    • SAY says:

      Such Q’s got asked when markets made new high’s @ 6k,7k,8k,9k and now at 10k. There is no one size fits all, an investor must do what he’s comfortable with as per his appetite/approach. Hope it helps.

  10. Pranav says:

    Views on dolly khanna’s latest pick orient paper & industries? Primary reason being demerger of consumer electronical business and turnaround in paper business..

  11. Kunal says:

    Hey, I have just started following you and what I understand is that you don’t recommend, but please tell me if you would have been at my place, who has just started investing, would you still invest in prima, aimco, cupid at current level??

    • if i were at your place and unable to decide what to do with the stocks mentioned despite a lot of coverage, i would go to mutual fund route. Kindly consider it.

      • Kunal says:

        Dear, you could have easily replied in much lesser yet helpful words like ‘yes even at current level’ or ‘not at this level’

        • I am sorry, but this is not a blog for tips. People who are genuinely interested in improving their skills are shown the path and those who are not interested in walking down that path are free to make their choices.

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