V2 Retail – 22 Times in Three Years !!!

Congratulations to all the investors of V2 Retail who have multiplied their money by more than 22 times in less than three years. Great turnaround performance by the company.

God Bless !!!

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31 Responses to V2 Retail – 22 Times in Three Years !!!

  1. v j says:

    Brilliant!! and Congratulations!!

  2. Pranav says:

    WOW. Ace I have three requests and one question.

    The question is, when are you planning on sharing your next idea?

    First request is,Can you post an article(s) about how you screen and find stocks? Teach us a little bit on it is done.

    Second request is, You had said your views are still the same on Virinchi, I searched the blog via the search bar and could not find anything relating to Virinchi. I’m not demanding your view or anything. I would just like to know.

    Third request is, My extremely high conviction picks are Repro India, Agro tech foods and KCP ltd. Please let me know your insights on them, if you have tracked/researched them at some point.

    Thanks a lot!


  3. ravverma says:

    great.i joined party 6 months back only

  4. Akshay says:

    Congrats to all

  5. ketan savla says:

    any new recommendation ?

  6. Kunal says:

    Great turnaround by the company, great pick by you. God bless you, who has been making (multiplying) money for investors since last three years.

  7. ketan savla says:

    is it still a buy at CMP ?

  8. Suneetha says:

    Plz share your view on Avantel Ltd & Intense Tech ! Thanks in advance !

  9. rkmangal2802 says:

    Hi ace, can u please guide how much more correction is expected in nifty

  10. Lakshmi Kanta Panja says:

    Have been going throuh your articles.I must congratulate you for doing such a great service to novice investors without any expectation in return.May god give you strengh to carry on forever.Waiting for your next and next and many next new discoveries ..

  11. Ben says:

    hello ace your views on occl?

  12. raviteja says:

    Hi Ace, invested in Aries Agro..pls share ur view on its prospects

  13. Subdued results from BSL Ace.

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