Bharat Financial Merger with IndusInd Bank !!!

Finally the merger happens and this is wonderful news for Bharat Financial espcially since its happening at a premium, which technically validates our faith. Here is the investor presentation.

God Bless !!!

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34 Responses to Bharat Financial Merger with IndusInd Bank !!!

  1. Akshay says:

    Gr8 news

  2. Prashant says:

    Dear ACEji,
    wish you and all readers of our blog Shubh Deepavali .

    Regarding V2, looks like we are on the way to get our 1st 100 bagger . Its rocking and looking unstoppable . Thanks from the bottom of the heart for finding such GEMs .

    Best regards,

  3. Charan says:

    Happy Diwali to you and all ace followers

  4. Manoj says:

    Dear Ace

    Wish you Happy and prosperous Deepavali

  5. Himanshu says:

    Hi, Would you like to enlighten us with any new stock anytime soon?
    The problem with us, the normal crowd is, we can tell whether a stock is good or not when pointed towards the stock. But most of us don’t know how to point at the right direction in the stock universe.
    I studied all the stock ideas on your blogs. The work seriously is quite commendable. But no new ideas after July 2016?

  6. kk says:

    Happy Diwali sir…

  7. nibadan bardhan says:

    wish u & ur family a very happy deepawali ace sir.

  8. Mukul says:

    Happy Dipawali

  9. sivamurali1 says:

    Happy Diwali ace

  10. Suneetha says:

    Plz share your view on GHCL. Thanks in advance!

  11. anil kumar reddy says:

    thank u for your update

  12. amit says:

    hi sir. share your view on Fiberweb India Ltd. please. Thanks.

  13. Rainmaker says:

    Your views on KCP cement

  14. ravverma says:

    hi ace ur view on sarla performance and sintex plastic. thanks

  15. Suneetha says:

    Plz share your view on Jindal Steel & Power [161]. Thanks in advance!

  16. Rajesh says:

    Pl. Notify me on my email about new post by you.

  17. amit says:

    hi your view on car nation industries please. thanks.

  18. ravverma says:

    hi ace , any stock you prefer where govt is spending like roads,infra,waterways,electrical vehicles and revival in steel sector.

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