Sakhya Infotech – Update !!!

Yesterday’s development on Sankhya is very positive IMHO. This preferential allotment appears to be a very interesting development in the context of people who are allocated the shares. Ofcourse, promoters raised their stake from 24.19% to 27.82% but more interestingly, the person who walked away with maximum warrants and is show cased as an “investor” in AR is also actually an independent director of the company who joined Sankhya in Feb this year. Clearly he has the best knowledge of the future  prospects of the company since he has been with the company for a long time now and would know the prospects of Sankhya inside out and therefore, he committing such a big amount and walking away with more than 12% of the company speaks volumes about his confidence in Sankhya’s future. With these warrants issue, now we have a situation that the people involved in running the company (and the best judge of Sankhya’s future) have overall 27.82+12.67 = 40.49% of the company (up from 24.19%).

Further the pricing is also of interest as the Independent director who is now going to have more than 12% stake in the company is paying around 20% premium to the yesterday’s closing price.

The results now are of acadamic interest as any smart investor would know that ir-respective of results , these warrants clearly predict a strong future for Sankhya. No wonder technically, the stock consolidated at long term supports and is showing serious momentum building up. Let’s see how the story unfolds now.

God Bless !!!

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34 Responses to Sakhya Infotech – Update !!!

  1. PSV says:

    Dear Aceji,Thank you very much for the update.

  2. Akshay says:

    Thanq for the update. This is a very interesting development

  3. Akshay says:

    any update regarding vidhi, it seems to be coming out of consolidation phase

  4. Suyash Sengar says:

    Absolutely true. Hopefully this can lead to a price breakout by discounting the prospective business performance.

  5. vivgup says:

    Amazing. 17.80% jump after your post. That’s how much readers value this blog.

  6. Vipul says:

    Great Update!! Thank you Ace.

  7. Raj says:

    Thanks a lot Ace

  8. Rajendra says:

    Thanks for this pick too like so many others Dear Ace. Holding good quantity patiently from 22 levels. God bless.

  9. Rajesh says:

    Sir I have one doubt. As per company act 2013 an independent director cannot have any pecuniary relation ship with the company. Then how a independent director can be share holder in a company

    • he/she cannot have pecuniary relationship in the current or previous two years….warrants are converted in a future date. Also, i guess, once he wants to convert it to shares he will move out of company. That’s my theory, let’s see what actually happens.

      • Rajesh says:

        True sir warrants are converted at future date. But conversion of warrants into share does not matter. Issue of warrants to independent director will also create a pecuniary relationship with company and it will also be a violation of the company act 2013.

      • Drarvind79 says:

        But sir, particularly allotment to the Independent Director are not warrants. AR shows it as preferential shares to the Independent director and warrants to the promotors group. Then?

  10. Anil kumar reddy says:

    Thank u very much sir you are giving interesting update and getting confedence of the company.

  11. Naresh says:

    Thanks for the update Sir. Holding from 32 level and added recently around 48 also. Waiting with funds, for your next stock view and it’s a very long time sir.

  12. Great development this is! The profile of the Independent Director, Ace –
    You could share this as well if you wish.

  13. Gautham says:

    Dear super super Ace Sir,
    Thank You and Thank You so much for your kind updates..

  14. Anirudh Mehta says:

    Where do you publish fresh stock idea? I checked through all website and only see result update/update on previous stocks

  15. Gautham Narayan says:

    Thank You Dear Ace

  16. pankaj says:

    Sir Please share your vision of V2Retail for the next 3 years.considering the 76 cr company has recd and the pros and cons you see . will you recommend a buy at current prices? Thanks in advance

  17. sanjeev says:

    thanks for the update

  18. Rajeev Sehrawat says:

    sir, any views on Sintex Industries. The stock has come down quite a bit. Their new spindles are to go online soon.

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