Results Update !!!


Average results. Looks like inventories doing the damage here. Hopefully the story will develop soon.

Rajoo Engg

Decent results.


Good promising results by the company.

God Bless !!!



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15 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. Vipul says:

    Just wanted to share my view and seek your valued opinion on few concerns for Cupid
    1. They have limited vivibility on the pipeline , 73 cr and next order is expected in 1-July. So they are planning to do this order in 3 qtrs. So unless us FDA happends, the pipeline seems pretty dry.
    2. They have invested their surplus money in Mutual Funds. It can be looked in 2 ways, they are waiting for capex period, till then park it here, but it also seems like their FC-MC business is limited and hence they are not seems much growth here.
    3. The opening of manufacturing in Africa (though a distant 3-4 year away) could possibly canabalise the current order to africe.
    Basically, they seem to be not so agressive for growth which I feel is the factors the share has been stagnant for a long time now. I am still overall bullish on management, company but still would like to discuss the concerns on growth. request you to kindly share you views

  2. Gautham says:

    Thank you Dear Ace sir

  3. Vinay Shetty says:

    Dear Ace,Whats your view on Prima Plastics given the crude oil situation and the crude prices going up rapidly. Prima margins will be under tremendous pressure. It seems to have suddenly gone out of favour with investors.

  4. Chetan says:

    Ace friend .. cupid ltd has posted good results.. then why it’s not moving relation to stock price. Is it a long term bet target 750 on cards?? Please guide

  5. Prasant says:

    Hi Ace,

    Please provide your views on Kisan Mouldings, Kriti Industries and Kingfa Science and Tech.


  6. KKR says:

    Thanks for the update sir!

  7. Arun D R says:

    Thanks for the update

  8. Manoj says:

    Hi Ace,
    Kindly provide your views on Quick heal technologies.

  9. KV Rao says:

    Dear Ace : Looks like BSL turnaround story started. Me taking baby steps in my stock market journey benefitting immensely from you ! Thanks for your sharp, crisp, thought provocative single liners !!

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