Results Update !!!

Vidhi Speciality Food

Good results by the company.

Simmonds Marshall

Good results by simmonds.

God Bless !!!

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15 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. Raj says:

    God bless u Ace,thanks for ur message ,did listen to u a year back,now eagerly awaiting ur new call,kind regards Raj

  2. Akshay says:

    thanq for the update

  3. Dhruv says:

    Ace, your views on Dhunseri Tea and Industries?

  4. Shalinie says:

    Hi Ace,

    Please provide your views on Avantel


  5. Ronan says:

    Dear Aceji, too many advertisements on your blog of late making it inconvenient to read. Just sharing experience. If it’s not in your control please ignore my comment


    hi ace ur view on tyche indsutries

  7. Kanika says:

    I am holding saregama since 375 levels its seen a high of 950 however now come off significantly due to illiquidity in the stock. Do you think it still has steam and fundamental story?

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