Results Update !!!

V2 Retail

Very good results by the company. Here’s the press release.

Gujarat Themis

Stable set of numbers.

God Bless !!!

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18 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. Sudarshan says:

    Hi ace whats ur view on axiscades engineering

  2. Birsha Haldar says:

    Hi Ace,
    Was wondering wether the flat revenues for V2 is an issue to be concerned about. Management has given some explanation in the press release … Is that something to be worried about?

  3. Arun D R says:

    Thanks for the great pick V2

  4. Gautham says:

    Sir please share Your view on Sika Interplant systems.

  5. Sandeep says:

    Dear ace, could you please throw some light on management of Gitanjali gems.. Recently, news of it’s promoter getting booked by CBI in some case is making rounds. Thanks in advance..

  6. naveenagp81 says:


    Your View on cupid result


    Sir your view on Sankhya result.

  8. Jeslin Joseph says:

    Dear Sir,

    Could you please inform us if there is any deal in place between Gujarat themis and Lupin as the Rifampicin agreement expired on March 2018!? What is the future outlook for Gujarat Themis in anti TB drug market sir!?

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