Results Update !!!

Shri Keshav Cements & Infra

Subdued numbers but important positive news too – almost 4x capacity expansion completed of its second plant completed.

Pressman Adv.

Average numbers.

Freshtop Fruits

Average numbers though launch of its commercial drink is big positive.

Vidhi Speciality Food

Decent numbers.

Spenta International

Decent numbers by the company.

God Bless !!!

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89 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. newbie44 says:

    sir, do you like jetking infotrain…

  2. Atul gupta says:

    Sir, will you also write a note when you decide to exit a note? Thanks

    • i think everybody who’s regular to the blog knows this… but still… if i drop from my radar anything i will update it in comments or somewhere on the blog. So people who are regular to the blog are updated.

  3. Minu says:

    Sir, you have not covered results of Sahyadri Industries. Please share your views. The company has posted good set of numbers. Can it be bought at current levels?

  4. Sandeep says:

    Hi ace, ur views on Ram informatics please..

  5. Amit says:

    Hi ace, what’s your view on Take solution Thanks

  6. Shailesh says:

    Hi Ace,

    How to you find fsspl a newely listed company, same promoters of mrss, do you think returns of fsspl will be like mrss.


  7. 26GR says:

    Views on smart link network systems?

  8. ravverma says:

    hi ace , whats ur view on ess dee aluminium ,will they revive.

  9. Hemasankar says:

    Hi ace…As the small cap and midcap corrected now, this is the best time to get the stocks at cheap price…So can u give a pick so that we can research it and will grab the opportunity

  10. SUJIT AKHULI says:

    Sir your latest view on southern online bio technologies Ltd.

  11. ACE, What is your view on sheetal cool products?

  12. dgassam says:

    Dear Ace, any view on Seya Industries? Results are good and their investor presentation looks promising. Capacity expansion by end of this year.

  13. johntsam says:

    Dear ACE,\\
    Views on Pasupathy Acrylon please

  14. 26GR says:

    views on kernex microsystems?

  15. Rajendra Pillay says:

    Dear ace, can you please share your views on the prospects of Orient Green Power Ltd?

  16. charan1979 says:

    Hi ace, your view on Wanbury issuing CCD @ Rs. 200. Thank you

  17. vivgup says:

    Hi Ace.
    Small positive development at Deccan Goldmines. Is this still on your radar?

  18. AMIT BISWAS says:

    hi ace. can u share your views on Greenlam Industries. thanx

  19. pras says:


    whats is your view on 3i infotech?

  20. Senthil Kumar says:

    Hello ACE

    Could you please let me know your view on TCI Express

  21. Amit says:

    Hello Ace Sir,

    What’s your view on Cupid ltd and aimco pesticides?

  22. Jeslin Joseph says:

    Sir whats your views on sanwaria consumer!?

  23. Suneetha says:

    Please share your view on Ramky Infra ! Thanks in advance!

  24. amit says:

    hi ace. why not getting any update, no comments either of the site.

  25. Pr says:

    Dear Ace – Firstly Thanks for the wonderful views and comments: I have also economically benefited from your views – Question: What are your views on Menon Pistons please: Thanks

  26. Neha says:

    Your view on Oceanaa Biotek

  27. johntsam says:

    Dear ACE
    Your opinion on kesar petro,viaan industries and alphageo

  28. sanjeev says:

    dear sir
    your view on arrow greentech

  29. Jayant says:

    Hi how long bear market wl continue. People have lost 30 to 40 % and still going on

    • that’s fine…this is part of investing process. if people do not complain when the prices go up 50%…they should not complain if they come down 50% or even more. One should research and develop sense to take advantage of such situations.

  30. ravverma says:

    hi ace ur view on intrasoft technologies

  31. Abhi says:

    Hi Ace, is the long term story still intact for BSL?

  32. kmd says:

    dear shall we sell sankhya ….plz.share ur view.

  33. Om Sangani says:

    Please share your views, if any on Virinchi. Thanks in advance!

  34. Roopak says:

    Ace, at the current valuations of Cupid, Mangalam Drugs, V2 Retail and Waterbase, are you still convinced about investing at current levels. I know the business is good, bit business is as good as the valuation you buy it at… given this… i wanted to get your thoughts on which of these really look investing at the current levels according to you… may be in the order of your preference…

    • as i always say …there’s a standard answer to such questions i give. look at where it was discussed and where it is now. and therefore, its important to use your own conviction – always so and especially so if its a fresh entry.

  35. 26GR says:

    Hi Ace,
    Views on the goodricke group?

  36. Pramod says:

    Dear Ace,
    About the new developments in JHS Svendgaard;
    1. Promoters are setting up 50 retail stores of Patanjali in airports. My belief is this is a diversification from their original business of oral hygiene. However good thing is that the MD has told that the first store in delhi airport is already profitable. Hope this new venture is not a way of siphoning funds.
    2. Promoter wants to grow inorganically by buying FMCG contract manufacturing companies in south and west india ; multipurpose FMCG and not only oral care. The MD has said this is for contract manufacturing and supplying FMCGs like Unilever.
    3. MD has told that the company will be able to generate CAGR of 30 – 35 % in the oral care business for the next 2 years. If such a good CAGR is expected by the promoter, is there a need for inorganic growth at the risk of increasing the capacity and failure to get continued client orders in future?
    Source: Bloomberg Quint

  37. Gautham says:

    Sir kindly share view for kilpest India at current level

  38. Abhi says:

    Hi Ace, Is there any development with regard to Prima that is leading to continuous slide in prices? I couldn’t find anything. May be oil prices but it’s done well with even much higher prices. Is it just a correction or something serious? Are the fundamentals intact?

  39. Ra Da says:

    Hi Ace,
    Do you think the increase in crude price to almost 70$ will have a impact? Will the company be able to pass the rise in price to customer? Also what do you think of the dividend declared by the JV..

  40. AKSHETTY1982 says:

    hi , whats your view on Indian Hume Pipe company,CMI Ltd and Kamat Hotels

  41. ravverma says:

    hi ace, your view on iol chemcials

  42. Aditya Kokardekar says:

    Hi Ace ,

    Whats your view on Morepen Labs and Granuels ?

  43. Suneetha says:

    Please Share your view on KansaiNerolac & MangalCredit. Thanks in advance!

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