Ram Info Ltd – Making Its Mark !!!

Background: Technology is a big sector with various smaller sub-themes in it. Apart from the usual product and services themes there are a lot of stories that are building up as our great country moves towards computerization and unification of the diverse set of Government services – both at the state and the Center. The company I am talking about has a unique advantage of being a turnaround company and just in the right space and time backed by an honest technocratic management.

Company: Ram Info Ltd, is a micro cap with around 24cr market capitalization. The company was listed in the heydays of dot com boom and soon faded away. It went further down in abyss by lack of direction by a lackluster management and crumbling balance sheet. Then finally three years back the company was revived when the present promoter took complete control (by way of capital reduction scheme ) of the company and had a management rejig, where an ex-Mckinsey executive joined to steer the company out of this abyss. Its important to understand who this promoter entity RRAS Technologies is. This company is basically an investment vehicle (metaphorically speaking) of a group of Indian expats who are extremely bullish on the large opportunity that lies in automating the government systems and processes. To get a headstart they started looking for a good acquisition target and they zeroed on Ram Info as it was struggling (or promoters were wanting out) but one, with a record of serving various state governments. The change in management has done the trick. The company backed by seasoned professionals and senior management brought in the professionalism in approaching software development and changed its focus from being pure services to IP based, turnkey solutions for the governments which meant long term contracts with higher margins. This has resulted in development of strong product profile with greater applicability across different verticals such as eGovernance (Financial Inclusion Services, Citizen Services, Utilities, Ports Housing etc), Financial services particularly payments and now IoT. Earlier Ram Info was only confined to being a regional eGovernance player with limited project oriented offering which clearly had extremely limited prospects. Under the new management, apart from adding different form of engagements (becoming IP based – turnkey solutions) they have expanded to different states and have been bagging contracts consistently from there. They have expanded from being just an AP and Telangana player to states like Rajasthan, UP and Gujarat, from where they have bagged quite a few contracts. Last year they had Signed MoU with Gujarat Government and I hope the projects would now start kicking in. Since last year, the company has been trying to get into IoT based services for Governments (Either for smart city projects or otherwise) and finally they were able to bag a project on this front, where they got an order for smart street lighting project. This is good as it now serves as a reference point for other potential projects and the opportunity in smart street lighting itself is extremely huge. Lastly, to meet any challenge, their ability to forge partnerships with entities to win projects is credible, especially considering their very small size.

Valuations: The stock is currently trading at a trailing PE of around 18 times with market cap to sales at just 0.7 which is a large discount to its peers. The reserves have turned around from being negative to now at a very comfortable positive range with interest coverage ratio of 5. The promoter holding is at 33% with a lot of individual shareholders with large shareholding, indicating presence of strong hands. The revenues have grown around 9 times from less than 3cr to over 26cr and profits more than 40 times from a mere 3 lacs to 128 lacs in last five years. Furthermore, return on equity has grown from single digit to more than 20% during this period and I strongly believe, now, that most of their investments are done, with scale, the improvement in RoCE should be significant. The company has an orderbook of approximately 279cr (till end of 3QFY18) and is expected to complete in next five years giving huge revenue visibility of more than 10 times the current FY turnover.

Technical: After bottoming out the stock is now making higher highs and higher lows on long term monthly and quarterly charts. Furthermore, there is a crossover of medium term MA over Long term MA. The volumes patterns have shown accumulation and now, it seems that it might be ready to start another uptrend. The stock goes up on big volumes but corrects on very minuscule volumes indicating systematic accumulation by stronger hands. The stock is currently placed at the lower end of the range and therefore, provides very good risk-to-reward ratio. Also, its important to note that the stock has withstood all the broader market carnage and is still available at exactly the same levels as it was when the carnage had actually started, clearly signifying the technical strength.

I believe this book has got not only new covers but rather has changed its complete story line. I believe in these last couple of years the new base is built and the story is now ready to take-off and therefore, deserves a very close attention. One should also look at the recently uploaded investors presentation. For a micro-cap this company has a fairly responsive investors relation and therefore, one should take full advantage of it to clarify any doubts.

One resource I particularly found helpful in analyzing this company is this Care Ratings Document.

God Bless !!!

Disclaimer: It is safe to assume that I may have some vested interests in the stock. Also, the above stock story is my personal view in individual capacity. For rest, please look at the About page.

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95 Responses to Ram Info Ltd – Making Its Mark !!!

  1. Harry says:

    Thanks a Lot Ace, After a long time. 🙂

  2. Roshan says:

    Thanks ace..after a long time

  3. Birsha Haldar says:

    Wow .. ace .. I already hold this one … thanks for the detailed research though… Feeling good… Hope this story works out…

    • feel free to pitch in if you have any other information….

      • Birsha Haldar says:

        Your research contains more information that I had. One more point to note is Aruna Rani Elaminetti has purchased 1.42 % shares ( 89226 shares ) in March 18 quarter. She is classified as public investor but is one of the directors of RRAS technologies, promoters of Ram Info.
        In May 2018 they were looking out for new personnel to join – Senior Head Finance ( location Hyderabad ) and Project manager ( location Delhi ) . This indicates they have probably have contracts around delhi and aggressively looking for Key HR personnel. However the ebidta margins might continue to be subdued for some time as they are still in process of investing in new personnel.

  4. Gautham says:

    Thank you Ace!!

  5. ANKUR GARG says:

    thanks ace sir for sharing your new investment idea after nearly 3 year god bless you

  6. Girish says:

    Thanks for the great idea.

  7. ROHIT GULATI says:

    Thanks Ace for the new stock idea after a long time.

  8. Sarath Ramakrishnan says:

    Thanks Ace for the new stock idea. Kindly share your view on Softtech listed in SME space which is product company in engineering/construction verticals, available at 7 PE , thanks

  9. Arun D R says:

    Thanks Ace…

  10. naveenagp81 says:

    Thanx ace …for u r new stock view ..😊

  11. Sridhar says:

    You are a magician. Scrip started with a bang. Went to 20% right after the word ‘go’. Not able to get it today. Hard luck :-(. Will try on Monday.

    • this is not a recommendation or anything. one should see the story, do their research and if required talk to their investment advisor also. these stories that i write are just a culmination of thoughts on some of the stocks that i find interesting and one should not take any action based on this.

  12. Suneetha says:

    Thanks ACEji for this new Stock Story after a long time!

  13. KB13 says:

    Hi Ace, Thanks for your views. However I am slightly worried about the decreasing operating margins. any views on the same??

  14. nazir says:

    dEAR aCE SIR,

    THANKS. But as it happens so often, it has done a 20 % upper circuit ! could not get it.

    • the stock story is just a personal view and one should not take any action based on it. if at all one likes the story they should first do their own research and that think of any action, if at all.

  15. Rajendra Pillay says:

    Thanks dear Ace, Great story again and holding. Hoping to attend Agm and get a feel of the management’s confidence in the prospects of the company.

  16. Harsh says:

    It went through the roof and hit the 20 % circuit within a minute of opening today – so no luck buying it ! Let’s see when entry opportunity will be available !

  17. Kumar says:

    You are truly a master class analyst.WOuld love to attend/learn about the thought process in this art.If ever u plan a training session,Would be the first2join.God Bless.

  18. kmd says:

    any view on stl global.

  19. sukant says:

    whats your view on lasa supergeneric?

  20. people commented in comments that ram info is not better than tanla. what is your view after opening of circuit of am info. it seems that people sold their shares at hihher rates today.

    • if someone sold then someone bought too. anyways, how does it matter what others think. what matters is what the investors think and if their thinking is based on what someone writes somewhere then god help them. its best to go via mutual funds for them. God Bless !!!

  21. Gopi Krishna says:

    Dear Ace, I think it is the right time for those who believe in Freshtrop fruits, Prima Plastics and Aimco pesticides stories. People are ready to buy at higher prices but not ready buy now. The same are available in mouth watering levels.

  22. Abhi says:

    Ace, is the steep fall in Freshtrop and Prima quotational loss or some business issues. Thanks

  23. Harshit Agarwal says:

    Hi Ace.
    What are your views on texmopipes?

  24. Sanjay Dahar says:

    Dear ACE, Any views on BSL ?

  25. Roshan says:

    Hi ace is story for bsl intact?

  26. ravverma says:

    hi ace , ur view on vikas ecotech. thanks

  27. pratsar says:

    Really worried about my capital preservation in BSL Ltd. The fall is really scary. Down 70% from its top and more than 50% from the level the story was discussed in this forum and also close to 3 year low. Specially worried as the last year financials were pretty bad with almost negligible profits. The stock never really performed apart from the brief period ( Nov-Dec 2017 ) in the last leg of the small cap rally. It seems the price – volume breakout at the fag end of the last year was a trap because it was not backed by any improvement in fundamentals or positive developments/announcements. What should one do with the stock now that the small cap sentiment is very bad and going forward it seems only performing companies will be rewarded.

    • if capital preservation is anyone’s criteria then he/she should opt for FDs. Also, micro caps are for giving one’s portfolio beta and sometimes stories do not exactly develops as per the thesis. but at 40cr with 3% dividend yield, i find it personally attractive but i am sure before investing you have done your own research and your conviction should answer all your queries by now.

  28. aushid says:

    sir, what’s your view on v2 retail….its been a great multi-bagger… I want to invest in it now

    • buying or selling is your own decision and after becoming 20-25 bagger i hope you know the risk to reward ratio is not the same. Please do your own research and take a decision accordingly.

  29. nirmala says:

    ace, what are you views on waterbase? I like the stock…

  30. Suneetha says:

    Please share your view on PENPEB [pennar Engg building systems]. Thanks in advance!

  31. J Gopal says:

    Hi ACE,

    Is CUPID still under your radar ? Is anything fundamentally wrong with the company ? Stock is falling everyday.

  32. Prabhu says:

    Sir, your valuable comments on AMD industries ..

  33. viku says:

    sir any views on divyashakti granites?

  34. Anup says:

    Dear Ace sir,
    Please give your opinion on celebrity fashions.

  35. Roshan says:

    Hi ace can u tell me y management of sankhya holds back positive news? The new orders which it had received and the pref allotment were already known to some well in advance yet the company never disclosed it to bse..it doesn’t make sense to me because if they were looking to grab the eye balls of investors disclosing these things would do a world of good to the company

    • i think one could ask this to the management or CS themselves. best is to attend the AGM and ask this. Its the responsibility of investor to attend AGMs and get their doubts clarified.

  36. rupan says:

    sir your hopes on jaipan still intact or it is out of your radar now ?

  37. Sruthi says:

    Is Ram info a competitor for cybertech systems?

  38. Vishal says:

    Sir pls share your views on granules India.

  39. ANKIT KHAITAN says:

    sir i was going through their profit and loss account , they wrote on their website that they have 250 plus employees and they personnel expenes is 3 crore. how you can justify this?

    • first and foremost its important to note that I am not here to “justify” anything to anyone. these are all my personal views. Secondly, and more importantly, as i have mentioned numerous times, trust only AR for information. The company “does not” have 250 plus employees, obviously the information on website is not updated. now pls go through the AR and update on the number of employees you find. one hint, its not even 50.

  40. Vijay Kumar says:

    Hi Ace,
    Thanks for your detailed analysis, After searching about company background it seems that RRAS technologies (promoter entity) registered as a construction company and I did not find directors profiles online. And also I am not clear on the Mr. Srinath Reddy’s holding in the company, share holding pattern says zero shares and it is not clear what is his percentage of share in RRAS Technologies. Please share any link or details related to promoters and Srinath’s holding in the company.Thank you.

    • srinath reddy is related to the promoter entity. its clearly mentioned in one of the older ARs of the company. just try to go through last 3 or 4 yr old AR. Also, investors should get into the habit of attending AGMs and asking questions to CS otherwise, to get answers related to the company.

  41. prpu2810 says:

    Dear ace – Any view on Sirca Paints please.

  42. 7th cross st, MKB Nagar says:

    Hi Ace!! Thank you for the new recommendation!! What are your views on Aries Agro?

  43. Gopal says:

    My question is about Wanbury: Regulatory & Product line Point of views this is good company. However, due to its historical debt issues and other unknown issues it is still not turning around. In between this share went up to 75-94-95 and now it rolling around 25 to 30.
    Ace, though buying or selling is individual decision however your views help us in getting it in right direction. Please advise your personal views about Wanbury.

    • i think i have already mentioned this that till the debt issue is resolved, the stock will find it difficult to sustain at higher levels. its product line is the only thing keeping it alive. Let’s see how it goes.

  44. Ram Info looks to be a great story in e-governance sector.

  45. Sridhar says:

    Attended the AGM of Raminfo. Great company run by a fantastic set of individuals. Srinath’s vision for the company is simply outlandish. The power of the company lies in the fact that they are able to foresee the government’s direction in initiatives like curbing malnutrition (look out for their MARS solution) citizen services etc., and play the right cards to get into the ground as early bird in those areas. Going by the current impression, Raminfo is a great company in making!!!

    • hopefully, Srinath would do something interesting…that’s the hope

      • Sridhar says:

        Couple of updates based on the recent interview from Mr. Srinath Reddy: Raminfo is planning to invest 15-20 crores over the next 3 years in technology ( blockchain, IoT, machine learning and so forth) and people; this investment is 75% of their FY 2018 revenue. Secondly, their worforce is going to increase from approx 900 (80 employees and 800 outsourced manpower ) to 2250 (250 employees and 2000 outsourced manpower). The company is also focussing to expand its presence from 8 to 15 states. Looks very promising. Let us hope for the best.

  46. Dipti Mishra says:

    Hello AceInvestorTrader,
    Kindly advise on how one can learn technical analysis. I am new to the markets and very much like your idea of technical + fundamental approach to narrow down on stocks.

    Please help in this regard.
    Awaiting your reply.


  47. Grahith DSouza says:

    Hi Ace..
    Raminfo Ltd seems to be heading in the right direction…
    Raminfo has bagged a project from the Health Department of Andhra Pradesh government that is expected to generate a turnover of ₹400 crore over the next five years. The project is for standardisation of telemedicine facility at sub-centres in various districts of Andhra Pradesh.The project is aimed at significantly reducing the time and effort for patients from rural areas in getting access to medical assistance from expert doctors.

    I think your thesis on this stock is playing out.

  48. Chandru N says:

    Ace ji, Raminfo is below the suggested price after 11 months of posting. Do you see things improving from here or typically these kind of stocks are 3 year hold and we can see drastic improvements along the journey? Need advis!

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