Aimco Pesticides

Aimco Pesticides is one of those small set of micro-caps that i like at the CMP and every decline. The company has proved its credentials by coming out of BIFR successfully and has grown its balance sheet and P&L quite well and all by internal accruals. The company recently completed its expansion without addition of any debt. The management has proved itself by achieving these feats and this is one of those rarest of rare companies in the field of agrochemicals which is completely debt-free and is swelling its cash balance consistently –  no wonder it has great return ratios too.

Technically, the stock is turning around from the important support levels and forming price patterns  that has ability to generates strong returns (similar patterns were observed during the last upmove too). The stock has also started making higher tops and higher bottoms and also broken is downward trend-line and more importantly its has shown strong divergence on momentum indicators on weekly charts indicating the bottom is made and is now ready to move up.

I think the above mentioned credentials make it one worthy investment candidate that should be research well and in depth.

God Bless !!!

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23 Responses to Aimco Pesticides

  1. ANKUR GARG says:

    thanks sir for share new idea after very long time

  2. bujjanna says:

    Ace Sir, please post your expert comments on Katwa’s rights issue and solar plant operations

  3. Rang says:

    Dear ACE ji
    Thank you for update on past stock story. Will you throw light on JHS? Should we wait for 3 to 4 more quarter to judge?

  4. vidyut says:

    sir, what’s your take on pressman adv..its just a dividend play it seems.

    • I am dropping it from my radar primilarly because of 1. they keep on harping in their results that they are the only listed company in the business and 2. their promoters have offloaded quite a bit shares now. no doubt that i could be wrong as the company indeed has very good cash flow and balance sheet but i “personally” do not like that fact that they keep advertising themselves as the only listed company in its space. we as investors, if we find such companies that is different and more credible than company itself telling others about it. anyways, again its my personal decision and others would obviously have their own thinking in it.

  5. ravverma says:

    hi ace ur view on shivalik rasayan

  6. Yuvraj Bhatnagar says:

    Ace jji your research and passion is very good. Thanks I am following you from last 2 months and have bought AMTL and Aimbo

  7. Nimesh Gajra says:

    When are we expecting next new script

  8. Nimesh Gajra says:

    Ace what’s ur new year multibagger pick ?

  9. Nimesh says:

    Hello Ace,

    Do we still see growth potential in AIMCO keeping in mind its current market price of Rs.125.

    its still trading at 4 times the Book value as of March 2018.

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