Results Update !!!

Freshtrop Fruits

Decent results, though their food processing division continues to be the sore point.

Waterbase Ltd.

Decent results.

Shri Keshav Cements

Average results, though improvement is there, operationally the company is facing challenges.

DHP India

Another quarter of good results. Stable performer.

BSL Ltd.

Good performance and the improvement continues.

Advance Metering Technology Ltd.

Excellent numbers. The thesis seems to be playing out. Great EPS number.

Singer India

Average numbers.

Spenta International

Average numbers but importantly thesis has not played out so dropping from my radar.

Gujarat Themis

Another stable quarter, no fireworks though.


Decent numbers.

Sankhya Infotech

Decent quarter and they are going to start their US office. They have their AGM in Nov last week and if people have any questions/doubts, they should surely make it a point to attend that.

Raminfo Ltd.

Good numbers continue, hopefully will deliver the promise.

Orient Beverages Ltd.

Good results.

God Bless !!!


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63 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. nikhil32 says:

    sir what’s your take on ajanta pharma?

  2. Arun says:

    Hi ace, can u pls update ur views on orient beverages result?

  3. Prem says:

    Hello Ace Sir, well searching the competitor of Advance metering and found that so many companies manufacturing energy meter. Then why AMTL should be benefited more then others?

  4. Rajendra Pillay says:

    Dear Ace, As informed by the MD in AGM, Raminfo is opening up about its plans to gain visibility. In an article in TOI, MD has said that the co is planning to invest 15 to 20 crores over next three years in technology and people. Co will also be raising 8 to 10 crores via pref allotment in Q1 2019. Co has also spoken about other expansion plans in the article.

  5. sukant says:

    whats your view on stl global?

  6. Praveen says:

    Dear Ace,
    Any change in views for wanbury? You still feel that it can make it?

  7. mta says:

    Hi Ace need your views on southern biotech. Request you to not consider it as a buy or sell advice for me. i just want to your views on what can be the positives and negitives as i can see the there is some movement in the bioenergy industry.
    thanks and regards

  8. Grahith Dsouza says:

    Hi Ace…
    Is the story on Gujarat Themis playing out on expected lines … I find the Free cash flows and ROCE quite attractive…your views please..

  9. ur view on mandhana retail

  10. jk2898 says:

    hello sir…sankhya infotech looks to be reversing ..last 2 monthly candle sticks have been a spinning top and inverted hammer..this month’s volume action has reduced greatly..

  11. Mohan says:

    Your view on Aries Agro pls

  12. prpu2810 says:

    Dear Ace, any view on InfoBeans Technologies Ltd please. Thank you

  13. canromet says:

    Views on Emmbi Industries?

  14. nikhil32 says:

    sir what’s your take on castex ?

  15. neharika says:

    ace sir, there seems to be too much volatility nowadays. not sure what to do

  16. Mohan says:

    I bought Simmond at 115. Can I average it now. I am bullish on Simmond.

  17. Prem says:

    Hello sir, Well sir near my area in rajasthan smart meters becomes a political issue people wants to change it…not showing correct reading even reading fluctuates …Is this kind of issues affect the AMTL sales in future???

  18. Nimesh says:

    Ace we are awaiting new multibagger script from your side soon….

  19. RAVINDRA KR. SINHA says:

    Your views on Tijariya Polypipes. Company is showing positive results from last two quarters.

  20. ravverma says:

    hi ace ur view on aster dm healthcare

  21. ahuja44 says:

    what’s your take on advance metering…it appears to be a great beneficiary of smart meters boom..

  22. vikbhai says:

    sir, why is AMTL going up every has almost doubled. i was thinking that it will go down with markets crashing but its going up only…what to do?

  23. canromet says:

    Hi Ace,

    Views on Ador Fontech?

  24. hi Ace,

    What’s your take on Sankhya Infotech latest AGM issue..Neither Chairman nor other top executives attended the AGM and then shareholders elect one from among them as the Chairman of the AGM. Is company taking things for granted, very serious issue..your views please

  25. Vasisht says:

    Hello Sir
    Wish you a very happy new year. I would like to know your current view of Investment Trust of India, especially after the news about the IRDAI not approving the deal of Go Digit acquiring ITI Reinsurance.

  26. aiyyar says:

    sir what’s your view on presman…

  27. josephh says:

    sir, what’s your view on ITC?

  28. snehal says:

    what’s your take between large caps vs small caps investing. which one is better?

  29. Any comment on MD skipping the AGM of Sankhya Infotech? How much is this a worrying factor according to you?

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