Results Update !!!

V2 Retail

Very good results by the company. Here’s the press release by the company.

God Bless !!!

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16 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. mayankparikh4139 says:

    Dear aceinvestor.pls suggest ..anybody can still buy JHS Svenguard @27 ? Or the story is over ?pls suggest

  2. The fact that figures have not been given quarterwise, appears quarter to quarter the performance may not be that good though on an annual basis it may look good.

  3. Amay says:

    Today Sankhya Infotech down by 10% becoz of pledge creation by company.Can u plz share ur personal view why the sudden pledge created by company and do you think that vompany still looks interesting. Share ur personal view

  4. vikisingh says:

    looks like sankhya has finally started improving its corporate governance standards. For the first time i see that they have declared pledge by promoters almost as soon as it was done. though all other are old news but the one done on 22 jan is new even though its a small pledge but sankhya’s willingness to now disclose it is a very good step in raising governance standards. also sir, their new US subsidiary will probably open by next month or march 1 week probably.

  5. vedh says:

    sir, what’s your take on politics of the country?

    • the views are private, though i am a firm believer in democracy and trust it thoroughly and whatever govt. is chosen i feel, irrespective of my own views i would support the chosen govt as that’s what would be the choice of the majority.

  6. Nimesh Gajra says:

    Yesterday money control also covered V2 retail in its detailed analysis. But the same analysis was done by ace back 3 year ago, this is called true market analyst.

  7. shiela says:

    sir, in your stock story i remember you had written that sankhya is a technical bet… with its improving governance standards, do you think its getting better ?

  8. Ramesh says:

    Ace – Update from DGML :
    We write to intimate that the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka has fixed February 4, 2019 as
    the first date of hearing in respect of the Writ of Mandamus filed by our subsidiary, Deccan
    Exploration Services Private Limited (DESPL) With regard to its Ganajur Mining Lease
    By way of background, it may be noted that DESPL had lodged a Writ of Mandamus on
    December 12, 2018 before the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka seeking a positive direction
    to the Government of Kamataka to issue the Grant Notification Letter and subsequently
    execute the Mining Lease for DESPL’s Ganajur Gold Project.
    Looks like politician and Anil Agarwal ( Vedanta) is playing dirty games behind the scenes!
    Hope this is resolved soon.

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