Sankhya – Update !!!

Sankhya seems to be bottoming out and at 54-55 appears to give excellent risk-reward ratio. The selling seems to be exhausted as the volumes on down days are very less and on up days its a lot more. After showing significant positive divergence on the medium term charts, the medium term trend has turned to the upside after a long time and the momentum on medium term charts has already broken out signalling the upside will pick up steam in the coming days. Since the trend has changed to the upside and the price is near its lows the risk reward is strongly in favor. Fundamentally, it appears they are getting better with disclosures as evident from their recent disclosure about the small pledge the promoters had made. This will help investors take an informed decision at the right time and save the surprises, if any. Technically, all indications are pointing on a sustained upmove now though SLs are always a good idea.

God Bless !!

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12 Responses to Sankhya – Update !!!

  1. Balkrishn Kamath says:

    Thanks for the update. Can you send me the initial recommendation link of this stock for me to know the basis on which this particular stock was recommended? Regards

  2. Gautham says:

    Excellent once again Thankyou ace .. i added recently and was about to ask your view .. Thank you so much

  3. sparsh says:

    Dear Ace,

    What are your views regarding Katwa Udyog as it has also fallen quite a bit – where do you find it technically strong to invest?


  4. Mohan says:

    Your views on KSE pls

  5. Niraj says:

    What should the stop loss be for Sankhya ?

    • you should know i dont give SLs and why i do not give it…. there’s history to it …. one should take a SL as per one’s own risk appetite and understanding as the trade that you take is based on your own conviction and noone else’s.

  6. jk2898 says:

    sir apart from weekly..its showing strong positive divergence on daily charts broke down on the symmetrical triangle pattern but there was no volume to support the selling…looks like the sellers are exhausted like u said and most probably it will trend higher now

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