Sankhya Infotech – Update !!!

A lot of people have been asking about Sankhya’s sudden surge but I think this was basically due to some positive news flow that was declared a few weeks back on the BSE site and was further aided by the fact that it had bounced from some very importantly long term historical support cluster. Though, the main trigger has been this news. Sankhya incidently has also published a newsletter perhaps for the first time. Additionally a reader had also posted another link related to Operator Training Simulation Market which is pegged to be around 25 Billion USD in next 5-6 yrs alone and Sankhya’s name was prominently displayed there.

Kindly be up-to-date with the company’s news announcement done to BSE to understand and track the basic fundamental developments of the company and not rely on the blog alone pls.

God Bless !!!

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33 Responses to Sankhya Infotech – Update !!!

  1. sukant says:

    whats your view on sampre nutrition?

  2. Dear Sir

    What are the good levels to invest in Sankhya…

  3. Ketan says:

    Secondnews letter out from sankhya to bse. What is means do they have got some order???

  4. Rajendra Pillay says:

    Dear ace, Holding sankhya from sub 20 levels from the time you discussed it first time you discussed it on this blog. Also managed to take out capital by selling just 35% holdings. Been attending all their shareholder meets and tracking business developments closely. Thanks for another gem in the form of sankhya……

    • Portfolio manangement is “The” most important skill for investors and traders alike… Risk management based on one’s own psychological profile is a key way to take portfolio decisions. Good work. congrats.

  5. Rajendra Pillay says:

    Have come across an environmental clearance proposal by Gujarat themis biosyn for capacity expansion in final stages with Gujarat Pollution control Board. The capacity is being expanded from 24.6 metric ton/ month to 40 metric ton/ month.

  6. C R Gowda says:

    Any views on Jiya Eco?

  7. tulika says:

    what’s your take on Reliance… its been re-rated as a tech company.

  8. DB says:

    Dear Ace,
    As per the second news letter from Sankhya, they are providing training for upset recovery for B737 MAX. This story is getting better and better.

  9. nimesh gajra says:

    Hello Ace,

    Wanted ur comments on gujrat borosil

  10. Girish says:

    Your view on Steel authority of India .

  11. ashmita322 says:

    sir do you trade in FnO?

  12. vidyut says:

    Ace, Aimco is looking now breaking out of consolidation….

  13. Prem says:

    Sir what’s your view on Gujarat Borosil?? 🙂

  14. Pradeep K says:

    Dear Ace,
    Shall we consider this as your new stock story.

  15. jk2898 says:

    hi would u be too worried about the pledge at this stage ??out of 27 lakh shares held by promoters 8.75L shares is pledged but Mr. partha is holding an additional 19 lakh shares which isnt pledged so out of total 46 lakh shares held by insiders roughly 19% is pledged and since there is intent to issue more shares to outisders the pledging % by insiders can come down more ….So this is the way i look at it…am i right.? or would u be worried about the pledge?

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