Results Update !!!


Very good results by cybertech. Finally fundamentally things looking up with balance sheet improving even more.

Sahyadri Industries

Decent results.

Singer India

Good results. Their domestic appliance business continues to grow at a fast pace. Here is the management’s take.


Decent results.

Shri Keshav Cement & Infra

Excellent turnaround performance.

God Bless !!!



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21 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. sukant says:

    whats your view on sampre nutrition result?

  2. Arun says:

    Hi Ace,

    Can you please give your opinion on sankhya results? Is there any information that you know ?

  3. Vasisht says:

    Hello Sir. Sankhya Infotech has reported a very unexpected quarterly results. The reason they have stated for loss in revenue in this quarter is due to cancellation of a defence contract with UAE based company. Why haven’t they reported this news with the exchange earlier is a question.We investors should be concerned with this recent development? Please throw some light sir. Your words mean a lot to all of us. You are the guiding light for us. Waiting eagerly for your reply.

    • normally, not all contracts are disclosed but yes, these kind of things should be disclosed. results on face of it is disappointing and R&D expenses are way too high….

      • Jk says:

        Have called them ..the CS told me that UAE contract had low margins and hence they dropped ..the dropping of such clients has been a conscious step by the management itseems as u can see from last 4 quarters they have been reducing revenues and increasing margins …the CS told me newer orders and clients will be made way for in future which will have greater margins ..this could be considered as a one off thing as they are looking to clean up their clients

        • possible, but the company has to do lot more to regain confidence that’s dented.

          • Jk says:

            Ace but what about the latest collaboration between them and GA ..are they dropping these old ones to make way for contracts such as these?maybe people are jumping to conclusions here

            • right now its sentiment that is overpowering everything else. trust in management seems to be shaken. possible that people are jumping ahead of themselves but they have reasons to do so….so cant blame them either.

        • Niks says:

          jk, Can you please tell whether any specific details need to be mentioned while calling up the cs. Can we call up directly or need to mail and connect. I have always mailed but never got a response. What data does one require to give while calling ?

          Aceinvestortrader, can you please reply to this too?

          • you should give your dpid for the reference… if you do not get reply then call them and keep trying till you get response.

          • Jk says:

            Call the CS first ..if any details are required she will mention …if u don’t have the details with u at that time u can always call back later with necessary details …and yeah in my opinion it’s better u speak to them on phone than on email ..normally small cap companies rarely reply back or give vague answers to queries

      • Niraj says:

        Hi Sir,

        Thanks a lot for the explanation. Do you still believe in sankhya’s growth story ?

        Also a lot of shares are pledged by the promoters . Do you think there is a possibility that as the price drops the share could be offloaded in the open market ?

  4. tester44 says:

    sir what about new stock story?

  5. Kmd says:

    Dear ace. Blunder happened to sankhya infotech. Plz advise soon.

  6. Niraj says:

    Hi Sir,

    Your views on Sankhya’s quarterly result ? Personally I am disappointed seeing such a big loss.
    Also the drop in revenue is significant ,,

    • CS says:

      About Sankhya’s result, is revenue drop going to be a one time event pertaining to Q4 only or is it likely to spill over to other quarters going forward. If same performance continues for one more quarter, it will certaily be a concern for people invested in it. The management must come out and give clarification. This kind of result was not at all expected. What do you have to say to a retail investor at this point Ace. Should they exercise patience and wait, or should they be very cautious now on this stock. I know and I do not expect you to give a buy or sell call, but do you think is there a need to be more cautious about Sankhya now or that you believe this quartet’s performance is just a one time exception.

      • as i have always maintained, always keep vigil about your stocks….and with small cap stocks, one has to keep a vigil about developments and try to decipher them. Sankhya’s results have dented confidence and as you rightly pointed out one more quarter of such results shall be extremely disappointing. Its difficult to say if its one off but in the notes they seems to have mentioned the reason behind the losses. Let’s see though.

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