Results Update !!!

Cupid Ltd.

Very good results with a healthy order-book and positive commentary.

Liberty Shoes

Decent results. Here’s the management commentary.

God Bless !!!

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12 Responses to Results Update !!!

  1. Armaan says:

    Hi Ace,
    I have tried to follow up with the CS for sankhya infotech but they say that the forensic audit is still underway.

    Do you have any other updates on the success of the audit?

  2. Vasisht says:

    Hi Ace
    I think Sankhya is in an acute financial crisis right now. Independent directors have resigned and IDBI has taken the company to NCLT. The management doesn’t seem to be genuine. They definitely seem to have cooked the books and shown exorbitant profits all these years. For a company of this size, paying back 25 crores is that big a deal? Do you still believe they can make a comeback? Resignation of those reputed individuals has definitely dented the confidence to a great extent.

  3. Vasisht says:

    My biggest disappointment with sankhya is their lack of transparency. Their CS isn’t ready to divulge anything by successfully hiding everything. No accountability whatsoever from the management. At this point of time, one can only assume things. I know the situation is really worse right now, but please say something positive sir. You definitely have more experience than I do, in fact than most of us. If a company has made some accounting fraud and lands in a financial mess, can they make a comeback? What can possibly happen to sankhya in the near future? I know am asking a lot of questions, sorry sir if am bothering you.

    • i dont know what is in store …if they is a fraud they will be and should be punished…as far as stock holders are concerned then it should not matter much as the stock was more than 6 bagger and some basic portfolio management sense would still make it a big winner despite the current situation. so in a nutshell if there is a fraud they will be punished. but this all we will come to know in future but normally there’s no smoke without fire.

      • Vasisht says:

        Not only are they punished, we are also punished sir. As you have been pointing out regularly the risks associated with investing in micro caps, this stock is one prime example for that. In this current gloomy atmosphere, only thing that I could see as a very very little positive is manish lakhi has bought 5.9 lakh more shares and the promoters converting their warrants. What must have been the reason sir for promoters converting their warrants? May be due to the fear that rest of their pledged shares getting invoked?

        • i do not know what is the reason but if there is a fraud they should be punished. But please also understand its important to know how to build one’s portfolio… even after a six bagger if someoone is loosing sleep over this issue, then risk management has to be understood by the investor. please work on that and you will do wonders. God Bless !!!

  4. Suneet says:

    Dear Ace,
    Can you throw some light on Prima Plastic current status?
    Seems like it has come down to a juicy valuation.
    Apart from crude oil price fluctuations , what caused the share price to come down so much?.
    Any red flags you figured out ?
    Market as such is punishing every other stocks. There is no FII entry yet.

  5. Sunit P says:

    Dear Ace,
    Prima plastic is currently down and is available at low PE.
    Whole plastic industry has taken a hit.
    But Prima is falling since a year now , apart from Borrowings which increased in March report and also increase in Debtor days ( around 80 past 2 years March Report).
    What other red flags dragging this past glorified stock ?
    Your insight is needed to understand the Prima situation.

    • i think i have already to someone else regarding prima. kindly read the comments before posting something similar. As i said before, i like the stock and its a general slowdown which is de-rating “all” the stocks.

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